7 Best Dog Playpen Reviews of 2020 – Dog Exercise Pens

Playpens are meant to keep the pups secure and in control of the owner. But if you choose the wrong one, then there are chances that you end up hurting your pet. Also, the playpens should not restrict the movements, so choosing the right suitable size is equally important.In short, making the perfect selection is a whole big challenge to all the pet-owners out there. In this Best Dog Playpen Reviews we will compare some of the top rated models, and provide you with the best deals that you won’t like missing on.

Best Puppy Playpens of 2020 – At Glance

Among all the Dog Playpens, our Most Recommended Pick is MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Pen. It comes with a Gold-Zinc plating on it, along with a sturdy and quality built door. This way you can safely keep your pet inside, and do your job peacefully while they are having fun in the playing yard. Easy on the installation too!

Are you looking for the Best for Large dogs? Then check out the IRIS 24″ 4-Panel Puppy Playpen option. It comes with 8 square feet of space for the playing, and a lot number of colour options. Built with a durable plastic material, it is sure to last for a long time.

The Best Soft-Sided Dog Exercise Pen is the EXPAWLORER Puppy Playpen. There are other models which offer similar features, but we always prefer spacious playpens. Also they have used a breathable mesh material in the making which adds in more comfort to your pet.

5 Best Dog Playpen Reviews – Top Rated Picks

Is a Dog Playpen necessary for the pet maintenance?People these days get really busy with their work schedules, and this is when you won’t get to keep an eye on your pup/dog. If proper attention is not given to your pet, then they might wander in the home and will probably increase your work.This is where a Dog Playpen can come to your rescue. This is a small four-sided structure like a mini-house. It will ensure that your pet does not cross the boundaries of the playpen, and you could get your work done without much worry too.Following are some of dogbedsview.com‘s favourite and top recommended picks, that you must look out among the Dog Playpens.

#1 IRIS 24″ 4-Panel Puppy Playpen

Plastic Dog Playpen by IRIS USA, Inc.It is just perfect for puppies or any other pet that you might have in your home, and you can use this item both outdoors and indoors.

IRIS 24″ 4-Panel Puppy Playpen

The Plastic Dog Playpen by IRIS USA, Inc. can provide up to 8 square feet of space for your pet, which is truly awesome for you as well.


  • Durable Playpen:

It is the durable and reliable playpen that you have been seeking for a long time. The Plastic Dog Playpen by IRIS USA, Inc. will last for many years, and this item will never rust. It uses full-length connection roads to interlock the panels securely at all times as well. You can position the pens in any shape so you can suit the needs of your pet right away, which is truly awesome for your pet. To protect the playpen flooring, non-skid rubbers have been used in the panels.

  • Added Security:

It even has added security, as it features double-steel door latches. You can also assemble this unit quite easily, as it has some great interlocking panels. The Plastic Dog Playpen by IRIS USA, Inc. will allow you to put your puppy in an ugly kennel, and that’s just the beginning of the fun. This item is the roomy playpen that you have been seeking for a long time as well. It has feminine design and a sturdy construction that anyone will love right away as well.

  • Cute Item:

It is also very cute and well made, and the gate is a very sturdy part of this playpen. If you need to get a playpen with tons of room for your puppy, the Plastic Dog Playpen by IRIS USA, Inc. is for you. If you don’t have time to watch your dog so you can keep the pet away from accidents, It will do the trick. This is the lifesaver that you have been waiting for, and your dog will love it right away too. There is also enough room for any burrow bed or oil-filled heater here. You can also include a play area and a water bowl here.

  • Customizable:

You can even section off an area for your puppy’s potty pads as well. Customizing the shape of this pen is also very easy, and you will manage to do it quickly as well. It is so roomy that you will have a lot of space to put a water dish, a bed, and a potty pad. This might be the biggest dog playpen that you have ever bought in your lifetime, and that’s not an exaggeration at all.


  • It will you to set up a mini condo for your pet right away.
  • thumbs-upYour pet will not have to climb out or knock over anymore.
  • thumbs-upIt is also heavy enough just to hold any pad down out there as well.
  • thumbs-upThe Plastic Dog Playpen by IRIS USA, Inc. is truly a blessing for any dog owner out there.
  • thumbs-upYour pet will be able to get wild without you having to oversee its behavior.


  • You might need to give the Plastic Dog Playpen by IRIS USA, Inc. a true makeover down the road

With the connecting rods provided, you could make the installation all more quick and easy for you. Make sure that you set the playpen in such a manner that the pet enjoys the location, and all their needs are rightly satisfied.

#2 BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen

Next quality choice which you can check out is the BestPet Heavy Duty Dog Playpen. This pen can be used as an exercise pen, and keeps the pet protected from escaping. The walls are 40 inches high, while it is 31 inches wide. There is an easy opening on one end, where you will find a door on it.

BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen

This heavy duty pet playpen comes with painted metal that provides the desired kind of experience for your pet and their mothers. With the rust-proof coating you can make it use for indoors and outdoors. There are connecting pins provided, so that the user can install the playpen in the way they desire.


  • Portable Design:

This playpen does not require any additional part or tool for assembling or the disassembling. Therefore, you can either set them or get the dog playpen quickly collapsed as per the need. This exercise pen has the ability to collapse freely and in a compact manner. Therefore, you can carry this playpen swiftly wherever you go. It is made possible with the portable dog playpen design it has got.Also to mention, the panels used in this model are easy to handle and configure. You can set them up in any manner that you like.

  • Variety in Construction:

Using the connecting pins provided with the playpen you could set it up in different styles. For those having soft surfaces, you guys can anchor the pins on the ground, and give an additional support and stability to the dog playpen. This way you can install the pen in unique styles of your choice. You can set them up according to the space and the room available to you.Just make sure that it is comfortable for your pup.

  • Goes well indoors as well as outdoors:

Here the dog playpen is coated with a rust-free painting. Because of this, you can install them for indoors as well as for outdoors. You can set them up in the outdoors since there won’t be any effect of air or moisture on the playpen.

  • Sturdy material:

The tube framing offers a high end support and flexibility. You will find a 8 panel setup, which can be setup as per the user requirement. Here the playpen has high-raised doors which keeps the furry pet safe as they enter or leave the pen area.


  • Model comes with many high-end features, and comes with easy installation method.
  • thumbs-upPortable design makes the transferring quick.
  • thumbs-upSpacious interiors allows your pet to freely move around inside the playpen.
  • thumbs-upYou can use the dog playpen both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • thumbs-upQuality built is yet another important property of this model.


  • The connecting pins are low on quality, so whenever you try to install them make sure that you recheck the setup. You can even replace the pins if necessary.

As the puppies get more mobile you can gradually increase the radius of the playpen. Such easy and fun is the handling on the Heavy Duty Exercise Pen. This model comes in a combination of silver and black shade. You can also connect multiple of these same models, and create a rectangle shaped playpen for your pets. At the same time, best rated dog beds can also help you.

#3 MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen / Dog Playpen

The MidWest Exercise Pen for Dog will give you the peace of mind that you need knowing that your pet will have enough room to roam. If your pet needs tons of exercise, It is perfect for you.Keeping your pet healthy has never been easier thanks to the MidWest Exercise Pen. Your pet can be both happier and healthier with the aid of the MidWest Exercise Pen right away. It is also perfect if your puppy needs a high degree of confinement these days as well.

MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen  Dog Playpen

The MidWest Exercise Pen is just perfect for you if you need to give your pet limited space to play, move about, and keep those amazing muscles just working. It also comes in a choice of models so you can accommodate a wide array of animals from cats to rabbits. It is the awesome playground that you have been seeking for you pets both indoors and outdoors. This Dog Playpen is also affordable, attractive, and sturdy thanks to its Electro-Coat finish these days as well.


  • Awesome Panels:

You can also arrange the panels so you can create a wide array of configurations right away. You can even make the MidWest Exercise Pen fall flat so you can store the item wherever you want to. Since the set up will just take seconds, you will be able to get the item up and running in no time as well. The MidWest Exercise Pen has undergone a strict quality control process, and you will reap the rewards right away. The company behind the MidWest Exercise Playpen is committed to offer top quality products as well.

  • Easy to Assemble:

The MidWest Exercise Pen is also very easy to assemble, and you will manage to do it in no time as well. You just have to use the clips to clip the panels together after unfolding the unit. You can configure the MidWest Dog Playpen in a square or round figure in mere seconds. Keeping your pet confined safely is easy again with the MidWest Exercise Pen, and the puppy can also get tons of space to play and stretch in this unit at all times. You can even get further exercise pen tops so you can add protection and security to this unit.

  • Convenient Storage:

You can also choose from sunscreen tops and wire mesh tops. Folding flat the MidWest Dog Exercise Pen is also easy so you can get the convenient storage that you have been seeing for a long time as well. You can also some ground stakes so you can secure the MidWest Exercise Pen when you are outdoors. Keeping your pets safe with this enclosure has never been easier. The MidWest Exercise Dog Playpen has also protected against the elements and rust thanks to its E-coat finish. Getting a wide enclosed living area for your puppy is also possible with the MidWest Exercise Pen.


  • The MidWest Exercise Pen is very simple and easy to set up, and you will manage to do this right away.
  • thumbs-upYou will get many ground stakes and thumb snaps so you can assemble this unit easily.
  • thumbs-upYou can make the MidWest Exercise Pen fall flat whenever you want to so you can get the convenient storage that you have been seeking for a long time.
  • thumbs-upYou will get a strong money-back guarantee.


