Iams Dog Food Reviews – Is Iams a good dog food in 2020?

Choosing the right kind of food for the puppies can be a bit tricky! The pet lovers know that they certainly cannot feed just about anything to their pets. The nutritive needs of different dogs are different and it keeps changing as the pet grows up. Therefore what you feed to a small puppy is surely not going to suffice the needs of a large breed puppy. Thus there are brands coming up with the best puppy food and products which take care of the large breed puppy nutrition as well as their health check.

The right kind of dog food ensures that the health problems of the dogs are minimized. Feeding the right amount of food at the right time for the large breed puppy is important as it can lower the risk of developing hip dysplasia. Therefore when you choose the food for the large breed puppies you need to give extra attention to their ingredients, directed nutritional value and advantages to the dog. Always, make sure that you read all best dog food reviews available for the bettrement of your pup.

Here are a few best Iams large breed puppy food reviews for selecting the right food for your puppy!

Best Iams Puppy Foods Reviews of 2020

Dog FoodNutritional ValueGrade Value
Iams Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog FoodExcellentA+
Iams Proactive Health Adult With Farm-Raised Beef Dry Dog FoodVery GoodA+
Iams Proactive Health Senior and Mature Adult Dry Dog FoodGoodA

#1. Iams Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog Food

Dogs need a complete food product which has all the nutritional values with the right taste. The Iams proactive health puppy dry dog food comes with a complete real chicken formula as its key ingredient and is formulated with omega-3 DHA which helps in supporting the healthy cognitive development of the dog.


The Iams proactive health puppy dry dog food is a good choice for the dog health as it does not contain any preservatives or artificial dyes etc. The natural ingredients, as well as the enriched formula filled with anti-oxidants, help develop the strong immune system in the body. This food does not contain Soy, Wheat, food fillers etc for the allergic regards to the dog’s needs and suits the needs of all the dogs in the best way possible.

  • Works best for the dogs who have allergies to soy, wheat or filler products.
  • Premium adult food for adult breeds keeps their nutritional needs in check all the time.
  • Made from real chicken ingredient as the key ingredient which builds dog’s strong body and muscles.
  • The presence of Anti-oxidants makes their immune system strong.
  • No preservatives or artificial dyes are used in this dry dog food which ensures the health of the dog to be in good condition.
  • The food does not work for the dog which are allergic to poultry or poultry products as the key ingredients are chicken and eggs.
  • Not fit for the young dogs and might be fed to them by mistake.
  • Dry food item does not support all the dogs and might get tough for them to chew on.

#2. Iams Proactive Health Adult With Farm-Raised Beef Dry Dog Food

Dogs products come in different flavours and varieties and when it is about feeding the adult dogs with the best nutritional value Iams aims at targeting their taste and health together. Iams aims at producing the best dog food products so that different dogs are fed according to their age and nutritional requirements while not sacrificing on their taste buds. The Iams proactive health adult with Farm-Raised beef dry dog food is one such formulation which works with the dogs which have likeliness towards beef.

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Dry Dog FoodBest Price

Works as the best source of protein for dogs and makes it easy for them to build up strong muscles with all the egg goodness and chicken chunks. The presence of glucosamine in the food helps in building the healthy joints of the dogs promoting their active lifestyle. Iams proactive health adult with Farm-Raised beef dry dog food is also enriched with rich omega-6 fatty acids which works best for their skin and soft coating while giving them pleasant body feel.

  • The chicken and egg nutrients in the food helps in building strong bones of the dog which helps him stay healthier and active for long.
  • The food comes with perfect nutritional check to ensure that the dog gets all that is needed to keep them healthy.
  • This one takes a check on the dog’s muscles, strong bones as well as shiny coat to promote all round health.
  • Is rich in minerals and fortified to best suit the dogs and bring stronger body power.
  • Does not work for the dogs who are averse to poultry products.
  • No knowledge has been provided about the soy or wheat contents therefore the allergies of different dogs aren’t targeted.
  • Can prove to be costly for choosing differential products for differential aged breeds.

#3. Iams Proactive Health Senior and Mature Adult Dry Dog Food

Iams has designed different food items for dogs of different age. With the adulating dogs and the young puppies being separated according to their nutritional requirements and the best needs for developing their body, the Iams proactive health senior and mature adult dry dog food is made with a strict eye on the need to keep a healthy check on the adulating dogs. This one comes with the necessary minerals and immune system checkers that makes it easy for the matured dogs to stay away from potential health problems.

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Senior and Mature Adult Iams Puppy FoodBest PriceThe Iams senior and mature adult dry dog food is made with real chicken ingredients which promote health and strength of the bones and active lifestyle. The fortified minerals present in the dog food are directed towards building a healthy bone structure and supports the body well. The presence of Vitamin E and beta carbone is helpful in giving the adult dog the immune system boost while providing them averseness to diseases. This Iams senior and mature adult dry dog food does not make use of soy, wheat or artificial dyes to make the product and hence suits the dogs even after their allergies.

  • Works best for matured dogs.
  • Keeps a check on the immunity levels of the dogs and promotes better immunity to help stay away from potential diseases.
  • Provides the dog with necessary nutrients which give them the right check on maintaining and building strong bones.
  • No preservatives or artificial dyes make this product healthy to choose.
  • The presence of minerals, vitamin E and beta carbone ensures that a healthy check is maintained on the dog.
  • Might not work for all the dogs as it suits strictly for the matured dogs.
  • The chicken works as a poultry addition and thus may not suit every dog or the ones which are averse to poultry.
  • Dry food makes it difficult for the matured dogs to chew on and thus might require the addition of more items like milk or water.

Iams Puppy Food Ingredients

Iams is today a premium brand which caters to the needs of a growing dog with excellence. The food developed by Iams gives optimum growth and balanced nutrition tp large breed puppies. This food is essential for their complete nutrition as well as their DHA level which bring in healthy brain development. The ingredients of the Iams large breed puppy food products include Chicken, Chicken by-product, Corn Meal, Ground whole grain Sorghum, Brewer’s rice, dried beet pulp, fish meal, dried egg product, brewers dried yeast, corn grits and Vitamin E enriched fish oil.

To preserve the food items that make up the Iams Large breed puppy food they are mixed well with vitamins like Ascorbic acid, Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin A Acetate, biotin, Thiamine Mononitrate, niacin, Vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin supplement, etc and minerals like ferrous sulfate, Zinc oxide, Manganese Sulfate, copper sulfate, Potassium Iodide and Manganous Oxide.

The presence of all the healthy and nutritious food and food supplement makes the Iams large breed puppy food to be healthy for the dogs and be best for keeping it in the packet form for long. It promotes:

  • Strong muscles and bones through protein enriched sources.
  • Strong immune system with the right balance of anti-oxidants
  • Developing joints through calcium dosage
  • Smarter and active lifestyle with omega-3 fatty DHA

When the pets are fed with their right kind of food and the right quantity overall health is insured. The Iams large breed puppy food aims at giving them that nutritional check according to the age phase of different dogs. These food items are best suited for the growing, grown and large puppies and their needs differently to give them the care and health check that they need. You can be assured that when you give your dog quality food they shall be a healthy part of your life too!

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