Best Dog Food Reviews of 2020 – Pet Lovers’ Guide

We prepared ultimate best dog food reviews guide of 2020 for all pet lovers who want dry, wet, grain free, organic, canned healthy dog food. We discussed top rated brands for puppies, senior along with small, medium, and large breed dogs.

Quality food keeps the pet active and fit all day, well we know this is not a big information for you. But we feel that we are entitled to remind you this fact now and then, as the pet owners are really getting low on the food served to the pet. The right kind of dog meal is something which is low on carbs and high on protein, with the necessary amount of fat. You can’t completely avoid the fat, as the pets require fat in an appropriate level too for a balanced diet.

There are numerous dog food brands available out there, so the filtering and the reviewing went on for about 3 straight weeks. First of all, we filtered out the brands which failed to explain the ingredients used in the making of the food. We don’t want you guys to feed your dog something without knowing the actual contents of it.

Before selecting the food check all the likes and dislikes of your pup, and serve them with a healthy treat along with keeping their interest in check.

Hopefully, this article will help you with choosing the right dog food.

Best Dod Food Reviews of 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

Dog Food can be categorized into three sets; Dry food, Wet food and finally the Raw Diet. The dry food is the most preferred one as they are convenient to carry and also has a longer consumption period. Dry food is also called as kibbles, many users know them better by this name. Coming to the Wet food, they usually come in a canned style with a loaf and other shredded meat mixed in it. Whereas, the Raw food is simply the raw food which has been dehydrated in the processing.

All the food types which we discussed here have got their own pros and cons. Dry food is low on the nutrients compared to the other two types, whereas the shelf life of the dry food is better than the rest.

This makes the selection more challenging for you! “So, which Dog Food should I go with for my pup!?

Important Vitamins And Minerals In Dog Food

Just like your body, even the dog’s body requires a set of vitamins and certain other minerals for maintaining good health. So, you must know the food and the vitamins provided by that corresponding food item. Minerals are yet another class of nutrients which are must in the pet’s daily diet. These nutrients are necessary for the smooth functioning of your pet’s body components.

Vitamins And Minerals In Dog Food

If you are feeding some canned foods to your pet, so it is your duty to check the contents and other nutritional value of that food. There are chances that your pet may be allergic to some mineral, so you can look out and avoid/use it accordingly.

  • Vitamin A and E- You can include items like spinach, pumpkins, carrots, egg, fish oil, sweet potatoes for Vitamin A while adding the leafy vegetables, bran, plant oils, whole grains, wheat gram as Vitamin E supplement. Both these vitamins act as anti-oxidants and help your dog in maintaining their body weight.
  • Vitamin B12- For the Vitamin B source; you can include nuts, liver, whole grains, green vegetables, dairy product. In some case, your pet will need the B12 supplement which is mostly taken in the form of injection. They are mainly used in the development of a cell, and necessary for the proper growth.
  • Vitamin C- They are essential for building up the immune system. Fruits and Vegetables are a good source of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin K- Milk, Fish, Cabbage, Liver, and leafy green vegetables are good supplements of vitamin K.
  • Vitamin D- All the dairy products, fish, egg, beef, cottage cheese, egg yolks contain a good amount of this vitamin. You can check on the products listed, and include them accordingly.
  • Iron- To have clean blood circulation throughout the body, you need to keep the iron content in check. To maintain the iron level in your dog, you can include poultry, red meat, legumes, eggs in your canine’s food routine. So include this food if your pet is having iron deficiency and get the Iron game on!
  • Calcium- They are the ones responsible for a good bone health. Calcium can be received from a lot of options like yogurt, beans, raw bones, milk, cauliflower, tofu, broccoli, etc. You can also check on the different animal by-products, as all of them are a good source of calcium.
  • Potassium- This mineral keeps in check the heart condition of the animal. So, you have to have a good portion of Potassium in the pet’s food course. Now, carbohydrate level can directly help you with dealing this mineral deficiency. Vegetables, banana, and other fruits like apple and melon are some of the quality sources of potassium.

Here, we can add many more vitamins and minerals in the above list, but these are the major ones out of them all. You can check on a particular mineral or vitamin and find out the corresponding solution for the same.

