How to train your Dog with a No Jump Harness | Training Guide

After owning a dog, the first thing you need to do is train it. What everyone desire is to have a disciplined dog; one that will respond quickly to your calls, one that won’t pounce on visitors coming into your home and finally a pet that will not mess up the house.

Training your dog is one of the longest yet rewarding processes. If you have experienced problems when training your dog, then this article is for you. In this piece, am going to focus on How to train your dog with a No Jump Harness and also provide you with better training tips for your dog.

Train Dog for No Jump Harness

What’s a No Jump Harness?

To start our training, let us first understand what a No Jump Harness is; this is an adjustable tool that wraps around the top trunk of a Dog’s body. This device is used to restrict the dog from jumping. It has to be noted that this tool, however, does not limit the dog from walking.

Before you start any training, ensure that you purchase the right No Jump Harness for your dog. The No Jump harness should be fitted on your dog correctly, according to the instructions provided in the manual and according to the recommendations by the website that sells the tools. After conducting our No Jump Harness Reviews, our trainers recommend going with the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness.

How to train your dog with a No Jump Harness

The initial step in training your dog is to go for a walk! Ensure that the No Jump harness is well fitted on your dog. For a start, choose a place with few distractions. Have a treat with you to help in rewarding the dog. The treat will motivate it during the training. Hold the knot, show the dog your treat and say ” let’s go.”

If the dog takes every step with you, reward it with the treat. Reward him in every step that he stays attentive to you. Observe for times when he forgets about you. As soon as you observe this, tell him ” easy.” In this entire process, the No Jump harness will help you in communication. The pressure mounted on it will deliver the meaning you intend him to have.

Walk and turn in different directions. These will give the dog another chance to act the right way. Make sure that you reward your dog every time he makes the correct move. Keep repeating this process during your walk. Your treats will pay off in the next walks.

Quick Training Tips

You can summarize the above training process by following the tips below.

When your dog pulls:

  • Stop abruptly.
  • Give him a strong verbal command
  • Start walking again once you have his attention.
  • Rinse and repeat as often as necessary.
  • Be persistent. The dog will eventually get the message.

Trainers more widely use no Jump harness. This type of lead allows the owner to control the head of the dog. Training with a No Jump harness can be instrumental in monitoring and correct any pulling, lunging and jumping.

If you are an athlete, it is imperative that you keep your dog under control using safest dog harness, especially if others are using the same path.

Your dog wants to please you, so take control now. Everyone will be happier, including your dog.