10 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath

Pets don’t shy away quickly. They have a very open, welcoming kind of nature, so you will definitely get a sniff of their breath and mouth everytime you meet them. Sometimes this breath will be fresh (that’s how it should be) or it could be a bad one.

Like most of the owners, you won’t be bothered about this breath issue. But, it could be a serious thing for your pet.

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath

You reach home after a tiring day at work, and your pooch is awaiting to kiss you! They come near you, and their breath kicks inside you. *FAINTS* Not them, I am talking about you. 

What are the possible reasons of your pet having such a strong breath lately?

Is it normal to have that? Yes, it is.

But, if you find this bad breath persistent for more than 3 days, then I think you should take this case seriously.

1. Gum Disease

Most of the bad breath cases are directly related to the gum issue. Gum issues are commonly found in adult cats and dogs. The issue begins when the bacteria inside the mouth starts getting collected, forming a strong layer of plaque on the teeth’s surface.

2. Teething

Usually, dogs have a pleasant breath but it can turn bad due to the new teething. There could be bacteria between the gum-line when the new adult teeth is on their way, and they are pushing out the old teeth out.

3. Kidney Trouble

If the dog’s view smells a bit like urine, then this is one of the easiest signs to confirm that they got some trouble with the kidneys. The other symptoms that you may find is decrease in appetite, change in weight, increasing or decreasing urination, and also some behavioural changes.

So, yes if your pet is going through any such condition – then also have a bad breath.

4. Because, they eat something that has a bad smell

Pooches have this tendency to eat whatever they find exciting, just like a human baby does.

Therefore, they could literally eat anything for the sake of knowing what it is. Sometimes, they end up eating a really bad thing.

In other instances, if the ‘assumed to be food’ thing smells really bad and your pet eats it – then they are sure to get a bad breath from it. If your pet has eaten a toxic material, contact your vet asap and get an emergency check-up.

5. Sinusitis


You could easily know it when you get a blocked nose, and all that sinus gland is filled up. Then, you actually breathe in and take the air from your mouth which will eventually turn your mouth all dry from inside. The same thing could also happen with your dog. Their respiratory tracts can face some inflammation condition, or any blockage in the sinus gland due to the infection.

It could be anything. In such condition, dogs tend to breathe through their mouth which can give them a stinky oral breath after some time.

6. Had an unpleasant, sticky food

These are the food which falls in the category of Gross foods. For example, dogs have a tendency to eat another animal’s poop, yes they may sometime find it delicious too.

You may not know it initially, but later their breath will soon reveal to you – what they did when no one was watching. So, if the dogs eat such unpleasant and gross things, they are sure to develop a similar strong smell from the food. Keep a close watch on what they eat and like in general.

7. Diabetes

Is your pet having a pungent breath these days like the one of a nail polish remover? It could also sometimes smell sweet or all fruity, as per WebMD reports. Pets could have an increased appetite, sudden weight loss, being irritated for no reason, or would sleep for long hours!

8. Liver health

In this case, pets will have a strong, bad breath. Other changes reported include losing appetite, vomiting, eyes and teeth turning a bit yellowish. Immediately consult the doc, and do the necessary tests.

9. Gastrointestinal problem

If your pet is facing any gastrointestinal issue, then it will open up the oesophageal path which connects the mouth and the stomach. This could also be another reason for that bad breath.

10. Oral Tumors

You can’t always blame your mouth and gum for the bad breath issue.

It can be caused by oral tumors through the teeth, bone or any other soft tissue structure inside the mouth. These tumors grow much faster than you can imagine, giving less time for the blood vessels to sort it out. This forms a dead area inside your pet’s mouth, and well, bacterias love this. It’s then the bacteria which gives out the bad breath!