  • Might need a better way to just secure to floor when the item is indoors.

It has got some amazing reviews on Amazon, and is among the Amazon Choices category too. The black e-coat done on the playpen keeps it protected from rust and other environmental factors. This MidWest Play Pen is suitable for dogs weighing between 26 to 40 pounds. There is no doubt of quality, since MidWest carries out quality inspections for each of their models on yearly basis.

#4 IRIS Pet Playpen for Dogs with Door

It is not necessary that all quality products always arrive with metal construction. Things are not true with this IRIS Plastic Puppy and Dog Pet Playpen. This one is a huge 24 inches playing space which can be used as a playpen, playing yard. It comes with a tiny door on it so that you can keep your pet safe inside of it.

IRIS Pet Playpen for Dogs with Door

This spacious dog playpen will be the perfect space for all the active indoor and outdoor pups. Highly portable, so you can lift it up and transfer quickly.Well, there are many other cool features which you must know about this IRIS Pet Playpen.


  • Installation:

There is nothing much to assemble on this playpen. It is an ideal play area for your small dog and can be used as a training space for them. All the components are easy to set up; just you need to follow the instructions given in the manual. There are connecting rods provided that helps in quickly getting the joints done.

  • Quality of the Plastic:

An ordinary will find it difficult to believe that this playpen is made of plastic. Most of the users still prefer metal over plastic-made products. Coming to the fact now, this IRIS Playpen is built using highly durable plastic, which is nowhere like the usual thin plastic material.Consider the age of the dog, and then go with this playpen if they rightly fit for it.

  • Multiple Colour Options:

Indeed having many color options for a product model, makes it more attractive to the buyers. There are in total nine color options available for this particular dog playpen model. You will get the basic color choices namely White, Green, Chrome, Light Blue, Garnet Red, and many others.Other than the colors, you could also select from the styles like 4 Panel Pen, 2 Panel Add-on, and finally a Mesh-Roof. You can choose any of the options, as per the requirement.

  • Easy to Clean:

This Playpen arrive with many connectors on it, which help with setting up the whole device. When the cleaning time arrives, first you have to get all the components disassembled. You can make use of a clean cloth, and with just easy movements you can clean the entire Dog Pet Playpen. This way you can maintain a tidy playing space for your pet.

  • Multi-purpose:

Well, you can make use of this playpen in different ways. You can unfold all the sides of the playpen and turn it into a fence kind of structure. Or you can make use of this for keeping your pet away from you, where you are busy in the kitchen.


  • This will work perfectly for you at all times as well, and you will love it right away.
  • thumbs-upIt looks gorgeous, and your home will never be the same again.
  • thumbs-upIt will also work great, and the item is very lightweight.
  • thumbs-upYou will manage to move around the dog playpen quite easily whenever you need to.
  • thumbs-upThis is the fencing solution that you have been seeking for a long time as well.


  • The IRIS Plastic Puppy and Dog Pet Playpen might seem to floppy to you.

As a footnote, we just have to say that Iris cares about the pet comfort along with keeping the user convenience in check. You can easily position the playpens in different ways as per the user space and requirement. It goes well for small to medium sized pet animal.

#5 Suncast Dog House with Doors

Now you can maintain a clean and peaceful environment with the Suncast Dog House. We have got the DH350 model in the Dog House models by Suncast. This house comes only in a single color and has got a roof on the top. It is attractive in design and is pretty easy on the installation.

Suncast Dog House with Doors

Suncast understands what the dog wants from a dog house, and has designed it in the same way. They believe in giving the best for the pets, and that’s what all pet owners wish for. The major construction part is done using resin. There are many Suncast models that arrive in different shapes, sizes and styles. You can choose any preferable one among them as dog playpen.This way, you can maintain an organized environment inside as well as outside the Dog House. The doors are made of vinyl, and you can also personalize your pet’s name with the letter provided on this.


  • Comfortable Handles:

There is one handle provided in the top section of the dog house. With this, you can easily lift the house up and place them in the desired place in your home. If your dog does not love a particular location, you can easily lift it up and change the place in just seconds.

  • There is a Roof!

Yes, this dog house arrives with a removable rooftop on it. There are many benefits of having a roof over a playpen. First of all, it is rare to find one! This roof can be easily removed for cleaning puppy playpen, whenever you wish to.

  • Easy Assembly:

Fewer components make the assembly quick and easy. Just snap it up, and you are ready to go! We can even say that it is equal to a no-assembly construction.

  • Proper Ventilation:

Yes, you will find a lot of vents on this dog house. This maintains a good air circulation for the pets, and this helps with keeping the pets more active and comfortable. This dog house even includes a separate food and water tray inside it.