What Nutrients Do Dogs Need?

Proper balanced diet is what the dog requires. There are many myths and confusion related to the dog’s eating habit or about the consumption of a particular mineral. We all know that dogs are carnivores, so is it necessary that all of their food must be meat-based? Of course not. As we mentioned before, the diet should be a balanced one, which combines all the necessary elements for the better growth of them.

Nutrients Do Dogs Need

The important nutrients which are a MUST in a dog’s meals  – Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Proteins, Fats, and last but not the least Water!

Carbohydrates- These are the main source of energy, and it constitutes about 30% to 70% part of the daily food intake of theirs. Foods like the wheat grains, barley are a good source of carbohydrates and they are even easy on the digestion part.

Vitamins- Just like human bodies requires vitamins for a proper functioning of the body, dogs even require them for a good health. For example, Vitamin E ensures that dog immune system is running properly. There are many fruits and other vegetables which offer the necessary vitamins. You can check the previous section to know more about the Vitamins and their sources.

Proteins- Another equally important component for smooth functioning. Proteins are mainly made of amino acids. These are the main blocks which ensure smooth working of the muscles, and also keeps the body tissues in check.

Did you know that the dog can create half of the amino acids by themselves? While the dogs receive the remaining half portion of the amino acids through their diet.

Fats- Most of you may think that fats are always unhealthy, but that’s not the truth. There are certain fatty acids which are essential for the properly balanced diet for your pet. Fats even help in maintaining healthy skin, and also this adds different taste and flavor to the food. On an average, adult dogs are advised to include 10-15% of fat proportion in their diet.

Water- We cannot call the diet complete without the addition of water with it. This is important for removing out the waste material from the body, and they even keep the body temperature in check. You will also find trace amount of water even in dry dog foods.

Still, water is mandatory and something which must not be skipped. For a complete and healthy diet, your pet must have sufficient amount of water along with their meals.

Moisture Content

Moisture ContentMoisture Content is the percentage value of the water composition in a dog’s food. This will give you the moisture content of the food. For example, the dry kibbles contain about 6-10% of water content, semi-moist food comes with 15-30% of water content, whereas the wet dog food constitutes 75% of water in it.

Does the water content actually matter when it comes to Quality Dog Food? Yes!

As soon water reduces from the dog food, you will find a rise in the mineral level of the food. This will create an imbalance of minerals, so it is necessary that the food contains the right proportion of minerals and water in it.

To better understand the contents and the protein composition of the food, you first have to remove all the water contents from it. The different mineral composition and their weights are determined with the amount of water present in them.

All About The Ingredients

An in-detail research goes into the making of Pet Food. First of all, a report is created on the making and the safety risks connected with the food being made. The makers do a thorough analysis on the making and create the list of the products required for the making of the food.

About The Ingredients

If you are purchasing packed food, then you are ought to find the list of ingredients on the package just like any other human food. There will be an Ingredients heading provided, underneath you will find the list of elements present in it.

Following are the Ingredients which you may come across in your Dog Food:

  • Whole Wheat (Grounded)- They are the main carbohydrate source in a dog food. A quality source of energy and essential fibers.
  • Vegetable Oil- With this, you can add the linoleic acid to the dog’s daily diet. This thing helps in taking care of the skin and keeps them healthy.
  • Animal Fat- They are yet another source of energy, and these are the fat sources in the dog’s food.
  • Brewer’s Rice- Rice brings the carbohydrates in the diet. They keep the digestion work in check and is an important source of energy for the canines.
  • Ground Whole Corn- This one combines almost all of the discussed. With the help of the ground whole corn, you could include carbohydrate, fiber, linoleic acid along with the Amino Acids! These acids are important for the providing the right kind of energy and keeps the muscle lean.
  • Gluten Meal- It combines the concentrated form of the amino acids, antioxidants, linoleic acid. It helps with building up the immune system, keeps the skin healthy, and also repairs all the damaged tissues in your pet’s body.

