17 Facts about the Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies you should know

Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies

Dogs are man’s best friend and a golden retriever is rightly so! Right from the moment they walk into the house to the time they start sharing our moods and living we love being with a dog. The early morning love, walking them around in a park and playing with them in the free time almost feels like we have a special member in the family that knows us so well. These dogs are emotional, lovable and like friends inside the house who may not be able to speak in the language that we do, but definitely share the bond and love like us. And so it is important for us to know our pets a little bit more.

Facts about the Miniature Golden Retriever

Miniature Golden retriever or the comfort golden retriever are originally the tiny versions of the golden retriever who originated mostly in the US. These cute dogs are known to be man’s best friend and members of house with the fame of being the most domestic and cute dogs ever. Right from sharing the same temperament, love and behavior like humans do, these dogs are preferred by people to keep as pets. And if you have been considering adopting a miniature golden retriever puppies for your house too then it is time that you consider the facts about the miniature goldens!

1. They are Popular as Assistance Dogs

These dogs are mostly famous because they act as a great helping hand in whatever you do. As they pick up behavior, knowledge and patterns well and are smart to behave in public, they are often adopted and kept as pets because they are very helping and good in assisting. So be it the walking around in the park or guiding someone for the way, or even giving directions to a blind person, they serve the purpose perfectly and fit into the puzzle.

Comfort Retriever

2. It was the “First Dog”

Being from a breed which was once a part of the President’s house definitely matters a lot for the dog’s reputation! President Ford had adopted a Golden retriever in the early age i.e. a golden retriever who used to stay inside the White house and also happened to have puppies later for which a separate little pup house was built inside the white house. The dog was named as ‘Liberty’ and was known to share a very special bond with the president. Miniature retriever is an inheritance of the same breed.President ford miniature golden retriever

3. Popular and on the Charts

Be it any list or counting, there is bound to be a name or designation in the name of the miniature golden retriever. They are like mini joys of the people and so are they amongst the most popularly picked pets in the world. With being the third most popular pet in the world , the miniature golden retriever find their place not just in the hearts of people but almost one-third of the population of the US and almost one fourth of that of the world is known to house a golden retriever.

4. Cute and Beautiful

As much as one would love to have a pet beauty always binds them together. Golden retrievers are already the most beautiful and domesticated dogs known to have been making a place in the charts and the miniature golden retriever share as much love as their elders do. With being a beautiful attraction to the kids and the women, these miniature retrievers look like little kids in the house and are very adorable to play with. With tiny features and adorable little make up of the body, they are one of the beautiful comfort dogs in the world right now.

Miniature Golden Retriever

5. Best Chosen Pet for House

People generally choose to pick the tiny versions of the breed of dogs when choosing for their house. This is mostly because the dogs have a small life and the life expectancy of the elder dogs is often not assumed well. But the little dogs are both assumed to long living and are cuter than their elders. Golden retriever s being the most chosen dogs for homes and living, the miniature retrievers are picked by us more. And this is the reason that finding the comfort retriever has become pretty hard today. They aren’t just small but also calmer, cuter and baby like! & hence also deserves a nice bed for themselves.

6. Obedient and well Behaving

There is always recognition for dogs for their obedience and behavior. And the most popular is the American recognition for the dogs who have time and again proven to be obedient and well behaving. The golden retrievers happen to be third position holders for the most awarded dogs for being obedient and well behaving. The Comfort retrievers happen to share the same temperament and obedience as their elders and are as obedient and well behaving as they are recognized for. And they are also very friendly with the Harnesses as well.

Obedient Comfort Retriever

7. Shedding of the Fur

As much as the fur of the Comfort retriever attracts the love and cuddling, they tend to shed off in some particular seasons. This is why dogs need special care and a healthy diet. As the little comfort golden retrievers are not known with the potent allergies and possible diseases they are more prone to react to what they eat without noticing. And so they shed a lot of fur in some seasons. There is a need to give proper attention to their eating and take best care of their fur while also combing them often to maintain the softness and the texture.

8. Best Children Friendly Dogs Ever

As cute, lovable and beautiful the dogs’ looks, they are a child’s favorite. Right from looking like another soft toy to the kids they happen to be their best friend and behave so when they are around kids. There have been found a lot of instances when the Comfort retrievers are found to be behaving in the same manner and temperament as that of the kids and together it feels like there is a bunch of kids playing collectively. And hence these make for the best pairs for games, parties, naughty habits and sharing special moments of childhood.

