What Are French Bulldog’s Exercise Needs?

Exercising your French bulldog : Every dog would need regular exercise. The intensity of it would depend on the breed of the dog as well as the individual temperament and capacity of the dog.

There are few dogs which need very little of exercise or rather are capable of very little of physical exertion, where as few other dogs need a high level of serious training to ensure that they stay fit and are in shape.

french bulldog excercise needs

Apart from providing physical activity through exercise, there are other benefits as well like bonding, teaching discipline and habits etc which can also be achieved through training.

French Bulldog’s Exercise Needs

One of the dog breeds whose training falls on to the lesser intensity part is the French bulldog. French bulldogs as is the case of many other breeds of bulldogs aren’t much associated with exercising. However it ought to be realized that even they would need some sort of exercise. Before the extant of the exercises are determined, it is important to understand French bulldog exercise needs.

Their Shat Nose & Flat Face

French bulldogs have a shat nose and flat face which makes it a challenge for the dog to effectively regulate its body temperature. In general, the dogs are advised to be kept away from hot and humid weather preferably in an air conditioned environment.

Therefore in such a weather the French bulldog should not be put through physical exertion thereby preferably no exercise. However, you can look at taking your dog on a light walk during the earlier or later part of the day where the temperatures come down.

Health Benefits

Exercising does provide some health benefits to your French bulldog. Taking it on a walk or some light physical activities can help the dog overcome challenges like constipation, digestive challenges which are mostly related to french bulldog’s food & eating habits, breathing issues, Obesity and other problems due to hit, breathing challenges and even hip dysplasia ( although a small breed, French bulldog is prone to this ).

Exercising them for Behavioral Issues

Apart from the physical benefits related to exercising there are some behavioral issues which can be corrected like unruliness, play biting, predatory instincts, depression, barking etc,

There are certain activities which can be done for your French bulldog exercise needs which are light on intensity but are also helpful for the dog.

  • Walking: This is the most recommended exercise for a French bulldog. These dogs do get tired easily so ensure that they walks are of lesser intensity and under comfortable conditions. They might be the most eager ones to come on a walk but would love to tug along. Remember that too much of walking would not only tire your dog to an extent of serious exhaustion but can also cause longer term challenges like hip dysplasia.
  • Playing Fetch: The classical exercise and play for a dog. This would be a good activity to get your French bully to move around. As cautioned earlier, do not over do and keep the health of the dog in mind. When you see it to be tiring , relax it off by switching the play or just allow it to lie around.
  • Meeting up with other canine buddies: This would be the best natural exercise that you can provide for French bulldog. Allow it to play along with other dogs, this would keep them engaged and active without the need to come up with a specific activity. The dogs would love to continue play until the point of exhaustion which they might not always realize. Keep a tab on its play with other dogs and stop when you see it to be getting exhausted.

These light exercises would be enough to keep you dog in good health without much of physical exertion.