Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampoo Reviews | Bio-degradable Ingredients

Come on, it’s not right to use ‘just anything’ for your Dog’s Shampoo. You need to reconsider it if you used to do that. There are many cheap shampoos available in the market, don’t fall for them! They won’t have any quality ingredient in them, except for a lot of chemicals!

I got one bottle of Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampoo for my pooch Chris, and it worked great on his fur. I could feel the softness of the fur, and also see the happiness on his face.


Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampoo Reviews

To begin with, Earthbath as a company was established in California, and their main aim since the beginning was to deliver – safe and reliable pet care products for all the pet loving people.

Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampoo Reviews

This Earthbath All Natural Shampoo has a wide range of options, like

  1. Oatmeal and Aloe,
  2. Peppermint and Eucalyptus,
  3. Hypo-allergenic,
  4. Green Tea and Awapuhi,
  5. Mango Tango, etc.

This way you can choose out any of the top rated dog shampoos listed above, and offer their individual benefits to your pet. I am going to give a general overview of the Earthbath Dog Shampoo, features, Pros and Cons.

Special Formulated Shampoo

Earthbath has got a range of shampoo options, that deals with a particular dog-specific issue. For example, the Oatmeal & Aloe shampoo is a good option for an itchy skin condition.

Whereas the Eucalyptus and Peppermint shampoo is the stress reliever shampoo. The special formulation here will maintain the dog’s coat clean and also give them the best relaxation.

Similarly, you got another Earthbath All Natural Shampoo which focuses on lightening the animal’s coat. I hope you are now clear with the options you get here! There are a lot more of them which you can find out online.

Natural Scent

This Earthbath Dog Shampoo is combined vanilla fragrance and along with that, you get a dose of oatmeal aroma. It’s devoid of any chemical odor, leaving your pet’s skin all fresh and soft. So, no matter the formulations – you are sure to get the natural fragrances only.

All Natural and Bio-degradable elements

The brand keeps up with its label of All-Naturals and offers the essence of all natural and safe ingredients for you. This shampoo is soap-free, all natural and comes with a unique pH-balanced combination – that leaves your pet’s coat clean and will smell really good like never before.

Moisturizes your pet’s skin

If your pet is experiencing any kind of skin irritation, then this dog shampoo is a good choice for them. All the contents used here are bio-degradable and recommended for pets having skin allergies. The gentleness of the shampoo not only helps with the cleaning but also moisturizes your pet’s coat.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Devoid of harsh chemicals
  • Safe and Pet-friendly
  • Gentle and effective
  • Soap-free product
  • Keeps the pH level balanced out
  • Clean and also moisturizes your pet’s skin
  • Works the same way as it is claimed


  • One user mentioned the shampoo may seem a bit oily compared to other Dog Shampoos
  • It might be allergic to your dog

Earthbath All Natural

So, these are the points which I found helpful to me, along with the Cons of the unit. Different elements are added in the making of this Dog Shampoo, and so there might be something which is allergic to your pet. Things will get more worse later if you don’t look into the elements carefully. Therefore, it would be better if you learn the product in detail before finalizing it for your pooch.

What is your take on the product? Have you tried this on your pet? If yes, then do share your reviews and feedbacks about it. Would you recommend it to other fellow pet owners? Write in your comments below!