These are the basic ingredients which you will find in all the Dog Foods. Now, before you purchase some of those packaged food make sure that you go through the ingredients section on the label. You will actually find many other preservatives and some complicated names too. In that case, you can check them with the vet and confirm before using.

Things You Want In Your Dog’s Food

Dogs are mostly ready to have anything which comes in their sight, but the right caretaker will look into the ingredients of the food before feeding it them to the pets.

Things You Want In Your Dog’s Food

Proteins- This is the number one ingredient which you must consider in your dog’s food. You can get the right amount of the proteins from a number of sources, and the meat meals are the main source of them all. You can read the previous section to know more about this nutrient, and what all you can choose as the supplements for your pet.

Carbohydrates- This is the second important element which you can look out for. There are some pets which are allergic to the grains and other carb-meals, so you can just recheck the effects before feeding them to your pets directly.

Fruits & Vegetables- Just like we humans, your canines can have their share of fruits and veggies too. But not all of them are recommended for them. You can check out on your vet, and add these essentials in your pet’s daily diet routine.

Oils and Fats- If you are serving your pet food with high-fat content, then you are probably doing something wrong. Also, there is a certain amount of fatty acid which is essential for a balanced diet. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are good for your dog’s health. So if you find them in the ingredient’s portion, then you can know that you are getting good quality dog food.

We have already discussed all the key elements and other materials that you must look out for your pet’s food. We have even listed all the ingredients that your dog needs for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, followed by all the stuff that you can include in the meals for better pet nourishment. Now, it’s time to know which are the thing that you need to avoid in the Dog’s Food.

Things To Avoid In Your Dog’s Food

Not all the ingredients which you come across are good for your dog’s health. We have made a list of 12 such elements which are less recommended for dogs. If you find them in your dog’s food then you need to better stop serving them to your furry buddies.

Things To Avoid In Your Dog's Food

It is necessary to know the right proportion necessary for your canine’s health. For example, you may find a certain element in the following list which can be used in a small amount. Like salt in the right amount won’t do any harm to you, but overdose may get your dog in trouble.

Anything like BHA/BHT?

BHA or the BHT is the chemical preservatives which are used for storing up the fat levels in the food. They have been banned in some countries, while still in use in parts of Canada, Europe, and USA. Though it’s not yet proved, studies have shown that BHA has direct connections with hyperactivity and even cancerous condition.

While there are some researchers which have proven that BHA has cured conditions like herpes and even worked with AIDS condition. For the time being, you can simply avoid this thing for yourself as well as your pets.

Meat & Meat Meals

Meat is something which shouldn’t be skipped from your pet’s diet. It is good to serve them with quality meat. But when it comes to meat contents in “packed food”, you cannot trust the quality here. If you find any mentions like ‘contains meat meal’ or anything related to ‘animal or bone meal’.

Mostly the makers include the waste meat portions in the so-called meat meals. The only guarantee which you can get with the meat is that there is no guarantee of the quality. There are also chances that the meat portions are expired ones, no one will actually know the quality of them until they are fed to your pets.

White Flour

Now, the white flour is mainly carbohydrate with all the nutritional value removed from it. Another thing which the flour does is, it raises and drops the blood sugar which will make you or the dog feel hungry even after consuming the food. This will tempt them to eat more of the white-flour made food, leading to weight gain, diabetes, and obesity.


MSG is the monosodium glutamate, and it is something which is present almost in all the prepared food. MSG at a certain level is permissible, but if the right level is not maintained this can cause trouble to both humans as well as your pets.

At some places, MSG is used as a taste-enhancer too. Instead of using unnatural flavor enhancing agent, why can’t you offer something natural and healthy to your pet?

Food Colours

They are used for making the food attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Researchers have shown direct connections between the food color with hyperactivity and other chemical processes inside the body. You are just making the food look colorful to you, and adding chemicals to get this job done.

You can go by the method of adding natural food colors too, so why to opt for the chemical way. Say no to food colors!

