How To Get A Puppy To Sleep Through The Night

Training puppy to sleep through nightBringing a puppy to your home is like welcoming a new member in your family. However, for the puppy, it is quite stressful to settle and adjust to the new surroundings and strangers. You might arrange for a towel, small blanket or toys in the crate during bedtime in order to make the pup go to sleep easily. You can also bring the old towel he/she used to use in the previous home or something from your puppy’s mother or siblings.

How To Get A Puppy To Sleep

The familiar scents are bound to help them to feel relaxed and have a sound sleep night. Young puppies usually find it difficult to fall asleep. Your little one might want a trip outdoors at night. If this is the case, he will let you know it by crying and fussing over it. Take him to short walk in that case and bring him back to home and then put him in to his crate. Puppies of age three or four months sleep consistently through the night.

The following tips can be kept in mind to help your puppy sleep through the night :

1. Let him do plenty of exercise during daytime

A famous saying goes “A tired puppy is a good puppy!” always keep this in mind and make him do various kinds of physical activities which are suited for his age. This will not only stimulate your little one’s body and mind, but also will help you to bond with him. With growing age, his need for exercise will grow. you could consider good playpens as well.

2. Keep it calm during bedtime!

Avoid exciting activities that might get him amped up and aroused just before going to bed, like half an hour or so. Intense games should be avoided after he has had his dinner. Some puppies follow routines. Bond with him well so that he knows it is time for bed when you brush your teeth after your night meal. you should consider a very good puppy bed as well.

3. Make him pee and poop before bedtime

You must remember that a puppy who does not need to go for peeing or pooping during bedtime, will sleep properly. When you take your puppy outside, he might get distracted because of the sounds and sights and absolutely forget the purpose for which he has gone out! Make sure that he pees and poops when you are taking him out for that reason.

4. The crate should be made comfortable

You sleep well when your bed feels cozy, the same applies for your puppy. Some of the puppies prefer soft blankets so that they can curl up during night. However, others might enjoy a cool surface. Keep the temperature and weather in mind while preparing his bedding. He must feel comfortable in it. You will soon learn that your puppy has certain preferences, try to include them in the crate each time he sleeps.

You should thoroughly go through the process of crate training in order to make your puppy feel comfortable in his crate. Housetraining can be speeded up by crating during the night time. This will make your puppy avoid soiling of his space. It also prevents damage and mess created throughout the house. Your puppy needs to learn crating because this is a skill he might need later in his life. For more advanced tips, you should check this in-depth Crate Training guide by Wendy!

5. Give him something that he can chew

Chewing always calms down dogs. This even more important when your little puppy is going through the teething phase. You can give him something edible to chew on, like biscuits. You can also give him a toy or a bone. These will also keep him entertained if he wakes up before you in the morning.

6. The puppy’s crate must be kept nearby

Preferably keep the crate near to your bed so that your puppy does not feel alone. You will also hear him every time he wakes up at night. Your puppy needs special care for sure. You cannot go to sleep while your little puppy spends a sleepless night. He might try to wake you up just because he wants to play with you or he wants to take a stroll outside for no reason. In these cases, you just need to act boring and do nothing exciting so that he soon realizes that nighttime is not meant for adventures, but for sleeping. However, do not angry with him. Your anger might make him afraid of waking you up at night even if he needs something.

7. Keep him Healthy

It is important to feed him healthy puppy food and develop healthy habits in him. Only if he spends a healthy day, he will get a good night’s sleep. If he needs to pee too often at night, get him checked by your vet. He might have developed bladder infection. A couple of antibiotics will cure him. Do not give too heavy meals for dinner, the meal should be light and healthy in order to ensure a good sleep.

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