K9 Ballistics Dog Bed Review for 2020 [UPDATED]

Is your dog destructive? Are you looking for furniture that’s chew proof? Well here’s the ideal product to solve that problem, and something that your adorable dogs are absolutely going to fall in love with! We are talking about the K9 Ballistics Dog Bed. It comes with a 90 days chew proof guarantee! Isn’t that a lot? We think so at least!

K9 Ballistics Dog Bed Review for 2020

This light weight and fluffy bed is something your dog wouldn’t want to part with. It is available in 4 new different sizes in ten exciting colors! The fabric used ‘1680 denier Ripstop Ballistic Nylon’ makes the dog bed super durable which is also resistant to molds and mildew. K9 Ballistics is the best dog beds for your pooch in 2020. The canines are sure to go mad for this mattress Let’s find out if it is a good fit for your dog or not in the full K9 Ballistics Review.

K9 Ballistics Dog Bed Review

Features of K9 Ballistics Dog Bed

The K9 Ballistics Dog Beds are perfect for the dogs that chew and scratch a lot. There’s not much that you can do about this habit of his, but yes, you could doubtlessly gift him this magical product! Let us go through its stunning features:

  • The fabric used for this dog bed is 1680 denier Ripstop Ballistic Nylonwhich keeps your dog off from scratching, chewing, water, dirt, and hair.
  • The dog bed is also odor resistant, and smells fresh making your pet go back to it again and again.
  • If you have to do a rating as to how much of a chew resistant product this is, K9 Ballistics Dog Bed will definitely score 4 out of 5! It is resistant to about 90% of the chewing dogs. However, if you think your dog is a very heavy chewer, you may want to consider buying the Cujo Cot Raised Aluminum Bed instead.
  • The dog bed has a featherweight, and is very soft and fluffy. The mattress made of channeled polyester helps it to withstand buildup of moisture, and clumping.
  • Does your dog love to nestle and snuggle in his bed all the time? This is perfect for him in that case! The lightweight dog bed makes it easy to carry, and comfortably place it either indoors or outdoors, as per your dog’s demand.
  • The dog bed comes with a 90 days chew proof guarantee, whereby, if your dog destroys the product during the initial 90 days, then the cover will be immediately replaced free of cost!
  • The product consists of strong Velcro closures instead of zippers too!
  • The dog bed is meant for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is available in 4 sizes that are Small (18″x24″x5″), Medium (27″x33″x5″), Large (34″x40″x5″), and XX-Large (40″x68″x5″).
  • You can choose across 10 different colors of dog beds. The colors available are Black, Blue, Grey Camo, Green, Green Camo, Lattice, Marine Blue Stripe, Sunny Sky Stripe, Red and Black.
  • The covers are easy to clean and maintain. You can either wipe it down or machine wash the dog bed.
  • The stitching quality and fabric used for the dog bed makes the product very durable, that can last for a life time too!
  • The dog bed consists of a very few number of pressure points. This enhances the blood circulation in your dog’s body which is immensely beneficial for him.
  • These are the features of the K9 Ballistics Dog Bed, and we have tried to cover up all and everything about this product for you. We will now head towards the Pros and Cons which we came across during the testing and reviewing.

K9 Ballistics Dog Bed – Pros & Cons

  • The dense woven covers of the dog bed make it resistant to scratching and tearing by the dogs.
  • The ’90 days chew proof guarantee’ is a delight for the customers, as they can get a replacement for the cover if there is any damage caused in the first 90 days, and that too for free!
  • It is easy to clean, wash and maintain.
  • The foam used in the mattress makes it very comfortable and relaxing for your dogs to stay in.
  • The product is hair, molds and mildew, and odor resistant!
  • The K9 Ballistics Dog Bed may not be suitable for dogs that are heavy chewers.
  • If your dog is too mischievous, the Velcro strap won’t be a problem for him to open, and he may destroy it.

More about the product:

Durability: The fabric used for the cover of this dog bed is 1680 denier Ripstop Ballistic Nylon which makes it super durable. The nylon cover makes the dog bed resistant to hair, chew, scratch, dirt, water and odors. No wonder the product is long lasting!

Comfort: The five-inch-thick and dense foam used in the mattress makes for a comfortable bed for the dog as it is also light weight, soft and fluffy. Beware! Your dog may simply refuse to leave his bed!

Maintenance: The dog bed is easy to maintain, as you can either wipe it clean, or machine wash it. The covercan be washed and rewashed for a lifetime.

The bed is great for your dogs’ bones as well. If your dog is a moderate chewer, the K9 ballistics dog bed is a must have!

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George - November 16, 2018

K9 Ballistic is an unresponsive company to customer concerns and complaints. These beds are far from “fluffy” as stated above. To the contrary. They are hard, too stiff too slippery. My dogs refuse to lay on them they slid off. I asked scored a return one day after receiving them. That was over a week ago. Still no reply.
Find a different company. The bed may be indestructible but how would I know. The dogs hate them.

Tommy Cross - May 15, 2019

I’m 2 years in. The bed has stood up well for my mischievous Shih Tzu. I definitely recommend this product.


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