How to Clean Your Dog or Puppy Playpen?

Pets have become a mutual sight in most households. In fact, it would be an awkward sight to find a home with no pets such as rabbits, hamsters, dogs, cats, turtles or even fish. Pets are not human but however display human-like traits. They have personalities, emotions, and preferences.

Even with such a wide selection of pets to choose from, it is imperative to choose a pet that suits you. Before obtaining a pet research on the type you are bearing in mind and consider other options. Using this approach, you can gauge the puppy’s behavior and know how to treat it appropriately. Dogs and cats are the most common tame animal because they play a crucial role as companions.

How to Clean Your Dog Playpen Effectively?

Cleaning Puppy Playpen

They have been tamed for centuries and have found homes amidst human beings. Additionally, pets are very therapeutic and can even extend the lives of their owners especially the elderly, widowed and those living alone. They counter loneliness and more often than not serve as a social outlet for other people.

The disadvantages of owning pets relate mostly to the responsibility of caring for them. Pet owners have an obligation to feed the animals under their care, to exercise them and to ascertain they get the appropriate medical treatment. Moreover, pet owners must ensure that the pets’ habitat is kept clean at all times. This article discusses in detail how to clean your puppy playpen.

The cleaning process has a procedure that has to be followed as stated:

  • Remove any bedding or bowls to clean separately and appropriately dispose of any dog waste collected.
  • For portable playpens, take outside then hose down to remove loose dirt. For large indoor pens, rinse down the pen with warm water then dry with a cloth.
  • Using a cleaning agent of your choice, scrub the floor and walls of the playpen disregarding the material the playpen is made of. The scrubbing process requires a hard bristle brush to remove fixed dirt. When scrubbing is done, rinse the playpen with warm water to get rid of any excess cleaning agent then dry off using a dry cloth or kitchen paper.
  • Let the playpen dry preferably in an airy place.
  • Clean the bowls using the same cleaning agent used for the playpen. A washing machine can be used to clean the bedding or blanket after first rinsing them in hot soapy water.
  • After cleaning the bedding, air them under the sun to disinfect and once dry, arrange appropriately in the dry playpen.
  • For daily cleaning, the above procedure could also be applied. It is advisable to practice regular cleaning to prevent puppy infections.

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Providing your puppy with a pliant playpen can provide you a great peace of mind and them a sense of belonging. Keeping your puppy’s playpen is vital not only for the puppy’s well-being but also to prevent odors. Cleaning regularly makes the cleaning process easier and is also good for your puppy’s well-being. It is advisable to clean and disinfect the playpen at least on a weekly basis.

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