Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review | Coupons, Ingredients and Our Rating

Taste of the Wild, such a tempting brand name! But, does the food justify the name?

We shall find out..

How it all began? The idea and the thought about a Brand. 

Taste of the Wild has been a family-owned business for a long time, and things are pretty much the same as it was before. The brand is run and operated by one family itself.

So, one day the owners (also a pet owner like you) were thinking about the quality of pet food. They worked out on this thought of making better quality pet food at an affordable price. Affordability will attract more users, and thus more number of pets could benefit from the meal! This is how the brand was born.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

No one understands a pet’s craving better than their own DNA. Agreed or not?

This thought was put into analysis, and it became the main foundation of the brand. Taste of the Wild is made with the best-chosen ingredients that could wake up the inner wolf or mountain lion inside any dog or cat. Everything at a decent, reasonable price!

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

Well, currently Nature of the Wild is one of the fastest growing pet food brands. But their main objective remains the same – to offer the best nutrition to the pet, and giving the best price value to the person investing in the brand.

This dog food review examines the value each of the Taste of the Wild product in detail, and give you an unbiased feedback.  

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food – Venison & Bison [MY CHOICE]

Taste of the Wild have a long list of Dry and Wet Dog Foods, but my favorite of all is the High Protein Dry Dog Food with the Venison & Bison Recipe.

Science has actually proved that dogs do have a similar DNA like that of a wolf. So, dogs do have an inner part that craves for something wild, and it is your duty to fulfill it Right? Taste of the Wild gives a grain-free formula, where a high-quality animal protein is mixed with peas and sweet potatoes. Did that make you ‘ehh’?

Long-Lasting Energy Improves the Nutrient Absorption Omega levels
The correct proportion of vegetables, fruits when mixed with animal proteins gives your pet a balanced diet. Also, the peas and potatoes added in the recipe make it easy to digest.

  • Long-Lasting Energy

Venison and Bison are not the only ingredients. Okay, so the list goes like – wild boar, buffalo, smoked salmon, turkey, lamb, quail, duck.

The recipe is grain-free and the energy is provided by the complex carbs received by the potatoes and legumes added. It’s high in fibers, which will keep your pet full as well as energized for the whole day.

  • Improves the Nutrient Absorption

Nutrients are very important for a healthy pet life. Taste of the Wild includes chelated minerals that attach with the proteins for quick absorption during the digestion time.

  • Balances the Omega levels

This Taste of the Wild recipe includes the right proportion of omega fatty acid. Your pet will get the omega-3 fatty acid from the salmon oil, smoked salmon, fish meal, etc. Whereas, Omega-6 from the plant sources balances out the omega-3 in the right way. It keeps the coat healthy and is also vital for the overall pet wellness.

  • Build the Immunity

Did you know 70% of the immunity in dogs comes from the stomach? So it is obvious to feed them with the right food. An easy logic that is. Taste of the Wild comes with prebiotics and other necessary probiotics that keep the pooch healthy, live, and also aides in smooth digestion.

All the meats mixed together here gives a sensation as no other brand has ever done.

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While the added vegetables like potatoes and the legumes increases the anti-oxidant level of the meal. Thus, you need to get the Taste of the Wild Venison & Bison Recipe if you want your dog to lead a healthy, happy and satisfying lifestyle.

Also, your dog craves for something wild. Gift them one!

Who Manufactures Taste of the Wild Dog Foods?

Taste of the Wild products are manufactured by Diamond Pet Food, by a family that lives in Meta, Missouri. You may not find the mention of this parent company’s name on the packs, as they are looking out ways to keep the premium dog food away from the ‘Diamond Pet’ name and their recall history.

This dog food brand is connected by 5 U.S based facilities; 2 are situated in California, one each in Arkansas, Missouri, and in South Carolina. While most of the ingredients used for the preparation are U.S based only, there are a few materials that are imported from other countries. For example, lamb is imported from New Zealand, unique Potato Protein is imported from Germany, a few selective elements are purchased from China.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Recall History

In the year 2012, Taste of the Wild had a voluntary recall on their Dog Food that resulted from a possible contamination of Salmonella bacteria. A lawsuit was settled down in the year 2014, and the company even provided monetary compensation to the dogs who got ill or died with the consumption of the infected food.

There have been no recalls since the previous one, that was reported in 2012. We will update this space in the future if any further recall is reported for the brand.

Key Ingredients of Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Just knowing the brand is not enough, you must know what you are actually feeding your pooches. Isn’t it? Here we shall break down the ingredients of the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula. The 5 key ingredients in use are – Chicken Meal, Lamb Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Buffalo.

Key Ingredients of Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Chicken Meal– To be honest, there are a zillion sources of animal protein that you can feed your pet. But Chicken remains the classic and standard source of all. They are added in the form of raw meat or in the cooked form, which eventually reduces the moisture content by 10% or less. Well, the chicken meals contain more than 300% of the proteins when compared with the uncooked meat.

Lamb Meal– There was a time when dogs who got allergies were given lamb meal. But these days, it is added like any other ordinary meat. If the lamb used in the recipe is fresh, then you don’t have to much worry about it. It’s yet another meat with high-quality protein.

Sweet Potatoes– When it comes to carbohydrates, dogs actually don’t need it as we humans do. Also, pets don’t have a long gastrointestinal tract like humans, so it is again difficult to break down the carbs. Still, some moderate amount of carbohydrates will give some energy to your pet. Sweet Potatoes are a good source of fiber, and they also contain Vitamin A, C, iron, beta-carotene, and calcium.

Peas– They come with a protein value of 23 to 27 percent, depending on the type of peas used in the making. Other than this, proteins also contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Folate, Copper, Niacin, Vitamin C, Thiamin, Manganese etc.

Buffalo– You can compare this one to beef. Buffalo got more protein than beef, and also less in fat. Apart from this, Buffalo is also a good source of iron and zinc. It also contains all quality amino acids that a normal dog needs. So, you can see how Buffalo is offering you the benefits; it can be called as a complete protein thing.

These are the key ingredients that are used for the making of all the major Taste of the Wild Food packs. It is high in protein and also balances out the nutrition level in the right way.

What do you think about the brand? Did the food composition impress you? Let us know your thoughts and feedback – if you have got anything to share! Of course, keep visiting us for more interesting reviews and pet care tips.