  • Simple maintenance:

Well, the design is pet-friendly as well as user-friendly too. With the removable rooftop design, you can get the cleaning job done quickly and also in an effective manner.


  • You will manage to handle the mechanics of this item easily after getting the hang of it.
  • thumbs-upThe Suncast Dog House with Doors is light, but the item is sturdy at the same time as well.
  • thumbs-upYour dog will manage to sleep here day and night.
  • thumbs-upYour pet will get a shelter for any storm with this dog playpen.
  • thumbs-upYou can get the flaps off if you want to.
  • thumbs-upYou will be able to void any heat to be trapped in the playpen.


  • The flaps seem to be cheap.

If you have got this playpen with you, then you won’t actually need anything for pet handling. There is one food and water tray included with this playpen setup. You can carry them wherever you go, since it does not require any additional tool for installation. This way, you can make it all organized and clean space around you, both indoors as well as outdoors.

5 Best Pet Playpen Reviews of 2020 – Trainers’ Picks

Playpens are a necessity if you have pets in your home. A sizeable number of people love to own pets especially dogs. Getting a playpen for your pet is like giving them their own separate house. This list of the Best Pet Playpens will surely help you in deciding the perfect one for your pet.Most people love pets but do not enjoy the idea of them running all around or littering the house hence the necessity of a playpen. Playpens help keep your pets safe both outdoor and indoor. They can be useful for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Playpen is a safe way to also contain your pet. Sometimes, pet like dogs can go wild and putting them in a playpen makes it easier for them to be contained in case they go wild. A pet playpen offers an ideal space for your pet to play.Playpens are sizeable fences that gives space to your pet to play around. They can be used to achieve great results no matter wherever they may be placed. Playpen offers enough space to accommodate your pet’s food and water bowl. It also offers enough space for your pet’s toys and some are large enough to accommodate you and your pet.

#6 Marshall Deluxe Play Pen – 11 Panel

The Marshall pet playpen which is made in China is number one on our list because of its amazing feature. It has over 12-square feet of play area making it easy for your pet to roam around in. It also has 11 panels.They are mainly designed for the small furry pets, and also they go perfectly well as the ferrets too. It is designed in such a manner that the pet could have their own me-time without any owner supervision. You can add many toys for interaction, and this dog playpen goes well both indoors as well as outdoors.

Marshall Deluxe Play Pen – 11 Panel

You can set this up along with the Marshall Small Playpen. They can be used as a mat indoor or as a cover for outside use as well. The fabric used on this is easy to clean, and is built up using durable materials.


  • It is easy to assemble; it doesn’t require tools to assemble it.
  • thumbs-upIt is easy to use.
  • thumbs-upIt is made from very high quality duty metals and coated in a white finish.
  • thumbs-upIt has a lot of space.
  • thumbs-upIt provides a safe environment for your pet.
  • thumbs-upWith all 11 panels fixed up it is large enough to hop in and play with your pets.


  • It is not suitable for smaller pets because of its numerous holes making it easy for animals like mice, hamsters etc. to escape.
  • thumbs-downThe canvas cover bottom of the dog playpen is a Velcro.
  • thumbs-downIt has an awful smell as a result of heavy duty chemical used in making it.

There are extra panels provided which can be used if you wish to expand the territory of the dog pen. This playpen ensures that your pet could enjoy to the best and also stay safe durning the playing and exercising. Go check it out now!

#7 EXPAWLORER Puppy Playpen for Dog Exercise and Foldable Pen

This product has a lot of amazing features. It has a dimension of 45”x23”. It also comes with a carry bag size of 23 *18*2 inches. It is made of oxford clothing and has a material that is comfortable enough to have a maximum airflow. It has zips on the top and on the bottom to aid convenience.

EXPAWLORER Puppy Playpen for Dog Exercise and Foldable Pen

Mesh is used in the making, that makes its it all breathy and comfortable for your pet! It allows your pet to freely move around and enjoying his time in this pen setup. This dog pen arrives with pictured instruction details, so that you can easily set it up as soon as it is delivered at your place.There are small windows provided on here, so you can have a look at your baby and their activities easily. The two openings on the pen support the zipper method, and so you can open and close it whenever the need is.


  • This foldable pen is easy to clean and can be setup for both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • thumbs-upMuch affordable compared to the other models falling in the same product category.
  • thumbs-upThere are special slots allocated for placing food and drinking water.
  • thumbs-upThe top part of the dog playpen is removable, which also aides in easy cleaning.
  • thumbs-upBuilt quality is great, and so you can be sure of its durability.


  • The only drawback here is with the zipper quality. It is pretty weak, and could easily break if not handled properly.

You can place both the cats as well as dogs inside this pen, and let them freely interact inside the pen space. You can choose between a Blue as well as a Pink shade, well the model is majorly available in these two shades.

