Best Merrick Dog Food Reviews – Is Merrick a good Dog Food?

The Merrick Puppy Food Reviews: Shopping for food for your little puppy or your grown-up dog might prove to be a tricky task. A number of things have to be kept in mind before choosing the right product. You must agree that your choice of food vary from that of your best friend. So the same thing will apply for your pets as well. Choosing a food that suits their taste buds as well as adds to their nutritional needs is of utmost importance. Moreover, the age, weight and many other factors are to be kept in mind before taking the decision.

Merrick Puppy Food Reviews

Choosing the right dog food brands for your pet is a huge responsibility. There are a number of brands available in market who promise several things, but before choosing any of these brands, you must remember that consulting the vet is essential because the products must fit well with the medications or health conditions of your pet.

Merrick is a dog food product that has gained the trust of dog owners around the globe. Merrick is a brand that believes that whole foods taste good and are also good for your pets. They believe that handmade recipes are way better than those designed with the help of artificial chemicals or scientific formulas. It has been twenty-five years since when Merrick has been manufacturing pet food in their own kitchens. Each of the products are delivered by keeping in mind that the amount of nutrients guaranteed on the labels of the product are met.

Best Merrick Puppy Food Reviews of 2020

The products are all manufactured in batches which are of small size in order to put more amount of effort in each package. Merrick makes sure that the food serves as fuel for your pet. Their products are all devoid of fillers. It is monitored that the dry canned food they manufacture are rich in various kinds of proteins. The products are such that your pets will love them while getting healthy in the process.

#1. Merrick grain free puppy recipe dry Merrick dog food

Being a dog lover, one of the sights that you cherish is seeing your puppy wagging its tail out of sheer happiness after having a great meal! Give your puppy this opportunity of wagging its tail on this occasion by adding this product to its daily diet chart. Merrick’s grain free puppy recipe dry dog food promotes balanced nutrition to your pet making your pet feel healthy. This product is a rich source of healthy fats and proteins that are of very high quality.

Merrick Grain Free Puppy Recipe Dry Dog FoodBest PriceLike all other products from Merrick, this product is also based on absolutely natural ingredients which are very rich in nutrient contents. The recipe of this product is designed by the experts at Merrick at their own kitchens. The product makes sure that the overall health of your pet is improved by adding this product to the diet chart. The product consists of fruits and vegetables that are fresh from their own farms. The food formula ensures that the product is rich in nutrients and promote great health of the dog.

The product contains deboned chicken as the first ingredient. The deboned chicken is all real as well as wholesome. These are inspected by USDA. The deboned ingredients ensure that protein in their wholesome form are presented to your pets and your pets are supplied with amino acids which are essential for making the muscles stronger and building them while promoting a very healthy metabolism.

  • The recipe is free from grains. This is a very good news for all those dogs that have food sensitivities.
  • The flavored blends of the product contain the ingredients that are freshest and finest of its sorts. These are obtained from the local farmers and ranchers in order to ensure high quality as well as sustainability.
  • The recipes are free of wheat, soy and corn.
  • Balanced nutrition is ensured and is obtained from natural sources by balancing the content of fruits, proteins and vegetables
  • The product appears to be very rich for some puppies and dogs. They suffer from digestion problems after having it.
  • Many puppies and dogs have suffered from loose stools after including the product in diet.
  • The kibble is very small for dogs of bigger breeds.

The omega three and six fatty acids content of the product ensures that your pet gets a coat that looks beautiful and is shiny. The health of the joints of your pet are also maintained because of the considerable amount of chondroitin and glucosamine contained in them, enabling your dog to be great at running and playing.

#2 Merrick backcountry great plains red recipe

Merrick Backcountry refers to a diet that is entirely natural and grain free. It is absolutely suited as an ancestral canine diet. The product is rich in proteins for which all dogs crave. This kibble recipe offers a unique combination of grain free kibbles which are rich in proteins and are in whole pieces of raw and freeze dried meat. It provides sufficient amount of nutrients to your pet. The product ensures that the same amount of nutrition is achieved by your pet as would have been achieved if in wild, only this product is served safely and with love.