9.They aren’t just born with the traits of golden retriever

It is a lesser known fact that it is not just the golden retrievers contribute to giving birth to the Comfort retrievers, it also depends on the contributing breed. Mini golden retrievers are mostly born because of the mix of the golden retriever and a poodle or a golden retriever and a golden doodle. Some breeds of the mini golden retriever are also born with the cocker spaniels, etc. And so when you consider the petite golden retrievers they aren’t just the same as the normal golden retrievers but also have some definitive characteristics of the mix of both the dogs that came together for the pups’ birth.

10.They vary in shades

As the name suggests ‘petite golden retriever’ or ‘mini golden retriever’ doesn’t only account the dogs who are of the same breed and have only golden fur. They are also counted for the retrievers who have distinctive shades of golden and brown. And so when you spot the breed with light brown, slight golden, dark brown or dark golden shade fur then don’t classify them to be NOT golden retrievers. They are the comfort retrievers with just not the same and exact shade as of the name suggests.

11. Adapt to living in surroundings easily

Well perceived ideas speak that dogs are intelligent and smart except for a few that are just so dull and dumb that people don’t want them as pet. As for the Comfort retrievers the dogs are very smart and tend to learn things quite easily. This is the reason that most of the people prefer these breed to keep at their home for domestic living as they can be trained and brought up in the same environment and molded to behave in the same way as they want. With proper training on the living, eating and behavior guidelines these dogs can mold themselves into the same way as you want.

Golden Retriever Snow

12. They Aren’t Recognized till now

Having been one of the most popular breed inherited and picked up by people so rapidly for their house members, the Comfort retrievers haven’t received any authentic and legal recognition yet. The breeders, buyers and the whole world know about the breed but the true statute of the breed has only been awarded to the golden retrievers and not to the miniature or mini ones. Although there have been trials to give the miniature golden retrievers the much needed recognition the process is pending with the American Kennel club and is awaited to be out anytime.

13. Different from the standard golden

The comfort retrievers are slightly different from the standard golden in various aspects like size, lifespan, appearance and a few traits. They generally weight only about twenty to forty pounds and go to a maximum height of twenty inches. The life span of the mini golden retrievers is only 12 as compared to the standard golden which live for about 15 years. The shedding of the fur as compared to the standard golden is less because of the slight poodle traits which gives the miniatures straight and sand locks. This is also a reason why people choose the miniature golden over the standard golden too.

14. They make the Best Guard Dogs

Delighted to keep a dog in the house and thinking of the safety of the house does come together. The miniature golden retrievers are amazing watchful dogs and make for the best guard dogs for the house. They are not just skeptical about the unknown voices and footsteps but are also able to visualize potential threats to the house and make the invisible traits of people understood by the family people. And hence if there is a miniature in the house you need not worry about the safety of the house.

Miniature Golden Retriever Guarding

15. Nibblers and Bitters

Like every other dog the miniatures are keen on munching on anything that comes their way. Right from the shoes, brushes, mats, tables and even cushions they just munch on everything and anything until and unless taught not to. These dogs love to keep chewing and biting on things and hence proper training is a must when you want to save on a lot of cost of the interiors of the house. Experts advise on getting some chew toys for the miniatures as they keep the dogs occupied and your house safe from their chewy teeth until you train them not to!

16. They won’t grow up to be standard golden

The most common myth that comes with the miniatures is that they would soon grow up to be behaving and appearing like the standard golden. The truth is that the miniatures have their own height and living which does not surpass and meet the standard golden. This is the reason that there is a definitive line of distinction between both the breeds. The miniatures always stay small and below the height of 20 inches while for the standard golden it is much larger.

Other Interesting Facts:

17. Trend in the Celeb World

Mini golden retrievers are increasingly being a part of the trend that is taking over the celebrities and big businesses man houses where they are famous as Mini Toodles or the small huskies. The appearance and size is just so adorable that people are shifting towards keeping a miniature in their house just for the sake of the image that comes out while walking with them.

Break the misconceptions that come with the miniatures and understand the real characteristics of the dog to be able to know if you shall bring them home! It is not just about the cute features and the appearance but the lesser known facts that you live with each day and miniatures are like the wonder treats for your living and partnership. They can be the ideal dog to adopt for your house and share a bind with!

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