#8 Petsfit Pop Up Foldable Exercise Pen, with Soft Sides

It has a zip off base with 8-panel mesh windows which are made from sturdy materials. It has a foldable and carry bag which makes it easy to travel around in. It comes in different sizes; the small, medium and large. Each size come with different door sizes. It has side pockets that can be used to store small goods.

Petsfit Pop Up Foldable Exercise Pen, with Soft Sides

This model supports a unique wiring concept, and this allows the user to swiftly install and carry the playpen. It is one of those ideal models which can be used for pet security, but this one is a bit compact one. You can only use this pen for a pet with a maximum weight of 25 pounds. It has got a well ventilated structure, and comes with three different entries.Here the pads are machine washable, so you can clean them as and when required. This dog playpen arrives with a carrying bag, therefore you can carry the pen for all your trips easily.


  • Bottom of this playpen is waterproof in design, and is a perfect example of a travel playpen.
  • thumbs-upThe mesh design provides a good ventilation inside the dog playpen.
  • thumbs-upPretty compact, and the travel bag along with it make it an apt choice for all the travelling.
  • thumbs-upThe mesh sides on the surface provide a good ventilation property.
  • thumbs-upYou won’t need any extra tools for the setup, and it is also easy on the installation too.
  • thumbs-upThe portable nature of the playpen makes it appropriate to carry anywhere you go.
  • thumbs-upThe zip-off panel makes it easy to access.


  • Sturdiness is a bit doubtful thing, as there are chances that your pet might escape from the pen on its own by making holes near the zip door area.

If you purchase this playpen through the Amazon website, then you will be getting a 30 days return policy with it. You can get the whole unit replaced for a new one, for any quality problem present with the playpen. Do all the needful measurements of the pet, before purchasing this dog playpen.

#9 Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen for Dogs

It is a foldable and great playpen for every kind of pet and it has a size dimension of 17 x 27x 27. It helps keeps your pets safe and secure both indoors and outdoors. It is easy setup and doesn’t require a lot of time to assemble. It is easy to fold back and carry when not in use.

Parkland Pet Portable Foldable Playpen for Dogs

Here the dog playpen has got a light-weight design, and it is pretty strong for travelling purpose. There are zipper openings on the side as well as the top portion. With the top zipper feature, you can access the pet more securely than with the side openings. We can say that, it is good indoor dog playpen available in this cheap range. This playpen goes well with an indoor, outdoor, camping and what not.The same model is available in three size variants; and they are small, medium, and large. It does not have much on the assembly part, and gets installed within minutes. It mostly comes with a brown and black colour combination. You won’t find any carrying bag along with this playpen, you just have to fold it up for storage or carrying.


  • Here the playpen is light on weight, so the design will be a mobile one for you.
  • thumbs-upThe built quality is strong, so you can sure of the durability of the playpen.
  • thumbs-upIt is great for indoors, outdoors, camping and a lot more.
  • thumbs-upYou can fold it up nicely and store it in a compact way when not in use.
  • thumbs-upIt does not require any additional tool or installation, so you can easily get started with the working.


  • The zipper on the dog playpen is a bit low on the quality, so we hope that this is corrected in the further upgrades.

This is a special Amazon Choice product which has received many awesome customer reviews for the same. You can choose from three different sizes – small, medium and the large one. So depending on the size of the pet, you can opt for the suitable size.

#10 Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States

It is an excellent item so you can create wide play for your pet or puppy, both outdoor and indoors. This 6-panel yard can also enclose up to 18.5 square feet without any problem. You can also use an extension so you can increase the size of this item quickly and easily whenever you want to. The Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States is just awesome for your puppy.

Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States


  • Made in America:

The Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States can stimulate your puppy`s vision development right away. Making playtime fun again is possible with this pen these days as well. Since it’s interlocking panels are just interconnected, you will be able to set up this unit quickly and easily. You just have to connect panels together after pulling them just out of their box. Since it comes with a carry handle, you will manage to take the item easily anywhere. The skid-resistant pads will avoid the pen from scratching or slipping floor surfaces right away.The Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States has also been made in America, which should make you very proud of owning this item as well. Giving your pet the safe outdoor and indoor fun has never been easier thanks to the Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States these days as well. To get a fun, safe place for your pet to play, set up the Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States outdoors or indoors. You just have to use water and mild soap so you can easily clean the panels of this item as well.

  • Easy to Use:

You can also use this playpen on any surface that you can ever imagine. To make the panels just fit together as though they are a puzzle, lift up just on one panel while you are just pressing down on just the other panel. The Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States also gets a secure fit when the pin works on either end of the item`s panel to sit perfect in the important plunger.

