Victor Dog Food Review | Coupons, Ingredients and Our Rating

Not many people know about the Victor Dog Food brand, but it is something that deserves all popularity and fame already! That’s why I am reviewing it. 

So, it is a pet food brand which was started in 1950, and it is currently run in a small company based in Texas. Victor believes in offering the best quality pet food, keeping the three golden rules in check – dedication to do the best for pet nutrition, commitment to value, and the consistency in delivering high standard outputs.

It’s a family-owned business, operated in East Texas. All the materials used for the production are within a radius of 800 miles.

All About – Victor Dog Food Reviews, Coupons, Recall History & Ingredients!

Victor started off with nutrition formulas considering the expertise, nutrition, and with fixed quality standards. Each bag of the kibble includes Victor’s CORE Ingredients – which includes a base of four ingredients that keeps the pet’s metabolism, digestion, and immunity in check.

Victor Dog Food Reviews

Coming to the pet foods, Victor is known for their ‘Super Premium‘ foods which are free from soy, wheat, grain, gluten, and all other harmful artificial flavors. Most of their recipes are high on animal protein, and they claim to include ingredients that keep both the immunity and digestion in check.

Most of their production deal with dry kibbles, and they also combine a few canned dog foods. Along with dog foods, Victor also produces cat and horse feeds. Not getting into that. Grain-free food is what they focus on, and they have a separate formula for the different life stages as well.

‘Best Victor Dog Food Products Reviewed’

Following are Victor’s TOP 4 Dog Food Products that you must check out in the first place:

1. VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food

VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food

Victor HI-Pro makes use of a multi-meat formula with the beef, chicken, pork, and fish combined together. Each bag of this dry dog food is packed with high proteins and offers a great dose of energy required for growing puppies, lactating mothers, and also other performing dogs. It includes the right proportion of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and amino acids essential for sustaining a healthy living.

There’s another Lamb & Sweet Potato, Grain-free Meal by VICTOR that is offering the best nutritional benefits in the U.S right now.

Just a tip – When you get yourself ready to buy a dog food, you should first know your pet’s likes and requirements first. Then search for the suitable pet food that matches with their nutritional score, and also offer them the best palatable experience. 

The Hi-Pro pack by Victor come in a pack of 40 pounds, and it suits well with Dogs of all life stages. This uniquely formulated dog food satisfies the AAFCO Nutrient Profile and is also suitable for the growth of an Adult Dog Breed (70 pounds or more). More than 80% of the total animal protein is covered by the USA sourced pork, chicken, beef and fish!

2. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Yukon River Canine Formula

Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Yukon River Canine Formula

The primary protein used in this Canine Formula is – FISH! Yet another grain-free solution for those canines who are allergic to gluten, wheat or any type of grain for that matter.

If your dog is allergic to animal proteins like beef, pork, lamb can replace their meal with this fish meal instead! The All-Life Stage formula adopted here makes this canine food suitable for puppies, pregnant dogs, and also for highly active dogs. Other essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids are also included here.

The unique balance of the nutrients makes this Victor Food likable by puppies and dogs of various breeds. This Yukon River canine food formula is made with Salmon & Sweet Potato as the key ingredients. This balanced meal exceeds the AAFCO guidelines for the nutrient profile, making the food suitable for All Life Stages, except for the adult canines weighing 70 pounds or more.

Here, 33% of the total dog composition is taken over by proteins – out of which more than 70% constitutes the fish protein! Nutrition is and always will be the first priority of Victor food. Something that you should not doubt about.

3. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy Meal

Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy Meal

Next, on the list, we have a grain-free dog food which is specifically designed for puppies and active dogs. The meal comes with a 33% protein content, out of which 75% of the protein is used up from the beef, pork, chicken, and fish added in the production.

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It includes USA Sourced Peas and Sweet Potato that make up most of the carbohydrates in this.

As you serve this Victor food to your pet, give them a 20 minutes feeding time with 4 intervals in between. If you are planning to serve this meal to a weaning puppy, then first moisten the meal and then serve. You can add the Victor Puppy Meal with milk, broth or water keeping a ratio of 3:1 (3 parts of the food to 1 part of water).

