Ways to Naturally Prevent and Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Fleas are small insects that reside on the body of the mammals and pets. They survive on the host’s blood! So, if you find any flea on your dog’s hair then make sure there is none on their skin.

Fleas don’t have wings, but they can jump one place to another laying out eggs on the path. Infestation doesn’t take a long time, so you need to be real quick on the medication. Thankfully, there are many chemicals and medicines available for dealing with the Fleas issue. You can also go the natural way and get equally effective results!

How to get rid of the Fleas on Dogs naturally?

Fleas, at first might look easy to you and you will be like ‘I can totally deal it’. 

How to get rid of the Fleas on Dogs naturally

But the fleas just take seconds for infestation, and this will get you all crazy. Don’t panic. Check out the Top 5 Home Remedies that you can try out by yourself, and save your dog from all the Flea irritation!

1» Make a Flea Collar for your pooch

This one is more like a preventive step for the fleas. Add two drops of tea tree oil or the lavender oil into one teaspoon of the water. Apply this solution on your dog’s collar or else you can spray this water on a handkerchief and tie it around the dog’s collar area. This will keep the fleas at a distance from the dogs.

2» Testing a different Dog Shampoo

You could easily find dog shampoos for flea treatment these days. For a change, let’s make a good dog shampoo at home. First, take any normal dog shampoo and fill a half cup of it in a bottle. Take half cup of squeezed lemon, and add it up to the same bottle. Mix both the solution nicely, and use this shampoo on your dog for the whole week.

After they are done with the bathing, comb out the fur and collect out the fleas!

3» Get a Flea Comb

Get a Flea Comb

Well, this is the easiest and the best way to keep the fleas out from your pet’s coat. These combs will have tightly spaced bristles that takes off the fleas, and will let your dogs breathe and have fun just like before!

The best thing about this method is, you can carry out the combing as many times you want.

4» Clean the bedding, and some vacuum cleaning for the floor

Very important you guys. Take a note of the places that your pooch lie down for most of the times. Of all the places, bedding is the most vulnerable of all. They will have eggs and larvae on it which is not easily visible to a human eye. So, wash all the bedding to solve the problem right from its roots.

5» Apple Cider Vinegar method

Take 1 full teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and then add it to a quarter liter of water. Mix well, and let your dog drink this water for the whole day. This apple cider vinegar will make the dog’s coat a bit acidic, which will repel out all the insects and fleas from the skin. If you are confused with this method, consult the vet and get the solution.

Note: Even though the methods are tested and proven – I would suggest you consult the vet before trying out any of the listed treatments.

Did you get the dog fleas out by any other method? Share in your answers by commenting them below. Wishing a happy flea-free life to your fur buddy! Thanks for reading, hope you guys had a good time here!