Best Dog Food for Beagles in 2020 – Recommendation

If you are one among the millions of dog lovers worldwide, you will surely end up owning a dog someday if not already. Like most other animals, dogs are categorized diversely by their breeds. The difference in their breeds also diversifies their dietary requirements.

You cannot feed a pug what you feed a beagle. And in case you do own a beagle it is primarily essential to learn all about the dietary requirements of this breed of dogs and hence provide them the same.

Through this article we shall let you know all the basic information about a beagle’s nutritional needs and also about the Best Dry Dog Food for Beagles you can get him to eat. Check out the below table if you are in hurry for a quick overview of the top choices right away.

At Glance: Best Beagle Dog Food

Dog FoodNutritional ValueGrade Value
Wellness core natural grain-free dry Dog food
(Editor's Choice)
Canidae grain-free pure dry dog foodGoodB+
Wilderness Blue Buffalo High-protein dry dog foodVery GoodB
Nutro adult dry dog foodGoodA

Beagle Nutrition (Diet Needs) : Calories & Protein

674 Cal
Older Beagles (> 7 years)
775 Cal
Typical Beagles
922 Cal
Active Beagles

*** Please Note : these estimates are calculated from an average Weight of this breed. here it’s 25-30 pounds. every dog is different. so, please talk to your vet before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

Know you Beagle First

For those who do not know, Beagles are small-breed dogs who possess a keen sense of smell. They are finely characterized by their floppy ears and their extremely friendly temperament. Earlier they were developed or known as scent hounds and were also trained for hunting deer in packs. But their incredible popularity is in the form of family pets. They are a smart breed of dogs and their playful nature has made them a favorite among family pets. They can also serve as sports dogs or for scent detection. You should also consider Best Beds for your Beagle to keep them happy.

When it comes to stamina and endurance the Beagle is well ahead of the other breeds. They possess a work ethic that is very strong. Beagles generally come in two sizes, the larger sizing up to 16 inches while the smaller stands at a moderate size of 13 inches. When matured, they usually weigh somewhere between 20 to 36 pounds. Their average lifespan is about 16 years.

Beagles and their daily Nutritional Needs

Until now you have learnt about the basic being of a Beagle but in order to breed them a sound knowledge of their nutritional requirements is mandatory. Unlike other dog breeds the Beagle can burn through calories at a lot faster rate. At young age that is when they are puppies the above statement holds specific value. Therefore, their diet must be such that they meet their daily requirement of higher value of calories. Along with that it must be kept in mind that their lifestyle must complement their diet. They must be allowed to live an active life as they wish to so that their diet gets well supported.

If we study their natural nutritional requirements we will be able to break them down in the following manner.

  • Half of the calorific supplies of the Beagle must be from vegetables and fruits. You might want to add up the vegetables instead of the fruit because they are easier to digest. All in all, 50 percent calories must come from fruits and veggies.
  • About 35 percent of the calories should be from meat. The source of the meat should preferably be a lean one such as fish or poultry rather than mutton or beef.
  • The final 15 percent of the calories must come from rice, corn and potatoes that are basically starch foods.
Although highly recommended, it is advisable to abstain from feeding your Beagle cottage cheese and yogurt especially when they have grown up. This is because the Beagle becomes lactose intolerant after they have stopped drinking their mother’s milk.

What does the Beagle generally like to eat?

The beagle or actually the beagle’s stomach generally likes to eat food of the same brand. So in order to not upset their stomach you must try to feed it from the same brand as the breeder used to feed it. But that does not mean you will not be able to feed it your own preferred brand of dog food. The trick is to slowly and surely make the transition between the brands by mixing small quantities of the preferred brand with that of the earlier brand and then gradually keep increasing the amounts over the interval of 3 to 4 weeks. Naturally the old brand must suffer the decrease of amount of food and hence you can switch to the brand you prefer without any further hindrance.

There is a thumb rule in case of feeding your Beagle. An average adult beagle must consume 45 calories for every pound of its body weight. Now if we consider that your beagle weighs 23 pounds then you will have to feed it a minimum of 1035 calories each day. Remember not to feed it the whole amount of calories in one meal and rather break it up into 2 or 3 meals across the day.

Puppies on the other hand require 55 calories for each pound of their body weight, so the rule states.

Notice here that we are mentioning the food in calories and not in amounts because the calorie density of different foods varies to a great extent. So while one cup of dog food of a specific brand might be sufficient for a day the same cup of a different brand might fall short of your beagle’s daily calorie requirement.

Top 5 Dog Foods for Beagles Reviews

We all understand how critical it is to feed your beagle the right quality of good dog foods. Therefore, while choosing the brand of dry food for your beagle you must pay attention to its ingredients rather than the brand reputation and advertisements. Providing nutritional food is the only way to provide your beagle a healthy life.

Make sure the dry food you buy has the right lend of all the necessary ingredients such as animal protein, fruits, vegetables etc.

For the convenience of the readers, we mention below the top 5 dry dog food brands available in the market and their benefits.

