3 Best Harness For Golden Retriever – Trainer’s Choices & Buying Guide

Hey there! Are you looking for a harness for Golden Retriever?

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With their smiley face and shiny hair, Golden Retrievers look heavenly gorgeous, right? So should their harness be as beautiful as they are?

Or should it be more tough and sturdy to stop their curious chasing right away?

Or wait! Should the harness be so soft and snuggly that your little ball of fur would feel comfy all the time?

These questions might have got you puzzled. But worry no more! Because you are in good hands fella.

So let us begin.

Best Harness For Golden Retriever – Trainer’s Choices

Long story short, here is the summary of the best harnesses available in the market, curated by trainers for your very own Golden Retriever.

Best Harness for Golden Retriever

Ruffwear – Front Range All-Day Adventure: With thousands of satisfied customers over the years, RuffWear has nothing to complain about. With its beautiful design and snuggly fit, this premium dog harness is all that your pet needs. Because of its effortless padding, you can make your pet wear it all day long. And yes, with its dual leash attachments, you can easily train your mischievous pup!

Lightweight Dog Harness

Chai’s Choice Best Front Range Harness: This harness from Chai’s Choice is not only a lightweight but also a convenient and feature-packed harness for your Golden Retriever. Its amazing design makes it great for outdoor activities and pleasant walks as well. This lightweight harness is worth every penny because of its beautiful colors, feather soft padding, sturdy build and add-ons like night visibility.

Budget Harness for Your Retriever

SENSE-ation No-Pull Harness: If you think cheaper options can be inferior, well, SENSE-ation No-Pull will prove you wrong. It’s a front leash harness to train your pup to walk obediently with you side by side. However, with its rightful padding, it also ensures that the dog does not get any injuries because of the pulling. This might not be an all-day harness but it will surely make your everyday walks more pleasant and worry-free!

These are the most comfortable dog harness available.

Best Golden Retriever Harness for 2020

Golden Retrievers are the most common dog breeds which you will come across. They are easily identifiable by the shiny golden fur on their body and the always-jolly experience of them. Getting more into detail, golden retrievers are also known as the gun dogs. They retrieve back the hunt birds and brings them back to the hunter without causing any damage to the bird.

Retrievers can sometimes get out of control, and in that, a harness will come as a better help than a normal collar. Following are some of the harnesses which you can check out for your Golden Retriever.

#1 Ruffwear Front Range Harness

This harness, made by the company Ruffwear is definitely a good option if you are looking for a harness that gets the job done and is hardy. This Harness For Golden Retriever has a pretty sturdy hardware coupled with double stitched interiors. You can choose to attach the leash to either the front or the back depending on the temperament of your dog, with a four-point adjustment feature. The harness is pretty easy to put on.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness for Dachshund

To fasten the harness, start by putting the collar part of the harness over the head, draw the straps between the front legs and attach the longer straps to the buckles on either side. While the straps are a bit thin, the ample padding on the rest of the harness makes it one of the most padded harnesses to ensure that your dog does not feel uncomfortable. You can also insert your ID information in a pocket as well as parts of the center of the chest piece where you can hand write your information.


  • 4 points of adjustment call for a custom fit that is nice and snug.
  • 5 different sizes available, from XX-small to X-large.
  • The harness does not have straps across the shoulder that hinders movement.
  • The Harness For Golden Retriever has padded belly and chest panels to ensure that the weight of your dog is distributed evenly and he is comfortable on either long walks or short ones.
  • A cool feature is a reflective trim that can help you keep an eye on your dog if you are walking him at night.


  • One of the complaints with this product is that the front ring of the product seems to be not as sturdy and can be a point of weakness for a strong pulling dog.
  • The nylon straps could potentially snap and break.

For all the owners, looking for an everyday harness for their pet can go with this Ruffwear Front Range Harness. They remain strong during all the outdoor pursuits, and in this way, you could connect with your dogs more closely. This makes all the investment worth each of the moments. Also, it comes at a decent price, making it affordable for all the people looking for the quality Harness For Golden Retriever.

#2 SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Harness

Made by the company Softouch, this product is a traditional front clip harness that is extremely comfortable for your dog. If your dog likes to pull all the time, this is something that is a must-have for you. A front clip harness can be a great help to train your dog because it can be used to turn the dog around when he starts to pull on it.

SENSE-ation No-Pull Dog Harness for Dachshund

This type of a harness has the leash attached at the center of the Harness For Golden Retriever and can reduce the pressure on the dog’s tracheas or can even help physically challenged people to walk dogs that pull too hard. This was one of the original products in the market of its type and it definitely is one of the best and can give you an advantage if you are not completely confident of what your dog is going to do or your ability to handle the dog.


  • They can help you get more control over the way your dog moves and can help to control pulling if your dog is strong-willed.
  • If you are looking for a harness to control a dog who likes to jump, this is a good harness to keep him in control.
  • The Harness For Golden Retriever has a total of four adjustment points and is easy to put on your dog. For first-time dog owners, it is pretty simple to figure out, the colored straps go on the top and the front for ease of usage.
    Comes in a variety of colors.