Merrick 1 Count Backcountry Big Game RecipeBest Price

  • The recipe was designed by experts from Merrick in their own kitchens. These kitchens are organically certified in the USA.
  • The product greatly adds moisture to a dog’s diet, just the amount that is needed.
  • The nutrition offered to your pet by this diet is balanced and is rich in proteins.
  • It is especially suited for dogs which are overactive and love playing and running around.
  • The taste is not liked by some puppies and dogs
  • Some puppies or dogs have suffered from loose stools and stomach upsets after including this product in their diet.

#3 Classic grain free puppy plate small breed wet puppy food

This particular product is wet food recipe. It is more suitable for smaller breeds of dogs than the larger ones. The product comes in the style of a puppy plate which makes it easier for your little furry pet to have the meal. The taste is generally loved by puppies and dogs around the world. It is an immense source of proteins and other valuable nutrients which are essential to keep your puppy active throughout the day. All the ingredients are fresh and obtained from the local sources at USA.

Merrick Classic Grain Free Puppy Plate Wet Dog FoodBest Price

  • The product is crafted batch by batch in order to ensure that each package comes with wholesome and balanced nutrition.
  • It is one of the best canned dog food recipes of all times loved greatly by pets and owners for years together across the globe.
  • The first ingredient is deboned turkey. This ingredient is an intense source of proteins for your little pet. It will keep your pet active and healthy.
  • The product has zero added artificial colors. It does not contain synthetic flavors or preservatives as well.
  • This product is suitable for puppies or dogs of small sized breeds. Thus, it is not suitable for larger breeds of dogs.
  • Taste buds differ from one puppy to another. Likewise, this product happens to be disliked by a number of puppies.
  • This product appears to be a very light meal for some puppies because they get hungry soon enough after having this.

This product has no gluten ingredients. This makes it easy for your pet to digest the product readily. The product is thus especially suited for all those pets who suffer from problems regarding digestion

Merrick dog food ingredients information

All products of Merrick are rich in whole and fresh food ingredients. The ingredients that are contained in the products are of very high quality. The ingredients are obtained from ranchers and farmers who are trusted by the company for many years. None of their products contain colors, additives, preservatives or sweeteners. Some of the common ingredients found in their products are listed below although it is not necessary that all the products manufactured by Merrick have these ingredients:

  1. Sweet potatoes: this ingredient is rich in minerals, complex carbs, beta-carotene and vitamins. They are also a rich store of starch which easily gets converted to sugar in order to supply quick energy.
  2. Organic alfalfa: these are rich in calcium and also serve as great sources of vitamins, carotene and fibers.
  3. Blueberries: they are rich in vitamins E and C. the immune system as well as the health of the urinary tract are well maintained because of their content of fibers, antioxidants and healthy carbs.
  4. Flaxseed oil: the right amount of fat is delivered to your pet from the content of omega three and six fatty acids in order to supply energy and keep the skin of your pet healthy.
  5. Salmon oil: they improve the overall well-being as well as the health of your pet owing to their content of long chained omega three fatty acids along with DHA and plus EPA.

Merrick Dog Food Formulas and Additional Flavors

Each dog food from Merrick is formulated in a manner so as to ensure that your puppy or dog gets the best form of nutrition. The dog formulas are all designed by experts keeping in mind that the ingredients must be whole and should be natural. Artificial dog foods might be reigning the market of today but those dog owners who are really concerned about the health of their pets, like to stick to natural dog food. Merrick makes sure that this natural form of nutrition comes handy to the customers around the world.

Merrick’s products are all devoid of artificial fillers, preservatives and colors. The flavors brought into the products are all natural and no forms of artificial flavors are added to gain that taste.

Depending on the various requirements based on breeds, diet habits and other factors, Merrick has its products differentiated into various types. These are grain free, backcountry, backcountry raw, limited ingredient diet, classic and treats. All of these products come in different flavors and can be chosen in accordance with the taste and choice of your pet. Some of these products are specifically designed for puppies or adults while some of these are suited for both.

The number of options amongst which you get to choose the right dog food for your pet is very large Such as Canidae,Iams,kirkland,etc. Merrick makes sure that all kinds of combinations are possible in their products. For example, if your pet does not feed on poultry protein, that option is also available in some of the products. Similarly, potato free options are also available. Whatever be the source of nutrition, you can be assured that Merrick will always stick to its own faith that natural is the best!

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