FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed Reviews [UNBIASED]

When it comes to orthopedic mattresses and even humans benefit from egg crate beds, why shouldn’t your pet benefit from them too? The FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed is not only fit for your dog, but also your cat! It is comfortable, supportive, and stylish all at the same time. this furhaven dog bed reviews will help you find the perfect one for your dog.

Who says you have to sacrifice design just for you to get a good pet bed? It comes in a variety of colors so you’ll have just as much fun choosing the perfect one that’ll go with your home’s interiors. It is one of the best-rated bed for dogs

FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed Review

Pamper your canine with the new sensational Orthopedic Pet Bed by the FurHaven. It comes with an easy step-on design, and the convoluted foam design reduces all the pressure joints. This is one of the best choices for the pets who love to lie down the whole day, and snooze away! Cover used on this bed comes with a zipper, so you just have to unzip the covering and add them to washing for cleaning.

FurHaven NAP Pet Bed


3” thick, perfect height for dogs with orthopedic problems. Measures 27”x36” for medium to large dogs. Egg crate foam supports sensitive joints and soothes pressure points. Soft, plush faux fur fabric surface. Removable cover with water resistant base and zipper. Machine washable. Comes in a variety of colors to choose from!

The bed is designed, assembled, warehoused as well as shipped in the USA with all USA-sourced filling materials so you are ensured quality. Only the bed cover is made in China. The pet bed fabric is also made with 100% polyester so it is quite durable.


  • It has a soft surface and is comfy, two things that dogs love most, even with dogs that suffer from orthopedic problems. Thanks to the plush faux fur sleep surface, pets love that it’s soft on their noses and paws, making them want to dig in and cuddle the bed even more.
  • Thanks to the deep, convolute-style foam core, otherwise referred to as “egg-crate” dogs with sensitive joints are able to enjoy a deep and restorative sleep. The egg-crate design also alleviates weight from your pet’s pressure points.
  • If your dog is already diagnosed with musculoskeletal disorders or injury, this can serve as a great recovery bed. If not, it also serves its purpose as a preventive bed, especially for dog breeds that are prone to musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.
  • Don’t like the extra dirt and pet hair that seem to cling on your pet bed? The FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Egg Crate Orthopedic Pet Mattress Deluxe has a stylish sued gusset that hides dirt and hair so your pet bed doesn’t look easily dirtied.
  • Of course, it will still look and smell dirty overtime but thank goodness it has a removable cover that you can wash so that it’ll look and smell like new.
  • The dog bed also has a water-resistant base so you don’t have to worry about accidents spilling into the mattress. If your cover gets dirty, it has an accessible zipper that makes removing the cover quickly for machine washing.
  • Perfect for medium to large sized dogs and measures 27”x36”.


  • For as comfortable as the FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Egg Crate Orthopedic Pet Mattress Deluxe is, its cover only has one zipper so putting the foam back in can be quite a challenge. The cover is not reversible as the polyester-canvas inner material is rough and noisy to sleep on.
  • The egg crate foam slab can hold up with use but over time it gets mashed down. This is because the foam is not of dense quality. Your pets may still love lying down on it and going to the bed will be a lot easier because it is not as thick as it used to be.
  • If your dog is quite the digger, the cover can get torn pretty easily. Unless you have a gentle dog around, you might not want to go with this bed.


If you want a pet bed made by a leading pet product company that doesn’t differ too much in price to the FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Egg Crate Orthopedic Pet Mattress , then you might want to try the Armarkat Pet Bed. It has a waterproof lining, removal cover, and a non-skid base.

What’s more is that the stuffing is separated into three parts. This makes stuffing it back into the cover a lot easier. Also, because of this design, your stuffing is evenly distributed so it won’t clump to one side, leaving the middle vacant and hollow.

The Serta Orthopedic Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed is also a good investment to make, but a lot more expensive than the FurHaven pet bed. It measures 36” x 27” and is 4” thick. It uses an orthopedic foam to provide both comfort and support for your furry companion.

The cover is easy to remove and is machine washable. Both cover and foam holds its shape and size pretty nicely even when in constant use.


The bed is great, large, and orthopedic. But since it gets mashed down after a couple of uses it gets a 3.5 out of 5 rating.

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