Best Portable Dog Playpen For 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you are a pet owner with a high energy level and very playful pet, then consider having a portable dog playpen. In most cases many dog owners still prefer using a tradition crate or a kennel for their dogs. This is usually not the best option for the small and medium puppies as they require more space to play that is secure.

A portable dog play pen is a secure and spacious dog place that gives them the freedom to play, run around, have several dog toys and not feel too constrained. It designed to give your dog a safe area to play safely when you cannot monitor them

At Glance: Best Portable Dog Playpens Reviews

The Zampa Pet 45 Playpen remains our #1 Recommendation among all the best dog playpens trending in the market. The foldable nature of this playpen allows you to store and install it within minutes. The interiors are spacious, so your pet will love it!

The second best on our list is the Precision Soft Side Play Pen, it comes in a black & cream color combination. It has got a waterproof design and is also foldable in nature. There is a top panel design which allows you to easily access your pet whenever they wish to. Read on to find out more about this playpen.

Third on the list is a bit similar to the previous pick, and here we are talking about Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen. It is a pop-up dog pen design, that can go well both indoor as well as outdoor playing. This comes in more than one shade, so you can choose the preferable color among the available options. It has got a waterproof bottom too.

Why you should buy a playpen for Dogs ?

Most of the owners feel guilty for locking their dog away in the kennels and not having enough time to spend time with them. This gives them a good reason to buy a portable dog playpen to ensure they stay in a safe place where they can be free to play and spend time with them.

Dog playpens are not the same as crates, and they can serve many purposes and ensure that both you and your pet have been fully satisfied with the situation. You can place the playpen in any place you prefer with enough space to hold it. Whether you place it is outside in the garden with a great view or inside a room, it in turn provide a safe place to train your dog while being able to watch them all the time.

3 Best Portable Dog Playpen Reviews of 2020

Following are our best rated picks which will help your puppy in exercise outside. They are good at portability as well as durability.

#1. The Zampa Pet 45 Playpen

This dog playpen is an awesome 8 board portable pet playpen in the market, and is one of the sturdier playpens, with strong frames and corners, making it very safe and secure. The Zampa Pet 45 playpen is additionally very spacious, with great measurements of forty five by twenty four.

Pet 45" Playpen Foldable Portable Dog Playpen

It provides comfort for both the small and medium sized pets, and can also house big pets too when they need to sleep or rest. The zippers in the top and the outer fabric are made of transparent materials.

This enables you to monitor your pet when it is inside. It is light, considering its durable form and great security weighing around 6.2 pounds.

It is easily portable and can be folded with ease enabling you to store it in its carrying case that accompanies it.

  • It is has permanently attached floor
  • Excellent designed and built with brilliant functionally
  • More secure than others as no escape route from both the top and bottom
  • Have additional features such as pockets, grounding stakes, water bottle holder from the outside part
  • High price for some customers
  • Cleaning at the bottom is a little inconvenienced

#2. Precision Soft Side Play Pen

This playpen from Precision is a roomy and adaptable product, with a high quality epoxy covered steel wired frame that makes it quite secure. it also has a canvas fabric that is weather-proof.

Precision Soft Side Portable Play Pen for Dog

It has two entryways that can be opened by a zipper and also have floors that are Velcro attached. This playpen is anything but very easy to maintain and clean due to the removable zipper based top and detachable floors.

It offers incredible portability and can be folded easily into the carrying case that accompanies it. It is also very light. It has dimensions that ranges from twenty nine by seventeen in size and weighs about 4.6 pounds, making it extremely easy to handle.

This playpen is offered in the both the medium and large sizes as well; hence you have a variety to choose from and not constrained to one size. The playpen is priced on the higher end of the spectrum but considering it is greatly built and made from the best company with quality features it is a good investment.

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • It is quite spacious
  • Has very strong and good quality frame
  • Quite light for excellent portability
  • Different sizes offered hence no size limitation
  • Has detachable floors making it a little insecure at the bottom

#3. Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen

This Petsfit playpen is one of the most strong and durable portable playpen and offers great safe and secure place for the both small size and medium size pets. Like other play pens that pop-up, it has 8 panels that are meshed together and in turn provide an great space for ventilation and view of the environment.

Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen

It is additionally built with great quality fabric of about 600D oxford material. This makes it very easy to maintain and clean. Its maintenance is also made easier with detachable Velcro based floor.

The top is covered with mesh that can be zippered on and off with ease. This playpen offers great portability and can be folded easily to a flat position that fits well in the carrying case. It is also quite light regardless of the possibility that it weighs slightly more than others at around 8.6 pounds.

Due to the quality of materials utilized, this playpen is prized well but compared with the rest it can be quite expensive. It is durable, a great place for dogs to do their exercise and easy to carry while traveling.

  • Offers good security for small and medium sized pets
  • Good quality fabric
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Light weight and can be folded easily
  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • Not for good for and escape minded pet
  • The detachable floor makes it insecure than the permanent ones
  • Folding instructions can be a bit hard to follow


Having a portable dog playpen remains to be a very effective choice to make. The great service the playpens offer makes them a very important item to have. They are able to provide a good environment for dogs than the tradition crates or dog kennels. There are many different types and sizes in the market nowadays that make it difficult to choose from. However, the above pointers will help you in deciding the best potable dog playpen that is convenient for you and your pet.

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