Nitrites or Nitrates

These are the chemicals which are added to the meats like ham, hot dogs, bacon, etc for increasing the shelf life. Most of the meats should be consumed within a week duration, and you must not extend this week period. Now, sodium nitrite is an approved chemical but it should not be used in high doses. As per the law, the food must not contain higher than 20 ppm of the Sodium Nitrite.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrups are used for sweetening purpose, and it is found to be sweeter than sugar. Just like the refined sugar agent, even the corn syrup raises the blood sugar and it’s over-usage can lead to obesity and weight gain. Also, if you are serving with lots of corn syrups to your pet, then they will soon get addicted to them and will start having all the food which are sugary sweet in nature.


Another important point to note here, there will be certain food sources which may be good for humans but less beneficial to the animals. This difference comes from the processing way of both human and animal body.

Humans could digest and take out the nutrients and make them useful in a better way. But the same is not possible inside a dog’s body, as they are not able to make use of the nutrients and rightly process the proteins well for the functioning. While there are chances that your pet is allergic to soy products, so it is better to completely avoid the SOY thing.


We know, salt is something which you cannot completely avoid but it should be used in the right proportion. Using higher amounts of salt does harm to both humans as well as animals. Well, in most cases the dog’s food comes with salt in it, therefore there is no need of adding extra salt in the meal.

So, it is better to keep all the food low on salt and keep this habit on for better health of them.

Bad Ingredients Equals Bad Health

These days people can be easily misled and there are chances you may receive an adulterated dog food material. This may happen to you too. Some of the common ways including attractive covering, unique advertisements, skipping on an ingredient mentioned with short forms, etc.

Bad Ingredients Equals Bad Health

Well, this is common. Therefore, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to understand the dog food completely, and find out the critical ones added in the making. To know more in detail, check on the previous heading where we have listed out all the items that you need to avoid in a dog’s food.

Dogs might be allergic to some elements too, so make a list of those products or components. Then skip on the foods containing any of the elements which can cause allergy to your pet. You also have to use most comfortable dog beds to make them feel secure and safe.

What’s Safe For My Dog To Eat?

What's Safe For My Dog To EatNot all that you come across or consume yourself are safe for the pet consumption.

You can include food items like carrots, eggs, popcorn, blueberries, watermelon, bread, corn and many others in their diet. Most of them are high in protein and fiber- making it perfect healthy diet for your canines. Also, you can add oatmeals, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and meat like the chicken in the dog’s food.

Though it is recommended not to fall for the packed foods with the ‘meat’, ‘meat meal’, or anything similar labeled.

Can I Make Homemade Dog Food?

Yes, you can make Dog Food at home easily with all the basic ingredients. It is also a good option compared to buying all the packed food for your furry buddy. Following are some of the nutrients that you must not miss on while preparing the food:

  1. Rich in protein
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fat
  4. Calcium
  5. The Essential Fatty Acids

Homemade Dog Food

To be frank, there is n number of recipes which are available online or you can even try it out by yourself too. First, we will list out the ingredients which are necessary for the preparation and then we will know the method of making this food at your place.

Ingredients which are required for this DIY:

  • 1 and a half cups of brown rice
  • 3 pounds of Ground Turkey
  • 3 cups of baby spinach, (in a chopped manner)
  • 2 carrots, (in a shredded form)
  • Olive oil (1 tablespoon)
  • 1 zucchini (in a shredded style)
  • 1/2 cup of peas, in a frozen or you can even use the canned one

Procedure for making Homemade Dog Food is given as follows:

  1. Take a large saucepan, and pour in 3 cups of water in it. Leave it to boil, and then add the brown rice to it. Let the rice come to boil, and cook for sometime.
  2. Now you will have to take a stockpot or a Dutch oven in that case, and set it to a medium flame. Thereafter, add the ground turkey into it and keep mixing it until you get the turkey a bit brown in shade. Let the process continue for about 3-5 minutes, till Turkey crumbles down completely with the cooking.
  3. Now you just have to add all the other ingredients to the stockpot, including the spinach, carrots, peas, zucchini, peas, and the cooked brown rice from the other saucepan. Mix it well, and cook all the mixture for about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Here the making is almost complete, and you are good to go with the Dog Food.

After the processing gets complete, let the mixture cool down for some time. After this, take the mixture out in a bowl or you can even store them in a food-grade plastic cover for longer storage.

