Kuranda Dog Bed Review – Should you buy it now?

You are tired of your dog’s behavior, but they aren’t weary of chewing up their beds. So here’s Kuranda Dog Bed Review will be solve all your dogs-related woes!

Kuranda Dog Bed is a stout and well-built dog bed that is an out of the world furniture that your dog probably dreams of, but obviously cannot tell you about! It is durable yet stylish. We listed it as one of the best dog beds in our top picks. It is light enough for you to place it anywhere you wish to, be it around your house, or even outdoors!

Hurry and buy/gift this one for your adorable canines whose worlds revolve around yours. But is it really the best? Let’s find out in full Kuranda Bed Review below.

Kuranda Dog Bed Review – Everything you must know

Getting the dog bed destroyed in months? Or is it your canine loves chewing out the bed? We are with a solution for you guys, you can get the Kuranda Dog Bed for them. All the beds released by this brand comes with a 1 year warranty. Another point to note here is that this is the Walnut PVC model, and it is meant only for indoor use. It is hard to damage the bed, and is easy on the cleaning part.

Kuranda Dog Bed - Chewproof - Walnut PVC - Indoor BedBest Price

Features of Kuranda Dog Bed

Do you have a mischievous dog that cannot stop chewing up his bed? This chew-resistant Kuranda dog bed is the one you’ve been desperately looking for!

  • It gives your dog a heightened orthopedic support and maximum comfort at the same time.
  • The frame of the bed, the legs and corners are all walnut colored, but you’d find other colors to choose from too!
  • You can easily clean the bed within a few minutes in any way that you want to, and still be reassured that the color won’t come off! Thanks to the UV resistant finish.
  • The main highlight of the bed is that, it keeps away your dog from chewing it because of its unique design. That is, the fabric easily slides under the edges of the frame which disallows the naughty dogs to chew it. The fabric used is Cordura which is resistant to abrasion, and is long lasting. Your dog cannot destroy the fabric or the bed no matter how much he tries! It is indeed delightful to know, Kuranda is well known for its durable products!
  • The fasteners in the chew resistant dog bed are made of stainless steel completely.
  • It consists of a PVC frame that has so much strength that it can easily carry your heavy pet dogs who weigh up to 125kgs! In case you pet a dog that’s even heavier, you may want to bid for the Kuranda All Aluminum Dog Bed or the Bronze Aluminum Dog Bed.
  • Select a funky colored bed for your dog too! You can choose amongst five colors namely, walnut, forest green, burgundy, khaki, and smoke.

These are the features of the Kuranda Dog Bed, and probably all the things which you need to know about this product. There is an instruction manual that comes along with the bed, that will help you to set it up without any hassles. This dog bed is ideal to be used indoors.

Kuranda Dog Bed – Pros & Cons

  • The dog bed has a design that will not only be attractive to you, but loved by your dogs too.
  • It is manufactured in a way that because of the circulation of air underneath the bed, your dog would stay cooler during summer months.
  • The bed is cot styled and will prove to be very comfortable for your loved pets.
  • It is very easy to set up, easier to use, and easiest to clean.
  • It is a long lasting, durable product.
  • It is a child’s play to store it.
  • Some may find cleaning the dog bed a little laborious.
  • The bed attracts dust, dirt and hair, which makes it untidy very often.
  • If you buy the wrong size, your dog may not be comfortable in it.
  • Some users may find it difficult to assemble the bed. You need to read and follow the instruction manual carefully.

More about the product:

1. Durability: Being manufactured in USA, Kuranda products are renowned to be one of the most durable products available in the world. As per the case of the dog beds too, this standard has been met. There are some dog owners who have used the same dog bed for years at a stretch. The company offers a warranty on the dog bed that extends up to a year!

2. Comfort: The Cordura fabric used, makes the dog bed not only chew-free but totally comfortable for your dog as well. Thanks to the 5 different sizes of beds available, you can choose the best fit for your dog, so that he can stay, sleep or eat there with utmost comfort and space.

3. Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining the bed is not much of a problem. You can set up the bed easily, and also store it however and wherever you want to.

That was our review for the Kuranda Dog Beds, and we hope that you loved reading out the article. Show us some love and support on our page, and follow us for all the further updates!

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