1. Canidae grain-free pure dry dog food

This brand of dog food is a well-established one and this product comes in a lot of flavors which includes fresh chicken, fresh lamb and even fresh bison. This dry food is ideal with beagles suffering from stomach problems.

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food for Beagles

Key ingredients of the Canidae grain-free pure dry dog food include chicken fat, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, vitamins and minerals. The peas provided in this recipe helps in quick and easy digestion of the dry food. Omega fatty acids are also included which results in a soft smooth skin and coating on your beagle. The food packet weighs 24 pounds and an added bonus is the HealthPlus solutions which help in developing a strong immunity system in your beagle.

Composed of healthy ingredients and accompanied by a great taste this product ensures your beagle’s health as well as its taste buds remain satisfied.

2. Wellness core natural grain-free dry Dog food

Considered widely as one of the top buys in the dry dog food department, this product is one of the best choices for your beagle. Devoid of soy and any type of artificial color and other byproducts it proves to be highly nutritional for your beagle. The fact that it is 100 percent grain-free adds to its value.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Beagles Food

Compared to other similar products this dry dog food contains 80 percent more meat. It comes in two flavors of turkey and fresh chicken. The natural composition of this dry dog food has resulted in it being called the protein powerhouse.

Key ingredients of this product constitute salmon oil, chicken, peas, chicken fat, fruits, vegetables, potatoes and minerals. In addition to these there are added prebiotics, antioxidants and flax omega to ensure your beagle always possess a healthy skin and coating. This product is available in a bag weighing 26 pounds.

3. Wilderness Blue Buffalo High-protein dry dog food

It is known to all that artificial coloring and byproducts are naturally harmful to dogs. The Wilderness Blue Buffalo dry dog food delivers a product which satisfies just that. It is grain-free and protein rich and hence a favorite among beagle owners.

BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Dog Food for Beagles

Available in a 24 pound weighing packet just adds convenience of buying this product. The ingredients are as healthy as it gets including potato starch, chicken fat, chickpeas and whole carrots along with a salmon formula. Fish meal inclusion results in your beagle owing smooth and silky skin. A grain-free recipe allows the dog food to strike a balance between proteins, calories and carbohydrates.

An 8-ounce meal of this product will prove to be sufficient to fulfill your beagle’s dietary needs. The key ingredient being salmon ensures that your beagle enjoy the meal fully and yet benefit a lot.

4. Nutro adult dry dog food

Adult beagles benefit a lot from this dry dog food. In addition to all the nutritional benefits of this product it also develops the dental health of your beagle. It contains a correct variety of ingredients which not only develops the beagle’s health but also provides happiness to its taste buds. The basic ingredients consist of chicken fat, whole grain oatmeal, chickpeas, brown rice, minerals and vitamins and antioxidants.


This product is available in the market in a bag weighing only 15 pounds. Its natural ingredients help in maintaining smooth functioning of the beagle’s digestive system as well as developing its immunity system. It strikes a great balance between all the essential nutrients that the beagle requires and hence provides the ideal meal.

5. Taste of the wild dry dog food

Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

Scientific experiments have revealed that certain dogs including beagles have the same DNA as wolves. Based on this theory this particular product focuses on the instinctual hunger of your beagles and provides what is necessary. It is both a convenient product as well as a healthy one. It is one of the rare products made with original roasted meats. The bags of this product are available in a 30-pound weight in the market. The name clearly suggests that this product has got a lot to offer from the wild thus satisfying your beagle’s wild cravings.

Its ingredients consist of roasted meats, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, antioxidants, omega fats and lamb meal.

How much should you feed beagle puppies?

As mentioned before beagle puppies have the ability to burn calories a lot faster than the average adult ones. Therefore, you have to keep in mind the exact proportion of food needed to feed your beagle puppy of r its healthy growth. The thumb rule of beagle nutrition explains that for every pound of the body weight of the beagle puppy, you must feed it 55 calories every day.

A few Beagle Food Allergies and Health problems

Beagles are very much prone to health issues including allergies. Some of the common problems regarding the beagle’s health are stated below.

  • Eye diseases: Every eye disease has a possibility of occurrence in a beagle. From eyelash abnormalities to simple cataracts, a beagle can experience almost everything regarding the eye. • Ear infections: – The floppy ears of the beagle also cause it to be prone to certain infections of the ear. Ear infections are quite common in beagles and can occur in about one out of 10 beagles.
  • Skin allergies: Skin infections are also quite common among beagles. In beagles skin infections and allergies cause their skin to become itchy and it causes severe problems to the beagle.

How do we Prevent these Beagle Food Allergies?

A few prevention methods to rescue your beagle from the above diseases and allergies are given below.

  1. Regular examinations of the skin of the beagles must be done in order to check for their skin growths, itches or rashes. If any signs of rashes become visible it is advisable o consult a vet as soon as possible.
  2. Weekly brush of the dog’s coat must be done at least once in order to keep its coat healthy. This not only allows you to inspect the beagle’s coat for any allergy but also keeps its coat smoothly combed and comfortable.
  3. Thorough examination of the beagle’s ears must be done followed by their proper cleaning and disinfection. Try to keep its ears free of any dirt or unwanted objects.
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