  • A moderate amount of gapping can happen.
  • The harness does tend to start sagging a bit.
  • The leash tends to get tangled between the legs and can be uncomfortable for your dog.

A good to go Harness For Golden Retriever which combines all the qualities of elegance, safety, and will last long for you. The wear and tear will also be less with the scratch-resistant material used in the making. You can keep a check on the choking issues and is a cool alternative to the collars. Available in about 9 color shades, you can easily get your favorite color shade from them.

#3 Chai’s Choice “Truelove” Front Range Dog Harness Vest

This harness, by the company Chai’s choice is another vastly popular Harness For Golden Retriever available in the market that is the Front Range in nature, which is ideal if you have a dog who likes to pull. The product is stylish and is quite effective if you have a dog that is highly energetic and loves to pull and chase things because of the durable and Scratch-Resistant outer layer crafted from oxford material.

Chai's Choice Truelove Front Range Dachshund Harness

The light Duraflex Buckle has a high loading capacity and impressive tensile strength. The harness distributes the weight evenly and is extremely effective on large dogs like a Golden retriever. The product has a good amount of padding on the chest and the belly, with an ergonomic design that makes putting the harness on or taking it off quite simple. The adjustable straps can help to get a snug fit without being too constrictive on the dog. There are five sizes available to suit any size dog whatsoever.


  • The padding in the Harness For Golden Retriever ensures that your dog’s skin does not chafe against the harness and gets irritated.
  • The leash can be attached at two points based on the temperament of your dog. If he likes to pull, the front is a better idea, while for a peaceful dog; the back is more relaxed and free.
  • The handle allowing you to put the seatbelt on your dog while riding in a car is a great addition.
  • The 3M reflective material can help you keep eyes on your dog even in the dark.
  • The material is pretty durable and effective for high energy dogs.


  • The sizing is a bit problematic and can cause some chafing around the armpits. Be careful to go through the measurement chart carefully before ordering. You may want to go for a bigger size just in case.
  • The plastic fastening straps may be a possible source of weakness.

If your furry buddy is new to the Harness thing and just taking their initial steps, then you can consider this No-Pull Dog Harness For Golden Retriever. Measure the circumference from just the portion of the front legs, and select the right fit for your dog. These are available in 5 different shades, including colors like red, purple, black, pink, and finally the green one.

Good Harness size For A Retriever

If you are looking for a harness online, you will need to measure the girth of your dog, just below the front legs. Based on this measurement, there are multiple sizes of harnesses available in the market.

The size will keep on growing as your dog grows up, so while an S sized Harness For Golden Retriever fitting up to 12-18” girth and 7-15lbs weight would be ideal for a puppy. As your dog grows up, he will progressively need bigger sizes like an M for 16-24” girth and 13-45lbs and an L size for a full grown Golden Retriever with a girth of 22-36” girth and weighing between 40-120lbs.

– John Doeh: Dog Training Expert

Products may vary with brands, so check measurements before ordering to ensure that the harness isn’t too tight.

Suitable Type of Harness for your Golden Retriever?

If you are wondering about the types of harnesses available in the market for Golden Retrievers, the main three types of harnesses commonly used include a head halter, harnesses, choke chains and prong collars. Head Halters look like a muzzle and is a good choice for a breed as strong as a Golden Retriever.

If your golden retriever pulls on the leash, the halter forces the head to the side. The dog can only see straight or walk when there is no tension on the leash

While puppies do well with head halters, older dogs can put up a fight while wearing the Harness For Golden Retriever. This is, however, a short-term option and can be used to supplement training.

Some types of harnesses have a similar mechanism as a head halter and have a ring on the front only, however, harnesses with a ring on the back can actually defeat the purpose of stopping your retriever from pulling as the weight feels nice to them and can encourage them to pull.

The third type, choke chains and prong collars work by tightening around the dog’s end when the leash is pulled. This type can be extremely dangerous as they can injure a dog’s windpipe or even in rare cases, cause death by strangulation.

Does your Retriever like a Harness?

No matter which harnesses you are using, without proper training, chances are, your dog will try to pull on the Harness For Golden Retriever. With proper training, this can be minimized and you can teach your dog to walk in a relaxed harness with relative ease.

While training, there are three tricks you can use to help you properly walk a dog who wants to tug on the harness.

  1. The first is to stop dead in your tracks when they start pulling and resume only when they come back to you.
  2. The second technique involves surprising your dog and turning the opposite direction when they start pulling. Reward them with praises or treats when they get beside you and start walking in original direction again.
  3. The third trick is to use treats or positive reinforcements to make them walk with you.

The Harness For Golden Retriever helps to keep the dog from being too strong-willed and being sufficiently comfortable can really help in the training process. They don’t tighten around the neck, helping prevent any injury. Walking your dog on a harness will help him feel more secure and comfortable in the outside world and can help you keep your dog safe on the roads. Provided you choose the right sized harness, your dogs should start enjoying a walk on the harness and learn to walk without pulling with ease.