Best Dog Food For Yorkies Reviews of 2020 – Expert’s Choices

When you have a dog as your pet, it becomes more of a family member gradually than just a mere pet. You need to give special attention to his/her food habits. You need to choose the food that provides him/her with proper nutrition. You also have to keep in mind the favorite food of your doggy/puppy. Just like you do not like having a monotonous diet day in and day out, keep in mind that the same applies for your dog as well. There are a number of types of dog foods available in market to choose from. Keep the breed of your dog and the nutritional needs in mind before making a purchase. Have a look at these Best Dog Food for Yorkies or yorkshire terrier puppy.

Best Dry Dog Food for Yorkies – At Glance

Based on dog food ratings, we have listed following top picks for yorkies.

Dog FoodNutritional ValueGrade Value
Stella And Chewy’s 1 Pouch Freeze Dried
(Editor's Choice)
Fruitable Skinny Minis Apple BaconGoodA
Blue Dog Bakery Natural And Low Fat Dog TreatsVery GoodB+
Whole Earth FarmsVery GoodB

Yorkies Nutrition (Diet Needs) : Calories & Protein

205 Cal
Yorkie Puppies
150 Cal
Adult Yorkies
125 Cal
Older Yorkies

*** Please Note : these estimates are calculated from an average Weight of this breed. every dog is different. so, please talk to your vet before making any changes to your yorkie’s diet.

Yorkies and their daily Nutritional Needs

The dietary needs of Yorkie vary greatly with their age. It is absolutely necessary to feed your Yorkie according to its dietary needs and requirements. The needs will be met by the correct kind of food suited for your Yorkie. Your vet will tell you about the amount of calories your Yorkie needs to consume in a day. You must keep in mind that the same amount of different brands of food might not provide the same amount of calories because some food are calorie dense while others are not. So there should not be any fixed measurement of food that your Yorkie needs to eat. It will vary with the different brands of food they consume.

Generally, during the growing up phase, your puppy will need approximately 45 to 55 calories per pound of its body weight in a day. Adults will need a lesser amount. It is easier to measure the calorie intake if you are feeding manufactured food because all you need to do is read the label properly to know its ingredients and the calorie intake. The cartons might also suggest the serving sizes as well. However if you are serving your doggy food cooked at home, you must be cautious to serve him with the right amount of calories needed.

Yorkies Food Allergies And How To Avoid Them With Correct Food Choices

Some of the brands of Yorkie foods contain artificial coloring. They might also contain artificial preservatives or flavors. These artificial additives may not be suitable for your Yorkie and they might cause several kinds of allergies ranging from dryness, skin rash, thinning coat and itchiness.

They might also cause several digestive problems like constipation, gas, stomach upsets and running stools& changes in behaviour. It is best to read through the ingredients before making a purchase. Moreover, you must consult your vet regarding the ingredients that might cause allergies to your little Yorkie and avoid these ingredients significantly.

Top 5 Best Dry Food for Yorkies Reviews

1. Stella And Chewy’s 1 Pouch Freeze Dried Super Meal Mixers

This dog food is based totally on natural ingredients providing wholesome nutrition for the pets. They consist of raw protein content so that your doggie gets the best of nature’s wealth. The recipes are pure and simple for your doggy to thrive on. It consists of meat, bones and contains only one source of animal protein which is very important for pets who have sensitivities regarding food.

Stella & Chewys Freeze Dried Chicken Meal Mixers Dry Food for Yorkies

You can be sure that your pet is eating things that are absolutely close to nature’s touch. The ingredients are totally organic with no synthetic additives so that your pet might eat its food like it would have eaten in the wild and nobody can actually take better care of your doggie than mother nature and this product just brings your doggie closer to nature. The recipes are all tried at kitchens at first and then tested over the breeds of dogs before reaching you.