Doctor-Prescribed Diets

This simply goes by the name itself, doctor-prescribed which means something which is prescribed by the doctors only. Imagine a scenario where your dog is suffering from some unknown issue, and you take them to their usual vet.

Doctor Prescribed Diets

It turns out that your dog is suffering from some intestinal problem, and the doctor prescribes some dog food which will help with the healing.

The Prescription Diets are the chemically created dog food, and should only be consumed if it is rightly prescribed by an authorized doc/vet.

This prescribed dog food is termed as the Doctor-Prescribed Diet for your canine. It could be a week’s food or even months. But the thing is, it will be only made available to the consumers with a valid prescription for it.

These foods can also be considered as medicines that work for dealing with any kind of ailment. Follow the diet as mentioned by the vet, and only provide the portion as recommended by them.

Importance Of Taste And Texture

A normal human being has got 5 main senses, and we make use of 3 major senses out of them while we are having our favorite food. Sight, Smell, and Taste – first, it should be appealing to the eyes, and then we could make use of the smelling property. While some of you may not use the smell property here, and directly proceed with the tasting section. Yeah, sometimes we get uncontrollable.

Importance of Taste and Texture

But when it comes to canines, they make use of the Smell and the Taste of the major. First of all, the food should be attractive on the smell part, because it is the first testing phase for the dog. Make sure that you have kept all the aromatic game high for the Dog Food.

After the aroma, it comes the Texture of the food. Though it does not use much of the Sight power, still the canines try to analyze or feel the food they are going to consume. There are five flavors which your dog can identify when it comes to food, and they are given as salty, sour, bitter, sweet, and finally the Umami. (Umami is similar to a salty and spicy flavor, and less on the sweeter side)

Check on all the flavors before presenting the food to your canine. Also added, the food should not be sticky or a lot on the chewy side. Even we don’t like such food, do we? The same goes for the dogs, so prepare something keeping all the above points in mind.

Types Of Dog Food

Though there are fewer varieties when it comes to Dog Foods, still there are plenty of options which you can choose from. You must understand your dog’s needs and their nutritional requirements in the first place. Then choose the appropriate type of dog food that provides all the required nutrients to them.

You might have come across the terms; Dry Food and Wet Food. But there are lot more types when it comes to Dog Food, which you are Must Know and understand to make the eating fun and enjoyable for your furry buddies.

Complete Dog Foods

Complete Dog FoodsAs the name goes, it is a Complete Dog Food which combines all the nutrients and vitamins required for maintaining your pet’s health. You can provide this food without the need for any supplements whatsoever. Also, the additional supplements can even damage the natural balance of their daily nutritional intake.

We hope that the definition is clear to you. If not, then let’s try it out once again. A complete dog food is something which combines or binds all the necessary nutrients which are required by your canine on a daily basis. With this, you won’t need any additional diet or food source, as it can create some imbalance inside their bodies.

Complementary Dog Foods

Complementary Dog FoodsThese types of dog foods only provide a certain type of mineral or vitamin to your canine’s daily intake. They are ‘complementary’ as the name goes, which means these foods are to be taken along with the main meal.

There are chances that your pet lacks a particular vitamin like Vitamin K. This means their body is not able to absorb or receive this particular vitamin from their daily food intakes. So you will have to include any complementary dog food so that they can receive the required nutrient.

For example, mixer biscuits are low on protein and high on carbohydrates so you can add this in your canine’s daily regime for the right carbohydrate intake. You have to consider all the nutrients and keep a check if they are receiving all of them in the correct proportion.

Dry Dog Food

We can categorize the dog food into two classes; one is the dry food and the other one is the wet food.

Dry Dog Food

Dry Foods involve high heat and high-pressure condition. This was first introduced in the 1950s and still one of the popular methods of making dog food.

First of all, raw ingredients are taken and then dried for the processing. Then these dried food are taken into a grinder, where the dried food is ground to a fine powder. After the grinding process ends, this powder is passed through water and steam to make a fine paste or dough-like thing. The dough is then taken out, and heated for around 100°C to create shapes like kibbles.