Also, make sure that you don’t leave the moistened food open for more than 30 minutes. This could make it unhealthy and reduce the nutrient level.

You can order a 5 pounds, 15 pounds or a 30 pounds bag of this dog meal from Amazon. If you got a meat-loving fur buddy with you, then a 30 pounds bag won’t do much harm to you. It’s pocket-friendly and also nutrient-rich! This grain-free Victor product is an AAFCO approved meal and satisfies all the nutritional needs for All Life Stages.

Still, if you are unsure of buying it, get in touch with your vet for a clearer guidance.

4. VICTOR Professional Dry Dog Food

VICTOR Professional Dry Dog Food

As the name suggests, this Victor formula is made for the professional breeders. It has been in the industry for a long time as of now and is used by kennels and owners of active sporting dogs. This All Stage Dog Food formula works right for puppies, growing pets, lactating and pregnant mothers, and all other highly active dogs.

You may have noticed I am stressing on the term active dogs a lot. This is the key requirement here guys and something that we shouldn’t ignore. 

This Professional Dog Meal is prepared in a way that it meets all the AAFCO nutrient requirements. Thus, you can serve this meal to pets from All Life Stages, also including large breeds who are 70 pounds or more in weight. Getting into more product details, almost 26% of the food composes of high-quality protein. In this, 78% of the proteins come from the mixture of pork, chicken, and beef.

So, these were my Choices for the Victor Dog Meals, and I really hope that I didn’t bore you.

Just a tip – Apart from getting the Best Food, it’s more about getting the Right Food. For example, the food requirement of a puppy will be different to what a lactating dog requires. Therefore, you should understand what your pooch needs at the first place and get the right meal from the Best of the brands. 

Was that too much information for you, haha I can’t help with that! 

Who manufactures Victor Dog Foods?

All the meals and products under the Victor industry are taken care of by the Mid America Pet Food company, mainly based in Texas. It’s a medium-sized, safest and most recommended dry and wet brands setup that produces pet foods, with all the personal resources.

Just a fun fact, Victor Dog Foods were made available only from 2007 – even though Victor brand name was present since the 1940s!

Victor Dog Food Recall History

No recall history! Victor as a Dog Food brand has never been recalled ever from the time of production. Although they don’t have much of a production history, still the achievement is a commendable one.

Which are the VICTOR® Core Ingredients?

VICTOR dog meals are prepared with the sole aim of providing the best of the pet nutrients. Each dog food, that is formulated in the VICTOR labs is made keeping the nutrients and quality standards in check. That’s how the brand has been operating for years now.

With years of research and hard work, the VICTOR team have formulated a unique set of four CORE Ingredients. These ingredients are added as the main fundamental base in all the VICTOR recipes which gives it a trademark VICTOR seal.

Which are the VICTOR® Core Ingredients

The 4 secret Core Ingredients added in all the VICTOR meals are given below:

a. Selenium Yeast – It gets easily absorbed and stored inside the body. Improves the metabolism, cell regeneration and also for better immunity support.

b. Complex Minerals – Minerals like zinc, iron and manganese are added. They get absorbed quickly into the digestive system and then into the bloodstream. It helps with maintaining better internal strength, increases the metabolic rate, and promotes healthy coat. They also help with quick wound healing and synthesis functions, that improves the skeletal and bone health.

c. Prebiotics – It comprises of a set of powerful prebiotics, also labelled as the Hydrolyzed Yeast that keeps the digestion system in check, and works with other nutrients for better immune defense system. Here the yeast cell has a rich outer layer where all the pathogenic bacterias gets attracted and collected upon. Later, these bacterias are flushed and taken out.

d. Probiotics – Filled with powerful metabolites that takes care of the digestion and builds better immunity of the pooches.

These are the 4 CORE VICTOR Ingredients that gives your pet a nutritious and best kind of meal.

Was the content helpful enough for your research? What are your thoughts about the brand? Got any personal experience with VICTOR?? Share us your story or feedback in the comments below! 

Things don’t end there, you are free to give us suggestions regarding the content or any product you want us to review. See you soon!