Can you use regular shampoo on a dog?

Every damn thing needs maintenance, don’t you agree?

Last week, I was at the shopping mart with my mom when my eyes fell on the something with a ‘dog shampoo’ label. I thought it’s crazy, like dogs having their own separate shampoo. So, is it necessary to buy one for your pet or not? The question kept on running inside my mind, and I had to find the answer for this.

Yah, and I am here with the answer, guys.

Can you use regular shampoo on a dog?

You CANNOT USE a regular shampoo on a dog. That’s the answer. Regular shampoo is the normal shampoo that is used by humans. It’s not suitable for the pooches, and so a normal shampoo is only meant for human use.

Can you use regular shampoo on a dog

Now when you know the answer it’s time to get into more details. Why can’t you use the normal shampoo for the dogs? It’s all in the SKINS. Both the humans and the dogs have different skin quality and requirements. That’s why the needs would be different, and obviously, one product won’t have the same effects.

pH balance – Acidity & Alkalinity

Dog’s skin and the human’s skin have different pH levels. Our skin has a top layer called the acid mantle which works like a protective layer and keeps our skin safe from viruses and bacterial infection. It’s through this portion that the skin absorbs water and keeps itself hydrated avoiding the condition of evaporation.

pH balance

What’s pH balance?

When you take bathe, the layer of the acid mantle gets washed away too. This is why some soaps and other lotions provide the moisturizing thing that helps in rebuilding the acid mantle layer back. For the smooth working of the acid mantle, you need to make sure that the acidity and alkalinity levels are rightly maintained on the skin. That’s what pH Balance is all about.

  • Human skin has a pH scale ranging from 5.5 to 6, which shows that our skins are more on the acidic side.
  • Whereas, dogs, on the other hand, have a pH scale of 6.2-7.4, and this is more on the neutral side.

That’s the whole point! Different pH scores will have unique needs, and the effects won’t be the same for a product. This is why you can’t use the human shampoo for your pooch as it will damage the acid mantle of their skin. 

Once the acid mantle is damaged, then the skin will get vulnerable to infections, viruses, bacteria, etc. After some time, your pet’s skin will turn all flaky, and it could be itchy too. Therefore, you need to get the suitable shampoos which work for dogs and keeps their pH score balanced.

Who’s got more sensitive skin? Humans or Dogs?

It’s the dogs that have more sensitive skin than us. We have 10-15 layers of skin cells, whereas canines got only 3-5! You can imagine how a product with the wrong pH balance could affect that soft, sensitive fur of your pooch.

If you still continue to use the wrong products on your pet, they will have skin irritation, and simply make their skin open to serious skin illness ranging from rashes to infections.

What if I use the normal shampoo in an Emergency situation?

normal shampoo

If you got to wash your pet’s fur by any means, and you ran out of the Dog Shampoo – then you can use the human shampoo in that instance. But it should only happen in the rarest of the rare cases.

Make sure that you store enough Dog Shampoo bottles along with the other grocery items that you buy. You won’t have to much worry about this later. What are your thoughts on this?

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