Things We Liked
  • Every batch contains about 95% of beef, bones and organs and these are also completely organic consisting of a splendid mixture of vegetables and fruits as well. The product makes sure that your pet is actually eating from the wild.
  • The meals are highly rich in protein.
  • The artificial processing is as minimalistic as possible. They contain no added grains, fillers, antibiotics or hormones.
  • It is suitable for all life stages of your doggy.
  • It is an easy to go meal. All you need to do is scoop, then mix it and then just serve.
  • Enhances the digestion and appetite of your pet while gifting it with a proper health.
  • It does not cause allergies of any kinds.
  • Adds to the vibrancy of the coat and skin.
  • Helps in building stamina and a better immune system while providing greater stamina.
  • Makes the teeth and gum healthier.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Some customers complain that it is not suitable for smaller dogs because it leads to underweight problems. So it is best to consult the vet before making the purchase.
  • Some Yorkie have suffered digestion problems while taking this. They loved it but fell sick and vomited the undigested food soon after eating.
  • The product is often crumbled.

2. Fruitable Skinny Minis Apple Bacon

the item has a mini size. They have a very beautiful aroma and the taste is also great. These look fashionable and are chewy treats for your dog. They are perfect for little dogs and while you are training them, these can be the perfect reward snacks. It has a mouthwatering taste with a very rich flavor which is a blend of apple and real bacon along with sweet potatoes which are fresh.

Fruitables Skinny Minis Apple Bacon Dog Food For Yorkies

It is a very easy way of making your doggy happy without you needing to do any bit of cooking. The freshly picked pumpkins and sweet potatoes are the main constituents and they carry only two calories each snack. These snacks are flower shaped and will surely be appealing to your Yorkie. These are available in six different varieties with each one of them having a unique taste and aroma. Keep switching the varieties and you will see that treating your Yorkie while providing nutrition had never been this easy and sumptuous!

Things We Liked
  • These are suited for chewing and the size is just perfect for small dogs while they are undergoing training sessions.
  • The tastes are amazing with an irresistible aroma.
  • It provides approximately one hundred treats in a single pouch.
  • The bacons making it are completely natural and real.
  • The pouch in which they are available are recyclable and ae easy to store.
  • The ingredients are all authentic and from USA.
  • They contain two gluten free calories.
Things We Didn't Like
  • Some customers complain that the product freezes and hardens when it gets cold.
  • The product is not very soft to be chewed by young puppies.
  • According to some customers, the product consists of seven percent of crude fat instead of the four percent that was listed in the image.

3. Blue Dog Bakery Natural And Low Fat Dog Treats

Since its foundation in 1998, Blue Bakery is a renowned brand in the field of dog foods. The treats are all natural and take care of your pets in the best possible way. They contain very low fat and is an extremely healthy snack for the dogs. It provides the perfect amount of nutrition for the dogs and the ingredients are used are of highest quality coming straight from the bakeries.

Blue Dog Bakery Natural And Low Fat yorkies dog Treats

They range from fat less milk, whole wheat and whole eggs, all of which can be easily digested by your doggy. These ingredients are rich in fiber and the protein content is also very good. They ensure a complete balanced diet for your pet. These snacks are paw shaped and so they instantly attract the dogs towards it.

Things We Liked
  • They do not contain any artificial flavors.
  • No artificial colors are added to it.
  • They are devoid of additives.
  • They do not contain preservatives.
  • They have zero animal by products present in them.
  • These are chewy and soft and the shape readily attracts the dogs.
  • They provide only ten calories in one treat.
  • The ingredients are all natural and are low in fat and have a flavor of delicious peanut butter.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The product has led to some doggies becoming lethargic.
  • It has caused constipation in various puppies.
  • They get crushed very easily and often are out of shape when received after the delivery.

4. Whole Earth Farms

These are nutritious food and a wholesome diet for your puppy or your adult dog. They offer a balanced nutrition source of a very high quality. They are easy to digest and lead to a shinier coat, stronger nails and bones, increased energy, healthier skin and lessen shredding. These canned recipes are formulated in USA. They are tested over a number of times before they are made available to your lovely pet.