  • Portable:

This Dog playpen is also very portable item, as you will manage to carry the item wherever you want to. Though the Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States will take up just a fair amount of space when you have to travel, this is something that you should expect in an item such as this one these days as well. The item just takes up around 15 minutes to be set up, and 6 minutes for you to fold it down whenever you need to. Next time you will manage to easily set up and fold down this item in just one minute, which is truly awesome for you.


  • This is a very sturdy item that you need to use right away.
  • thumbs-upIt is the safe place that you have been seeking for your baby these days as well.
  • thumbs-upGetting a perfect play yard is easy again with the Superyard Colorplay Playard by North States.
  • thumbs-upThis is large enough for you to get inside.


  • It won’t stand much movement of the pet.

The metal used in the making are resistant to weather, and so you can use it in the outdoors too. At the bottom side you will find no-slip pads which will avoid the playpen from slipping on the ground. This also help in maintaining a scratch-free experience. Check all the warranty policies before confirming the purchase.

Buyers’ Guide

Different Types of Playpens

The right type of playpen for your pet is a playpen that is spacious enough to accommodate your pet and also ensure your pet does not escape. A playpen becomes useless if your pet keeps escaping from the pen. The right choice will be one that would make your pet as comfortable enough as possible and also help confine your pet in the necessary way. This article is going to explain some types of playpens available for your pets.


Indoor Playpen

Indoor Playpen

This type of playpen is meant basically for indoors. For those people that do not love their pets been far away from them this is the best choice for them. Though this type of playpens might not be as durable as the outdoor types but it also serves its purpose well enough. If you would like to choose this type of playpen it is advisable you train your pets so they wouldn’t have to soil the playpen with their waste.

Some pets like dogs are easy to toilet train but others might be very difficult to but you would have to figure out a way to make the playpen a good idea for your pet and also for yourself. There are also some models that can fit in for indoor and outdoor use so getting this type of product can be of great beneficial use to you.



Outdoor Playpen

Though the indoor and outdoor playpens are pretty much similar but the outdoor pens are always of durable nature. The outdoor pens are usually built to endure some harsh conditions and also to withstand harsh weather too.

This is a smart choice for pets that can withstand being away from their owners and not fret about it. It is also good for those who do not have time to watch their pets all the time but want them to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. It helps them confine the pet in an appropriate manner leaving the owner with no worries of any danger to the pet whatsoever


Midwest Playpen

Midwest Playpen

It is an example of a pen that can withstand any kind of conditions. The owners of this kind of pen can leave it outside all year round without worrying it might get damaged or not,because it had been built with rust resistant materials. The playpen can be left outside when you go on a journey.


Exercise Pen

Exercise Pen

This type of playpens can be either indoor or outdoor playpens. One thing that makes this playpen different is it has a larger size compared to other playpens. It is ideal to be used by your pets to do a lot of things. These kind of playpen allows your pet to play, handle their toys, roll around while also giving the benefit of a normal playpen.In these kind of playpens, you do not have to worry about your pet escaping because it is secure enough to accommodate your pets while giving them the benefit to play around it. This kind of playpen is beneficial because it gives the idea that playpens are not cages for pets but it is just like a mini home for them

Puppy Playpen Buying Guide

By now you might be got some idea about the Playpen that you are looking for your pet. As discussed in the previous heading, there are types when it comes to Playpen model. There are certain features that a particular pet will look in for, while the others won’t bother for the same feature.Because of this very reason, choosing the suitable Playpen is important and holds a vital role. Following are some of the factors or rather the features which you must consider out while looking for a Playpen for your pup. They are given as:

Buying Guide for Dog Playpen

  1. Size: Your playpen should be large enough so it can be fine for your pet as the puppy grows bigger. Your playpen should be made of a sturdy plastic, which is awesome for small puppies or if you just want to leave the item in the rain.If you want a long-lasting pen, buy a large one. These types of pens are also great if you have a large dog in your home. Your pen should also be an item that anyone can attach easily to the ground.
  2. Security: The panels of the pen should also be easily locked together with all the safety in the world. The gate should have the extra security that you have been seeking for a long time as well. This will avoid the panels to fold down just like any house of cards out there.Be sure that your pen will not be affected too much by any element or bad weather out there. Your pen should last for many years, and that’s not an option at all. You should also disinfect the device every few days so you can keep your puppy healthy and happy.
  3. Panels: If your pen has an 8-panel construction, you will manage to shape it quickly and easily in a different fashion without buying any extra part. A little panel should remain in the pen so the pet cannot escape even if you leave the gate open.You also need to be sure your pen is the right size so you can avoid many headaches in the future. For instance, your pet might just jump out of the pen successfully if you buy the wrong size. Remember that a pet can jump higher and higher. The pen should also feature double-latch door access.
  4. Stabilizers: The pen that you buy should also have corner stabilizers and ground anchors. Your pen should also be sturdy and solid with the right equipment.
  5. Movement: The should also fall nearly flat every time you want to. The pen should also not have any kind of packaging or bag so you can easily transport the device wherever you want to.
  6. Assemble: If you want to be right on the safe side, you have to buy a pen that is taller than you think it is. The pen should also be very easy to assemble and put together by a newbie in these things.

