How to Stop your Dog From Chewing Wood Furniture

Puppies are so adorable at your home, but at times they can be so annoying when they start eating your valuable belongings like furniture. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to stop dog chewing wood furniture. The following are some critical steps that you should take to save your dog and your property from this agony.

stop dog chewing wood

Why is your dog chewing wood furniture?

There many reasons why your puppy can be chewing your valuable furniture made of wood. This behavior is mostly a sign of boredom or loneliness when the puppy is teething or hungry. To save your dog and treat this irritating habit, you need to identify the reason behind wood chewing :

#1 Teething

During aging, like human beings, puppies have a teething age where some of the teeth’s have to be sent off. Most of the people take the long route by providing these puppies with a piece of cloth or a piece of wood with a determination to help the puppy send off the teeth’s; this is wrong.

This habit would encourage your dog to eat unintended furniture, instead purchase the rubber balls or take it to a veterinary to have the teeth’s removed.

#2 Dieting

To get rid of this habit, you need to feed your dog with a balanced diet. Proper feeding habit of your dog makes sure there’s adequate distribution of nutrients for a healthy puppy.

Lack of calcium, iron and feeding your dog with very soft foods may lead it finding these necessities from inappropriate hoods like your furniture. If you feed your dog well it will also maintain healthy gums and teeth’s, thus avoiding mysteriousness.

#3 Training

Just like people, dogs keep memories and knows when doing the wrong thing. You can stop your dog from eating furniture, by gradually training it to leave the wood by using terms like STOP or NO. you should first create a friendly zone and make it listen to you, then provide alternative things like balls and dolls for the dog to play with when it’s idle.

Playing with your dog should also be a part of training. By doing this, your dog may lack time to play with your furniture and the stuff of biting.

Discourage inappropriate chewing

It’s a norm that puppies use their teeth to explore the new world. To make the puppy learn the right and the wrong bites you need to expel it from items you don’t want it to chew.

These can only be achieved by smearing a bitter liquid or recommended chemicals to the places you guess that the dog may keep biting. Note better, the liquid should be odorless to avoid uncomfortable smells, should not react with your furniture or give it another color and it must not be poisonous if the dog consumes the same.

You can also try these tips :


Make sure your dog is in good health by taking it for checkups. Train your dog to know what belongs to them and what does not by showing them these items, with time the dog develop a habit of chewing what you teach them. By following the above tricks, you can get your answer on how to stop dog chewing wood furniture.