Whole Earth Farms Dry Dog Food

Things We Liked
  • It is a diet that is nutritious naturally. The ingredients consist of very high quality protein.
  • This is available at an affordable price. It is a value for money for those pet owners who want their pets to receive nutrition from the lap of nature. The daily cost of feeding this is even lesser than the homemade meals that can be prepared.
  • This is an option which is grain free and is suited for cats as well as dogs.
  • They contain the right blend of fruits and vegetables.
  • They are a perfect source of minerals and vitamins.
  • They are devoid of artificial colors and preservatives.
  • They do not contain any type of animal by products.
  • Only the best part is included and the rest is left behind. The product is devoid of corn, soy and wheat.
Things We Didn't Like
  • The consumption of this product caused itchiness in some dogs.
  • Some dogs got sick after eating this.

5. Orijen Puppy

This is a special dog food that is especially suited for the growing puppies. It is formulated keeping in mind that the puppies who are still growing need different sets of nutrients in comparison to the ones who are adults. It has a special blend of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that maintain just the right balance between fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Orijen Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food For Yorkies

The protein contents are devoid of any fillers and they are constituted of whole eggs, turkey and chicken, thereby not disrupting the digestion or causing allergies.

Things We Liked
  • The dog food is biologically appropriate and has undergone various tests to be proved suitable for Yorkie.
  • The ingredients that are used are all fresh and contain the right amount of calories and nutrition.
  • This dog food helps in proper development of the coat, adding to the softness, furriness and the shine.
Things We Didn't Like
  • It leads to an increase in the frequency of poops of the puppies as well as adult doggies.
  • Some dogs have developed tear stains around their eyes after the consumption of this product.

What Are Some Good Yorkie Food Recipes?

If you are planning to cook at home for your doggy, you have to keep in mind the age and weight of your doggie as well as the calorie intake. If your puppy is during the weaning stage that is four to five weeks old, it is best to keep the base of the food that your puppy has been eating all the while the same. Just add canine replacer milk to it.

This is the time when you are gradually shifting your doggie from an entirely liquid diet to a solid one. So during this transformation, avoid adding too many new things to his diet because this might cause stomach upsets and digestive troubles. Let the food have more of solid content with every passing day and soon your Yorkie will be on a full-fledged solid diet.

What Are The Yorkie Eating Habits?

The amount of food that your Yorkie will eat along with the number of times it needs to be fed depends largely on the age of your dog along with its day to day activities. Yorkies are small breeds. So they do well with two to three meals a day generally.

However the eating habits vary greatly with age. During the weaning age and up to three months of age, your Yorkie has to be free-fed because this is the time when he needs to gain the sufficient amount of weight for handling a structured diet. Your doggie needs to eat whenever it feels like during this stage and you must keep the food available at all times for him in order to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia and helping in the growth of the puppy.

After he has reached the age of three months, he needs to get used to scheduled meals. It will be difficult for you to bring on the change but you must keep in mind that a doggy who maintains a scheduled life will have a better behavior in oppose to the unscheduled ones. It is best to let him have the following meals- morning meal, lunch, early evening meal and finally the late evening meal or dinner which must be given at least two hours before the bedtime. You might also reward him with snacks for following orders. This will help him gain a scheduled life and will stop your Yorkie from eating too much during the meal time because it will not be completely empty during that time. After your Yorkie has celebrated its 1 year birthday, you can now call him an adult.

Needless to say, changes have to be brought in the mealtimes as well as the types of food given. Let your doggie decide for himself how many meals it wants during the entire day. Some can easily be energetic with two meals, while others might prefer three. However, you must not give him a single meal for the entire day because it might lead to building up of bile inside the stomach and might cause sharp fall in the levels of blood sugar.

Yorkie Foods To Avoid

Some of the dog foods have fillers in them. Fillers are the ingredients that are empty and add plumpness to the food without adding any nutritional value to it. The food might just pass through the system of your doggie without the body absorbing anything. This might lead to malnutrition.

Look at this unique way of eating from a Yorkie Puppy:

This can also result in some sorts of behavioral issues like that of Coprophagia. Some food products might also contain certain by products. This includes meat as the by product for meeting the amount of protein that is required by the dog. This meat can be of any diseased animals as well which might harm the Yorkie.

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