So, these are the points to consider while you are up with the search for best pet playpen. Size is the most important factor; as the playpen should be comfortable for your pet, and it should also fit the room where you are planning to setup. Get some experienced hands for the installation, and this will make the assembly and use more clear to you.

FAQ’s About Puppy Playpen

  • How Do I Care for a puppy Indoor Playpen?

You should encourage the good behavior of your pet at all times. Remember that your pet should not think of the pen as a prison, and you need to avoid this at all cost as well.

  • What is an Average Dog Playpen Weight?

The average dog playpen tends to weigh around 6.4 pounds.Should You Use Dog Playpens in the Night as well?You can use the pen at night, but your pet should be comfortable here.

  • How Do I Get My Dog to Like the Playpen?

You need to let the dog know that the pen is a good place to live in, as you will leave toys and chews in it.

Must Know Facts for First Time Buyers

To be frank with the facts, even if you collect hundreds of them it won’t be enough. Still we have tried our best to cover up all the required ones, that you Must Know if you are a first time buyer.Some of the basic things include budget, location, pet size, and other pet preferences.Following are the questions that you must know for any dog playpen that you are considering to buy.

Buyers of Playpen for Dogs

  1. THE LOCATION: Before you buy a playpen, you have to consider where you would want to put it. Knowing where the playpen would be located would help determine the type of pen you would purchase. Some playpen materials are suitable for outdoor use but some are not.Materials made from wood would not be suitable for outdoor use because it cannot stand all kind of weather. Buying a material made of wood would be very advisable if you choose to always carry it inside when appropriate. It is advantageous to buy a material made of plastic or metal because it can withstand any kind of weather saving you the stress of having to carry out around.
  2. YOUR BUDGET: Always do well to work within your budgets. There are different kinds of pens sold at different amounts and they all serve the purpose of a playpen though some might come with additional features. When shopping for a pen, a very important factor to consider is your budget. Your budget will determine the kind of playpen you would be able to buy.
  3. THE NUMBER OF PETS: How many pets would you like to put it in there? The number of pets that would occupy the playpen would determine the size of the playpen. You should consider the fact that they should be enough space for their food and water bowl as well. If you are looking at putting more than 2 pets in there you should consider a bigger size than the normal playpen but if you are looking at just putting one pet in there a normal sized playpen would do just fine.
  4. THE HEIGHT OF THE PLAYPEN: Some pets are high jumpers and some just stay where they are supposed to be. If your pet is a high jumper, then you should consider buying a playpen with high sides. If you buy a playpen with low sides for a high jumper pets, it is just the same as having no play pen.A high jumper pet would be able to navigate through the low sides of the playpen[A1] . The thing about getting a high sided playpen is you might have to position it outside. Placing it indoor might make it look bulky for your room.
  5. DOES YOUR PET LIKE BEING CAGED?: You have to understand your pet before you make the decision to place them in a playpen. Placing it in a playpen might mean you are isolating it from you and it might not like it. Let’s take for example, Dogs. Some dogs act like humans and might feel very bad even to the point of depression if you cage them in anyway.You would need to know if your pets will be comfortable being isolated from the house. Sometimes, they might get used to the playpen after a while but it might take a lot of time and again they might end up not getting used to it at all.
  6. IS IT FIXED OR FLEXIBLE?: Playpens come in either a fixed or a flexible design. A fixed design is usually for one pet and can only accommodate one. A flexible design can be expanded to accommodate more than one pets. Most time flexible playpens are usually made from steel wires because steel wires are light in weight and can easily be coupled using bolts. A flexible playpen can be customized to your taste and preference.
  7. THE WEIGHT OF THE PLAYPEN: Sometimes, you might need to carry your pet’s playpen from one place to the other. That would be physically possible if you have a very big playpen. Before buying a playpen, you should also consider the size of it so when it comes to a time you have to carry it from one place to another it doesn’t become an impossible task for you.
  8. HOW ACTIVE IS YOUR PET?: Some pets are too active to stay in a playpen; they prefer to run around the field or run around with other pets like them. This is a very important factor to consider when buying a playpen. If your pet is very active, you would have to consider buying a really large playpen for your pet.
  9. WHAT MATERIAL IS THE PLAYPEN MADE OF?: Undeniably, we have some really chewy pets that can chew anything that comes their way. When you want to get a playpen for your toy, you have to put into consideration the materials so that your pet will not chew off the materials used in making this pens. It would be unfair on your part to have to always change your pen because your pet ate up the last one so it is highly advisable you get a material made of steel so as to provide durability for your pens.
  10. IS IT MOBILE?: Many people love to always have their pets around them. It is advisable for people like this to get a mobile pen so as to enable them carry their pet around with them. Some pens are foldable into a bag size and some are fixed; meaning they are not flexible to be carried around. It also depends on your type of pet because not all pets can be carried around.So, that’s all for a basic playpen setup for your four-legged pet buddy. Above all of them, the playpen should be comfortable for your pet and should be good in quality. If you have got a fixed budget, then stick to that and get the best in that price range.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Playpen for Dogs

