How Much Water Does a Puppy need when House Training?

Puppies need plenty of water to stay healthy and hydrated. Most of the time, puppy owners can just leave a dish of water out for the dog, always making sure it’s filled, as he’ll drink when he’s thirsty. Unlike humans who need to be reminded to drink, puppies will take care of his needs independently, provided you have left him water.

This is very convenient for pet owners, as it’s one less thing to worry about. But you may be concerned that puppies are not drinking enough-or perhaps drinking too much-especially in the summer months when the weather gets hotter. And their Food is equally important as well.
how much water does a puppy need when house training

So how much water do puppies really need in house training? They need about a litre a day And what can you do to make sure he gets as much as he needs?

  • The amount of water puppies needs depends on his weight. Bigger puppies need more water and smaller puppies need less.
  • On average, on a normal day, puppies will need about few ounces of water per pound, so a 100 pound dog would need 75 ounces of water daily. In order to see if the puppy is drinking enough, you can ration out the amount of daily water he needs at the beginning of the day in a jug marked with the units.
  • Make sure his bowl is kept full. At the end of the day, pour anything leftover back into the jug and see what’s left. Conversely, if he ends up drinking more, measure it out beforehand so you know how much additional water you added.
  • There can be some variability though oz per pound of body weight is the average, but anywhere between 0 oz and 1 oz is fine. If it’s much higher or much lower than this, puppies might not be drinking the right amount.

How to Know if a puppy is Drinking Enough?

In the summer, especially if a puppy spends a lot of time outdoors, he’ll become more dehydrated and will need more water. If his nose or gums are dry, that means he’s dehydrated.

Once again, he should be able to tell when he’s thirsty and get a drink for himself, but if he’s distracted or overexcited by new summer events, he might not remember to take care of himself.

The additional amount of water he needs will depend heavily on the climate in which you live and the amount of time he spends outdoors, especially if he’s running, playing and exercising outside. puppies can’t sweat, so Winston will have to release all his heat through panting.

If you see him panting heavily, he might be thirsty. If he’s been exercising a lot, try to ration how much he drinks all at once. It may be tempting to suck down a whole bowl of water, but that might upset his stomach. Some experts advise giving your dog a few ice cubes to start off and then ease him into some water.

Other things to consider

If you find that a puppy isn’t drinking enough water, you can try to tempt him into drinking more by leaving additional dishes around in the areas he frequents, rather than just one dish in the place where he eats. Additionally, you can try flavoring the water with something delicious (chicken or meat) and he might be more interested in it. You can also give him treats and praise every time he drinks.

If he’s drinking too much, it’s an easier fix, because you can just ration out his water throughout the day. Put a certain amount down in the morning, afternoon and night. Soon he’ll get used to it and adapt. But this is a rarer problem than drinking too little.

If you’re still concerned about the amount of water Winston is or isn’t drinking, talk to your veterinarian, who will be able to lay out the best options available for him based on breed, age, diet and activity.