3 Best Harness For Husky of 2020 – Trainer’s Top Choices

uying a perfect harness for Husky can help you to keep him in control daily and help you to train him as well. Here is all the information that you need to know before selecting the right harness for a Siberian Husky.

If you have a husky at home that is always running away and is difficult to control, you may be just well looking for the best dog harness to keep him in control. Apart from looking for good and sturdy material, comfort for your pet is what is of utmost importance.

Top 3 Best Harness For Husky – Trainer’s Choices

The Best Harness for Husky which you can get for your husky is the Wiggles Wags & Whiskers Freedom No-Pull Harness. They minimize all the pulls and the strains which your dog can experience on an ordinary harness. Also, they are comfortable in handling and pretty durable. It is one of those harness recommended by the trainers, and it is known for its flexibility and better controlling nature.

Our Second Favourite is the Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness, and we have got the black colored model. There are four different sizes available for this so that you can select the right fit for your dog. Heavy padding on the neck and the shoulder area gives a cushion kind of feel and comfort on another level. Even distribution of weight eliminating all kinds of choking condition.

For all looking for a pocket-friendly solution for the Harness for Husky, then you can go with the Ultra Paws Adjustable Pulling Harness. It is designed for medium to light kind of activities only. The fitting is comfortable near the neck and girth portion. With three different size options, this harness is capable of dealing a maximum weight of 15-20 pounds.

Best Husky Harness Reviews – Top-Rated Picks

Husky Dogs are one of the attractive breeds, which you will fall in love instantly as soon as you get one look at them. Their snowy white shades and the delightful blue eyes are hard to ignore!

If you have got a Husky breed with you, then you will understand how much active and fun they are. These breeds are always ready-to-walk kind of breeds, and sometimes the controlling may get difficult for you. Harness for Husky comes to your rescue, and it is good to have one for better handling and controlling your lovely husky dog.

We will check out some of the quality picks, that you can consider for your Husky.

1. Wiggles Wags & Whiskers Freedom No-Pull Harness Training Package

This is definitely one of the best reviewed non-pull harnesses in the market for energetic dogs like huskies. If you do not want your dog to be involved in pulling activities and want him for simple walking purposes, this is the best kind of harness you can get for him to keep him in control and prevent any kind of pulling habit.

Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training Package with Leash for Husky

There are hardly any complaints by customers regarding this. Reviewers have highly praised how it has limited the pulling and lunging habit of highly active dogs and brought them under control on comfortable walks. It is the ideal kind of harness you need for leash training of your active and energetic Siberian Husky.

Things to know

  • The non-pull harness fits 23″-28″ girth of the chest and comes with the leash.
  • The special design of this non-pull Harness for Husky helps to minimize or do away with the pulling action of the dog. It also reduces the risk of escape and pulling away.
  • The strap of the harness is made of comfortable Swiss velvet. This strap wraps around the legs of the dog and does not chafe or rub against its body. Thus, there are no chances of sores and cuts.
  • The comfort of the dog is the ultimate goal and the entire build maximizes comfort.
  • The leash is double-ended and can be adjusted either on the front or the back according to convenience.


  • Harness for Husky and leash are of the best quality.
  • Best non-pulling harness in the market.
  • Limits the pulling action of the husky and is perfect for training him to walk obediently.
  • Huskies adjust very easily to it and do not show any resistance to it.
  • Brilliant design and comfortable build give utmost comfort to the husky.


  • It is available only in three sizes; extremely small, small, and medium size.

This is the only drawback which we found with the harness, unavailability of different sizes. Otherwise, the product is a quality harness, and the best recommended for all the husky pet owners. The makers are also giving a lifetime chewing warranty on this harness! A must-check one among all the options.

2. Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness for Husky

This is definitely one of the most comfortable pulling harnesses you can find in the market for your husky. The thick neck and shoulder padding give ultimate support as well as comfort to your dog.

Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Harness for Husky

Things to know:

  • The Harness for Husky has got fleece lining to increase the traction and minimize shifting.
  • It has also got extra soft padding in the shoulder and neck region to provide supreme comfort to the dog.
  • The design and comfort provided by the harness distribute the weight across the shoulders and chest of the dog and does not put any pressure on its back or throat region.
  • The harness can be adjusted at different settings to get the perfect fit.
  • It has a safety shackle snap for keeping your dog in control and quick operation in case it tries to run away.
  • The Harness for Husky is quite large in size and is perfect for a husky with girth size of 29-39 inches and 40-75 pounds’ weight.


  • It distributes the weight of pulling across the chest and shoulder region of the husky.
  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • The harness can be adjusted for perfect fit.
  • Safety shackle snaps for quick release operation.