When we say Pup and Dogs, both of them have got their own special characteristics. If you are looking for a dog playpen then there are certain buying considerations which we would like to share with our readers. You must ​know everything along with all the benefits of dog playpen for your pup.Well, this part of the buying is the most toughest one. Getting confused is a natural thing, and that’s why we have written out a few points and explained them briefly to make it more easy for you guys. They are as follows-

buying a Playpen for Dogs

  • Place of the Playpen:

The kitchen is the right place to put your playpen. You also need to avoid keeping your pet away from the family by buying a playpen. This is true especially if the pet is new in the home. A playpen can give your pet the security and comfort he/she needs, as the pet will be able to get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of the home. Your playpen should not give your puppy to much isolation from the life of the family.

  • Toys to Play with:

Leave some chews or toys in while you are away so your puppy can have something to play with. Don’t live your pet inside the playpen for more than a couple of hours, as the pet might start whining because he is just bored. Even worse, your pet might also get the bad habit of chasing her tail. Reward the good behavior of your pet when the puppy is away from the playpen. If you introduce the playpen at an early stage of the life of your puppy, your pet will see the item as part of her life.

  • Incentives to Enter:

An older dog might need some incentives to get used to any playpen out there. The pet needs to enter on his very own accord into the playpen, and you must not force your dog into this over time. The playpen should not be a prison for your pet, as this place should be one where the puppy gets a great deal of love, toys, and treats at all times as well. You will need to leave the pet alone in the playpen, and you should be prepared for this. It means that you should not give into crying right away as you hear your pet whining and barking.

  • Size of the Dog Playpen:

Don’t give any attention to your puppy when the pet is whining inside the playpen. You need to avoid any action because the pet will reinforce bad behavior. Remember that the playpen that you purchase should be big enough so that your pet can easily roam around whenever he wants to. The playpen should have also a zone where the pet can go to the important toilet, and it also has a place for the pet to go to bed. Remember that the borders of the playpen should be securely constructed as to not hurt/trap the pet if they fall.Once you are set with the above factors, you are good to go with the purchase! You are ought to make the best choice for your pup/dog.

Tips on How to care for your Pets’ Playpens

Cleaning Dogs' Playpan

  1. Make sure it is always clean: It is not only humans that love a clean environment, animals also love a clean environment. Your pet might be reluctant to stay in its playpen if it dirty or oozes out a lot of unpleasant smell. It is quite important to make it a point of contact to clean your pet’s pen always.
  2. Assemble it properly: Most of the playpen are always easy to assemble, but that doesn’t mean some people do not make the mistake of not assembling it properly. Make sure to follow the instructions that comes with the manual of the playpen and use it to assemble the pen properly. Use the Velcro when necessary, the zips, the metals and every tool included in the pack
  3. Do not leave your pet without toys: It would be very unfair to leave your pet without toys while you go on doing other things. Animals get bored too like we humans so it is very essential you make available a variety of toys for your pet to play with or fondle in their playpen.
  4. Always make food and water available: Sometimes, we might get too busy we forget to put food and water in the pet’s pen. This can be very unfair to the pet involved. It is very essential food and water is made available in the pet’s pen. This also keep the pets away from chewing on the pen materials.
  5. Keep it in a safe place: Most of the pens are made from really strong and durable materials but that does not mean it shouldn’t be kept in a very safe place away from water, fire or any other thing that can destroy the pen.
  6. Handle with care: Whenever you use the playpen to carry your pet around, make sure you handle the pen safely. Not all pens are built to withstand hard conditions, even the ones built to withstand the worst conditions still need to be handled with a lot of care.As you can see, a pen can be the solution to your pet problems these days. Getting security and fun for your pet has never been easier thanks to a playpen these days. Remember that your pen should be sturdy, and it should have enough room for your pet to move around whenever he feels like it. If you want to give your pet an amazing treat today, a pen can do the trick very well.You can use the pen whenever you want to, but the item should also be very easy to assemble and fall flat whenever you need to as well. Remember that these items should be also very easy to lock together, and there should be enough panels so you can keep your pet secure at all times as well. Remember that your best puppy pen can be the best place for your pet to have fun and safety these days in your kitchen or any other part of the home.