Ways To Detect Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Sleeping Position

Your dog is undoubtedly very important in your life. Nobody knows your dog better than you do. The expressions and personalities of dogs show a huge variation. Good owners can easily deduce the reasons behind their beloved dog’s behavior by just observing them. From simple whining to wagging of tails, good owners know their precious doggies too very well! Your pup likes to communicate with you and he has a specific way of expressing his love to you. However, they might develop new physical cues that can be explored to understand your dog in a better way. New traits add up to their habits and personalities and it is you who has to identify these.

Dog Sleep Position

In this article, we will take a look at the Dog sleeping positions which are the most common among dogs. One interesting fact about sleeping position is that the indoor and outdoor doggies adapt different positions for sleeping. The sleeping position for every dog varies greatly from one another. The sleeping position your dog chooses must be the one that gives him ultimate comfort and relaxation. It must also allow him to do many other things. and for that you should consider very good dog bed as well. The sleeping position must be such that the body heat is conserved. It should also allow your dog to run into action whenever needed.

The commonest Dog sleep positions and the secrets behind them :

1. The Side Sleeper

A large number of dogs enjoy sleeping on their sides. This is considered to be a rested position and provides ultimate peace to your beloved pup. This position is chosen when they feel amazingly comfortable with the surroundings. They feel secured. You might feel good to know that your pooch feels great being at your company and she is thoroughly enjoying your company. This also implies that your pup greatly trusts you. Sleeping in this position also implies that they are in no need for high maintenance. Dogs who choose to sleep in this position are the ones who are happy and are enjoying a healthy life. They are fiercely loyal!

Dog Sleeping on Side

2. The Snuggly Fox

This is a position in which the dog is completely curled up and this is also the commonest of all positions. The paws get tucked away and under the bodies. The tails get wrapped up around till the face is touched. This position helps your pup to naturally conserve the body heat to the fullest extent. It also protects the throat, limbs, face and other vital organs. If your doggie sleeps in this position, he must be very easy-going and gentle. Getting compliments for having a sweet dog must be a very common thing for you!

dog snuggly sleep

3. The Super Man Pup

This is perhaps the most adorable of all sleeping positions. Sleeping on stomach is quite a common habit, but “super pups” add a lot of cuteness to this common style! They stretch out all the four limbs. The heads are kept at the ground level. It seems like they are flying in the air, just as superman does, and hence the name! This position allows them in springing up whenever needed and start moving just after they get called or as soon as their sleep is broken. Pups that choose this style are highly energetic, just like superman! They can be easily motivated and inspired.

Dog Sleeping on stomach

4. The Crazy Legs

If your dog sleeps in this position, you might find it a bit odd because it does look a bit odd. However, there is to get concerned about. In fact, you should feel proud of your dog that this position is chosen only by the very confident ones! They are highly comfortable with the surroundings and feel secured. Sleeping on the back is the most vulnerable of all sleeping positions. This sleeping position translates to having a laid-back attitude towards life. They are greatly independent and choose to live their life in their own way.

Dog Sleeping on legs

5. The Tummy Curl

Dogs that choose this position for sleeping are generally not so relaxed. The muscles remain too tensed in this position. However, this is not something to get worried about. This sleeping position does not imply that your pup is not feeling relaxed in his daily life. Instead, they can be more adventurous than his other friends who choose a different sleeping position. They might be the ones who are always ready for adventures and action. They can be the most fun loving in the entire pack! If your pooch does this, she is very gentle, but is a little shy and timid.

6. The Passed Out

This is generally adapted by dogs that sleep indoors. He will simply lie on his back and lift his legs in air and help himself to cool down as efficiently and quickly as possible. This position is generally chosen when the dog has spent a large amount of energy during daytime. Only highly confident dogs choose this style. It also implies their flexibility to adapt to new and different situations.

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