Finally, they are cooled and left to dry till all the moisture content is removed from it.

Wet Dog Food

Wet Dog FoodAs simple as the name, this food contains some water element in it. If your dog does not drink much water on a daily basis, or they hesitate to drink water then you can include the Wet Dog Food in their diets. This way, you can ensure that your dog is having the right proportion of water in their diets.

It is also a good option for the oldie pets who lack on the smelling senses. These pets will more likely enjoy having wet foods since they will be rich in flavor and smell! Also, those pets with poor dental health are also prescribed wet food since they don’t have to chew anything with this.

Semi-Moist Dog Food

Semi-Moist Dog FoodThe least nutritional among all the Dog Food types is what we are going to discuss out in this section. All the dog foods in the shape of burgers or any other meaty food which arrives in those commercial packages fall into this category of Dog Foods. These foods are a good option in case of those occasional treats, but should not be served on a daily basis.

We call them as the least nutritional because of the artificial flavoring and the coloring used in the making. It does not include any nutrients in it, so it is better to exclude them from the daily pet diets.

Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog FoodWhen we talk about raw foods, they are mainly raw meat along with some pieces of bones mixed in it. They also include the organ portion in it, and among them, bones are the most vital ones. Bones are a great source of calcium and phosphorous, which are some of the essential dog nutrients you should not skip on.

Another plus about the raw foods is that they work in a preferable way for the dogs. When it comes to digestion and nutrition absorption, raw foods have topped the list and has been a forever go for almost all kinds of dogs.

If you are still in doubt with the food, then consult the vet or your regular doc before feeding them with the Raw kind of food.

Dehydrated Dog Food

Dehydrated Dog FoodThough both the dehydrated and the dried food have some similarities with it, both the types still vary a lot on the whole. In the dehydrated foods, the water content is completely removed from the food. The drying process adopted in this is mostly the air-drying one.

Both the raw dog foods and the dehydrated one arrive with similar nutritional benefits. The dehydrated dog food has its own benefits like you don’t have to deal with any raw meat in real and also it cooks faster than the dry food.

Another important property of a dehydrated food is that it retains a lot more nutrients compared to the dry food. They even stay fresh for a longer time than the raw food.

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Freeze Dried Dog FoodIn this, moisture is removed from the dog food by freezing the food. It does not need any intense heat to be passed through it, and this helps with retaining the nutrients back in the dog food. There are many benefits of a freeze-dried food, like one of them is that they are convenient in their own way. Easy to purchase or you can even them it online.

Also, you can carry them along with you while you are on travel and the process of making is also simple. Add the dog food in a bowl, add water along with the necessary supplements. You are good to go!

Puppy Food

Puppy foodWhen you are buying something for the puppies, it should be rich in calcium and other essential nutrients required for their development. Dog foods for puppies and the adult dogs differ a lot. This is because adult pets are maintaining their body whereas the puppies need to develop the organs from the beginning.

You can even consult the usual vet for suggesting the right food diet for your puppy. Make sure that the food is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals. You should not overdose the nutrients, as this can lead to weight gain and they will age faster than the leaner ones.

Senior Food

Senior dog FoodJust like we humans, even the dogs face certain ailments when they get older. During this time, the diet is changed as per the requirements and their health condition. Even the old age is different for different dogs, for example, the bigger dogs get old when they get about 6 years old, while the smaller dogs get old when they are 8 or 9 years old.

Now dog companies are releasing age-appropriate dog foods which are low in calories too. You can go for these foods since they have been produced considering the dog’s age and health. This dog food type is optional though.

Grain-Free Dog Food

Grain Free Dog FoodGrain-free dog food has got its own definitions. Did you know that grain-free foods came into existence due to consumer demand and not keeping the nutrition in check? This type of food has become popular lately, but not all the pets have done well with this grain-free diet.

Also to mention, grain-free does not mean that the food is carb-free. In fact, some grain-free food has got similar carb level just similar to a normal grainy diet.

If your pets are happy and content with the food they are having, then you won’t probably need to make any changes to the diet. This is one of the important paw rules in the dog food diets.

