Nutro Dog Food Review | Coupons, Ingredients and Our Rating

Nutro is a committed brand who has been creating delicious and healthy dog recipes since 1926! They have maintained the standards over the years, and each ingredient added in the making is carefully chosen with a purpose. This is how Nutro brand works and offers just the needful and the best nutrients to the man’s best buddy.

If you wish to keep your pooch healthy, then you need to focus on what they are eating. Isn’t it?

Nutro understands the importance of a healthy diet and balanced nutrition. This is why they closely monitor and test each portion of the pet food kibble by themselves, before releasing the batches.

But, does the brand fulfill the requirements as they claim? To find my answers, I got one pack of Nutro Wholesome Essentials for my pet and here’s what I found..

Nutro Dog Food Review

I loved how my pooch enjoyed her meal, and Nutro has all my kudos for that.

Nutro Dog Food Review

On more detailed researching, I got to learn that Nutro has a wide variety of dog treats and recipes that are yet to be tested! Frankly speaking, I haven’t come across this level of options and choices with any other brand before. You can opt for a limited ingredient kind of meal or a wholesome nutrition meal, grain-free style, dog treats in food tray or even the Wild Frontier packs with Open Valley Recipe.

So many options! You must have Googled the top 10 healthy dog food brands already, but didn’t get a satisfactory answer anywhere.

Don’t worry, I will take you through almost all of the Nutro Dog Food choices (as many possible). Breathe and Relax now.

Nutro – About the Brand & Inception

Nutro was found in the year 1926 by a young gentleman named John Saleen. He bought the company from an English businessman and later decided to shift the company to California and also renamed it to Nutro during the same period. The company ran for a good period of 5 decades before it was purchased by Mars Incorporated in 1976. Then, the company headquarters got shifted to Tennessee.

It was in the year 1985 when a real magic took place! Nutro along with the help of Dr. Sharon Machlik created a new line of Nutro Max production including chicken, rice, and lamb. Instead of going the traditional way of marketing, Nutro carried out a more detailed study and literature on canine and feline health, nutrition.

They made their researches available to the users, and this brilliant marketing strategy really helped them. Even today, Nutro is also among the leading advisors educating pet owners about natural pet food and dietary requirements of pets in general.

The Popular Nutro Dog Foods – and which one is the Best?

Nutro has an amazing line of dog foods and treats. Choosing the best might be tough for me, but I would list out my Nutro food recommendations below for you guys. Each of them serves a unique purpose, so you can take a look at them and go ahead with the purchase if that matches to your pet’s requirements:



The first ingredient here is the pasture-fed lamb, along with other key nutrients like glucosamine, and chondroitin. Here the dog food is formulated for better joints health and helps with maintaining the fitness of your pet.

There might be a trace amount of Non-GMO ingredients in the food, still, it’s free of color, preservative or any artificial flavoring. This ‘Wholesome Essentials’ series keeps high-quality protein source as the main ingredient. Sources include chicken, lamb, salmon, or even the venison meal as the #1 ingredient. There are no chicken by-product, soy, wheat, corn present in this dog food.

All the materials and ingredients used in the making are sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers based in the US. You can serve this ‘Wholesome Essentials’ to any life-stage pet; puppy, adult or a senior dog. Also to add, no matter if your pet is big or small – Nutro works fine for all!

2. NUTRO Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

NUTRO Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

This is for the large breed dogs with the limited ingredient formula. The food is prepared with Lamb as the limited ingredient, which is combined with the Sweet Potato. This recipe not only tastes great but also found to be a great option for pooches with the sensitive skin issue. It well nourishes the coat and keeps them shining.

Almost all the Nutro foods follow this rule of 10 ingredients or less for preparation. This NUTRO Lamb & Potato Recipe follows this 10 ingredient rule, keeping your pet happy and healthy.

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Apart from the Lamb & Sweet Potato recipe, you also get limited ingredient recipes like – Duck & Lentil Recipe, Salmon & Lentil, Venison Meal & Sweet Potato.

3. NUTRO ULTRA Adult Dry Dog Food

NUTRO ULTRA Adult Dry Dog Food

Just like humans, even the pets do desire to have healthy and yummy food once in a while. This is what taken care of in the NUTRO Ultra Dog Food. Here, chicken is the #1 ingredient that is combined along with Lamb and Salmon. All these three protein-rich elements guarantee the best nutrition and great taste.

Each pack of Nutro Ultra Dog Food features premium quality kibbles that are great in quality and highly nutritious. The 3 protein-rich ingredients are again blended with 15 other superfoods including coconut, chia seeds, blueberries, kale, whole flaxseed, wholesome eggs, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, and what not! Your pooch will surely love this one.

4. NUTRO Adult Cuts Wet Dog Food Trays

NUTRO Adult Cuts Wet Dog Food Trays

These are special Nutro Cuts dipped in Gravy Chicken Stew! These are premium wet dog foods that are full of nutrition and flavors. It is enjoyed equally by both young as well as older breeds. These treats are USA-made, and they are really good for maintaining the strength of your pet. As a bonus, the treats are found to be good for healthy pet coats.

Here the gravy ingredients used in the recipe are carefully selected from trusted suppliers only. There are no chicken by-product, soy, wheat or any kind of artificial preservative used for the making. This way you can be confident in what you are feeding your pet.

5. NUTRO Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

NUTRO Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The Nutro Grain-Free recipe is made from all real ingredients and tailored in a way that it works for all aged breeds. You can serve this dry dog food for a puppy, adult or even a senior pet. The recipe adopted in this is easy to digest one, and it is prepared without gluten or grains giving a healthy and delightful meal to your pets.

With the help of the grain-free recipe, you can gift your pet an easy digestion and healthy meal. Also, guys, you can serve this dog food to your pets and carry out better weight management.

These were my best recommended Nutro Dog Food choices and their reviews in brief.

Have you heard about Food Recalls? Or better a dog food recall? It can be called as an official order in which a particular brand is banned from selling, producing or reproducing – as it might be unsafe for the dog. Are there any Food Recall history of Nutro? 

Nutro Dog Food Recall History

Nutro has a big Recall dated to March 2007, which is also considered one of the unfortunate incidents in the Dog Food Recall History. The reason of recall is reported to be Melamine which was present in the 12.5-ounce cans with the ‘Best By’ dated Dec 10-11, 2009.

September 2009: plastic content found in the production lines of Nutro Ultra Puppy, and Nutro Natural Choice Chicken Meal. Both the meals were voluntarily recalled by the brand itself. I read this information on the Dog Food Advisor website, which is a ranking pet care website online.

In December 2015, there was an involuntary recall by the brand itself for a possible mold contamination. Nutro Apple Chewy Treats was recalled here.

List of Ingredients present in Nutro Dog Food

Nutro contains almost all the basic ingredients which are necessary for a better healthy living of your pooch. Following are the key ingredients present in a Nutro Dog Food:

  • Protein (through all the variety of animal-based proteins added in this)
  • Carbohydrate (contains complex, whole-grain in the making, not the main ingredient though)
  • Fat (Moderate fats from sunflower oil, canola oil, soybean oil, and a good balance of omega 3 & omega 6 acids.)
  • Micronutrients (whole grains, veggies, seeds, fruits, added minerals, and vitamins.)

I bought the Wholesome Essentials by the Nutro, and my pet liked having it.

One point to note here- taste preferences change, so not all the pets may like the Nutro brand. You can instead buy a small pack of the treat or meal recipe and test out for your canine. This won’t waste much bucks and you will also know whether to go for a bigger pack or not.