What Does it mean when Dog Tail Wagging In Circles

We all own dogs or know at least know an individual who owns one. Dogs make a quintessential pet as they are quick-witted, make us healthy as we walk them, and are a good source if entertainment; and you still wonder why they are referred to as man’s best friend.

Though these animals occupy a good segment of our hearts, sometimes we miss what they are trying to communicate to us when they wag their tails leaving us bemused wondering, ” what does it mean when dog tail wagging in circles.” Well today is your lucky day as in this commentary, we are going to chew over what all that tail wagging means.

Dog Tail Wagging In Circles

#1 Right/left wag

Dogs have emotions just like humans, and they exhibit this impeccably via their tails. When you notice that your dog is wagging it’s tail to the right, this signals that your dog is in a positive state and is exhilarated about something like an approaching by the owner, another family member or pet. The spirited tail wagging with a more preeminence to the right side of the body signifies a gleeful mood in a dog and it can be approached easily.

However, a tail wag that is more concentrated to the left side of the body tends to delineate a much more negative attitude. This type of wagging can be triggered when a dog is in a situation that they do not feel comfortable and prefer to back away, for example the presence of another dog that has taken a belligerent stance. The left sided wag shows a disquietude nature and it is best to remove the dog from that environment.

#2 Pronounced wag

This type of tail wag is always accompanied by broad wags of the tail since the dog is in a relaxed state. The tail is always wagged back and forth and the dog’s body at times moves along with the wag. You may also notice that your dog has a slight gentle punt and the eyes will brighten up too. This wag is the most straightforward way of telling that a dog is jovial and is willing to play around with the owner or person next to them.

#3 Brief quick wag

If a dog is in a state that makes them to either think of flight or fight back, the tail tends to be held in a high position with quick wags that make the tail to appear as if it is vibrating. This situation can make the dog to charge, so check out the dog’s surrounding and do away with whatever is causing the situation to ensue.

#4 Slow wag

A wag that is accompanied by slow motion but no noticeable high or low posture of the tail tends to indicate that the dog is neither compliant nor perturbed. Your dog is displaying a less social manner as it might not be relishing its surrounding. Take your dog away from this environment to a much more relaxed place where it can enjoy its time more freely.

Dogs that have their tails docked can make it onerous to read the signs and tell whether it is anxious or relaxed, so proper reading of some facial expression like the mouth and ears can still aid in telling how a dog feels. A tucked tail between the legs of dog denotes a submissive and peace making nature or the dog is trying to make itself appear smaller since it’s being intimidated.

With sufficient research being conducted on dog body language, the wagging of the tail has proven it to be under voluntary control. As a dog owner, it does not take much to decrypt what the dog is communicating. The speed’s wag shows the dog’s excitement level while the range at which it sweeps its tail indicates the dog’s emotional state.

So the next time you are walking your dog, out at the park/beach or seeing it after a long day at the office, don’t let your brain wander off to that “what does it mean when dog tail wagging in circles” land. This commentary has given you a dog view perspective into the tail wagging world for better understanding of your dog.