Organic Dog Food

Organic dog foodYou may have come across the name organic on many of the dog foods, but are they really organic as they claim? The food should be free from antibiotics and other chemical preservatives so that you can call the food organic.

If the food has been prepared with the use of pesticides or any other chemical hormones, then you cannot call the food organic too. The prepared food should be natural in all ways, without the use of any chemicals in it.

Limited-Ingredient Dog Food

Limited-Ingredient Dog FoodThis type of dog food only focussed on one type of protein source. They only include a single animal protein source with excluding all the other animal sources.

For example, if you are considering chicken then only chicken meals or chicken byproducts will be included in the dog food. Fish, Lamb, steak etc. won’t be present in this food.

Dogs who are allergic to certain kind of animal meat can opt for this type of limited-ingredient diet. Most of these diets are devoid of eggs, wheat, soy, corn, and other dairy products.

Keeping Your Dog Safe: What You Need To Know About Recalls

Most of the users do not realize that the food thing remains pretty same for both humans as well as animals. It is important to check on the quality of the dog food that you are serving up for your pets.

Checking the recent updates, we came to know about the Salmonella case where the food was contaminated with this virus. These were present in the food which was served to both dogs and cats. After some time use, the pets started facing illness, typhoid, and other serious health problems.

With one virus, not only the animal but also the owner/person handling the pet gets infected. This leads to serious illness among the users with the Food virus.

So, you can understand the importance of choosing the right safe Dog Food for your canines. There are many Dog Food brands which have been recalled by the FDA(Food and Drugs Administration) for the safety reasons.

Recalling is a programme where the food is tested for their nutritional value, and later after it gets the approval by the FDA – the food is made available to the users for purchase and consumption.

As a responsible user, you must check all the dog food brands recalled by the FDA. This will help you with filtering out the brands effectively and selecting the best for your canine. Another thing which you can do for keeping yourself as well as your pets safe from the viruses is to Wash your Hands whenever possible.

After all the pet cuddling, serving them food, all the touchings, and whenever you feel – you can wash your hands. For best results, wash your hands in hot water for about 20 seconds. This will keep a lot of viruses away from infecting you or your pet. Wash your hands even before and after having the meal by yourself.

In the latest cases, we came across some products which were recalled in the month of February, the dog treats by the SmokeHouse brands. In the same month, Dog Chews by the Redbarn was taken up by the FDA, and some of the products by the ZooLogics too.

Best Dog Food Brands

Choosing the right Dog Food Brand is in itself a tiring task. To make the work a bit simpler for you, we have made a list of all the recommended brands that have been doing great lately. You will come across all the well-known brands like Pedigree, Iams, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Purina Pro Plan, Merrick and others below.

Blue Buffalo

Blue BuffaloThis is one of the renowned brands of the Dog Foods, and they consider the pets just like the family members. Here the makers do not consider the concept of ‘owning’ the pets, they want the users to love and respect the animals just like friends and your family.

Because of this very reason, they want to offer only quality food to the dogs and other pet owners. This one is currently the #1 natural pet food seller in America.

Nature’s Variety

Nature's VarietyThey all started with the idea of inspiring people on transforming the lives of the pets. And, one of the main branches is related to the foods that your pets consume. Most of their food products consist of the dry raw food, and it is indeed a good option for getting all healthy for your pet.

Instinct and Prairie are the two food products available by this brand. the Instinct is the Raw Grain-Free Food nutrition, while the latter one is the balanced Holistic Nutrition (with whole grain).

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the WildThe makers really go by the tagline ‘providing just what nature intends to’. Science has proven that the dogs and cats share some DNA with the ancient canine and other wild feline creatures.

So, it is important to include all the elements which will provide them with all the essential nutrients for the growth.

Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro PlanThis is the next best dog food on the list, which has a record of 85+ years of research. Theyare the number one dry food brand with some real meat in it.

Their main focus is to bring the best out of your dog, without falling into the ongoing diet trends (for canines).Also, they exclude all the artificial flavors and the coloring things from the food.


IamsThis dog brand began its production in the late 1940s, and it was founded by Paul F. Iams. With the studies and research in the dog food industry, there have been significant changes and development seen in this industry.