  • The metal D ring has snapped in case of a few customers.
  • It is available in black and does not have colorful options.
  • You have to buy the tow line or the leash separately.

This is yet another high-end harness which you can consider for your husky. Even though there is some drawbacks included with this product, overall output, and result of this Harness for Husky is found to be incredible. It is available only in black color, so if you are looking for some colorful choices – this won’t be the correct pick for your search.

3. Ultra Paws Adjustable Pulling Harness

If you are looking for an ideal pulling harness for husky, this can be the one to go for. It has a broad spectrum of fit which can be adjusted according to the growing size and weight of your husky. Made for medium to light pulling activities, it has a comfortable and sturdy build to support your dog while giving it extra comfort during strenuous activities.

Ultra Paws Adjustable Pulling Husky Harness

Things to know:

  • The extra comfortable padding at the chest and neck sections have been done to make sure that your dog is at utmost comfort.
  • To provide extra support to your dog, the floating O-ring of the harness does not let too much stress fall upon the dog’s hips while it is pulling a load in an angular direction.
  • The belly strap of the Harness for Husky does not let the husky back out of it while in activity.
  • Three adjustable sizes make it easier to fit your dog perfectly and choose the right size for growing dogs.


  • Belly strap of the harness prevents the dog from backing out.
  • The floating O-ring provides less stress on the hips.
  • The harness size can be adjusted accordingly for perfect fit and thus is best for growing dogs.
  • Best Harness for Husky light to medium pulling activities.


  • It does not have several color options.
  • Some models had stitching issues faced by customers.
  • Not a good choice if you need your husky to perform heavy pulling activities.

One of the popular in-demand products on Amazon, this is our third suggestion for the Harness for Husky. It is a budget pick, so a bit less powerful in handling high pullings. If you want to buy something which works for light and a medium level of activities, then go with this Ultra Paws Harness.

Buyer’s Guide: Harness for Husky

There are many things you can know about harness while buying it for husky. This guide will help you out.

Suitable Size of Harness for a Husky

The small harness has 18 to 26 inches of girth size while the XL size harness has 34 to 36 inches of girth size. Usually, the advanced harnesses in the market have adjustable settings according to the size of the dog.

The problems with buying harnesses are that you can hardly get the size right. When the pups are too small, the harnesses become too big for them to escape and buying a small one is hardly of use for a few months even as they grow big pretty fast. It is good to go for a medium sized harness at first for your Husky and use it at the smallest setting.

John Doeh
-Dog Training Expert

Check the size of the dog or the age mentioned before buying the Harness for Husky. A medium sized harness can serve you well for long before your dog becomes too big for it.

Suitable Type of Harness for husky?

The market has two types of harnesses available for Huskies.

Pulling harnesses:

Huskies are getting pullers and are born for activities like pulling sledges. If keeping a Husky has got special purposes like pulling a cart or sledge, it is important to use the right kind of harnesses for him.

A pulling Harness for Husky evens out the pressure on his chest and shoulder region so that he can pull effectively while being free and comfortable at the same time. To train the husky for pulling activities like pulling sledge, carting, skijoring, dog scootering, etc. it is important to select the right pulling harness.

Non-pulling harnesses:

As the name itself suggests, is meant for training a Husky and to take him out for casual walks. As Huskies have got a natural instinct to run and pull, they get difficult to control when you take them out for walks. They tend to pull along the trainer and runoff.

To make him obedient, prevent him from pulling at the Harness for Husky and bring him under control, it is important to use a non-pulling harness. If you too want your Husky to be obedient in spite of being naturally energetic, get him a non-pulling harness that prevents him from pulling at the leash while not making him uncomfortable at all.

These have the leash clipped on the dog’s chest instead of the neck to prevent the pulling habit.

How does husky respond to harnesses?

As already discussed, there are two types of Husky harnesses. Husky generally intends to pull more if you put a Harness for Husky. They have the habit of pulling inbred in them. Huskies are born for pulling and it is difficult to train them not to do so. In case of pulling or sled harnesses, these help the Husky to balance the pressure and pull or sled more effectively.

They adapt very well to these accessories. In case of non-pull harnesses, the Husky cannot pull away even if he tries to initially. It can be used as a long-term solution for training your husky and restraining him from the natural habit of pulling and chasing after things. Even if it is against their nature to be held back, Huskies are not unfriendly towards non-pull harnesses. check out top harness brands.

So, these were our recommendations for Best Harness For Husky of 2020! It is important to train your Husky before you get them set with the harness. Give them time to understand the working, and importantly it should be comfortable and a perfect fit for them. To know more about pet handling and maintenance, visit our page DogBedsReview. Follow us for updates!