Overall lifestyle and longevity have improved for both the cats as well as dogs. Their main aim is to make a difference in the pet food industry with their innovation and products.

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Nutro Ultra

Nutro UltraHaving a pet is a wonderful thing, but it comes along with many responsibilities too. The main energy of the pet depends on what goes inside his/her body. If you wish to have a happy time with your furry friend, then you need to consider on the feeding quality first. This is the main philosophy that Nutro Ultra considers for all of their products. Here the makers strive to provide all natural, non-GMO food for the pet’s meal. (GMO- Genetically modified food)


PedigreePedigree works in a way to bring out the best in the dogs, just like they bring the good in us. Its that innocence of the dogs which allows us to connect with our true selves, and so there is no wrong in saying that the pets make the people better and more loving.

Now, to ensure that the pets keep you happy you need to feed them with goodness. Pedigree follows the same concept and always ensures that they get the best feed.


CANIDAECanidae is a completely unique concept if compared with all the listed dog food brands. They have got their own farming lands, where they produce the ingredients required for the food making. Clint Brauer is the guy in charge of the farms, and also has a family farm in Kansas. All the ingredients are taken down to Texas for the processing, and that’s where all the magic happens.

Definitely, worth checking the product for your dog.

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Natural Balance

Natural BalanceNatural Balance comes with a promise of Buy with Confidence which ensures that user can trust and believe in the quality of the food that is being fed to their pet.

They also have a team of experts who will help you out in choosing the right food formula for your dog or cat.


FrommThis is a fifth generation owned and operated Dog Food brand. It was in the year 1949 when this brand got into making some real food for the canines, with mixing meat and the grains together giving you with dry kibble food. Fromm takes a long-term approach when it comes making dog food, and ensures that both the owners and their four-legged buddies could trust the brand completely.


OrganixOrganix produces natural and organic dog food and is one among the quality leaders in the industry. Even though the company has got organic ingredients, it’s not necessary that their products are completely organic. As a brand, Organix has a score of 70%-94% in terms of the organic product quality.

Even if the brand claims to provide organic food, it is the user’s duty to check on the ingredients mentioned on the label. This will give you a clearer idea of the dog food you are feeding them.

Honest Kitchen

Honest KitchenThey are honest in their claims and offer you guys with all natural dog food ingredients. Honest Kitchen provides dry food which has to be mixed with warm water to make a meal.

They have mentioned in the description too, that the food is of the human-grade, and has been tested by two-legged as well as four-legged samplers. Honest Kitchen dog foods are devoid of preservatives and is entirely free from all the GMO contents.


Even, Kirkland is one of the famous brands when it comes to dogs. You can find out many known products produced by these brand which is healthy for little pup.

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11 Best Food For Dogs With Specific Health Issues  

Is your pet facing anybody ailment or disease? We have enlisted some of the common issues faced by dogs and their solutions under each heading. This way, by the end of this section you will be known for all the dog problems more clearly along with the solution which you can try out for them.

Starting with the most common one of all, Allergies-

#1. Best Food For Dogs With Allergies

Allergies are common among canines, and the type and intensity of the allergy may vary from one dog to another. The difficult part is to identify the main culprit which is causing the problem for your pet.BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient FormulaBest Price

There is the BLUE Basics Limited-Ingredient Formula Dry Food for the Adult dogs. If your pet is having difficulty with the digestion, then you can go with this food. They are devoid of chicken, beef, eggs, and even other dairy products. So you can with this food, if they are allergic to any of the mentioned product.

Still, it is recommended to consult the vet before following any suchlimited-ingredient diet for pets.

#2. Best Food For Dogs With Arthritis

At least 1 among 5 dogs get the arthritis problem in their lifetime. The issue is caused by the wearing out of the cartilages or when the cartilages are destroyed. Therefore, there is no cushion kind of thing between the joints, so on movement, the joints rub against each other causing pain and friction. You need to keep the weight in check, for preventing the arthritis problem.

Doggie Dailies GlucosamineBest Price

Doggie Dailies Glucosamine is one of the advanced hip and joint supplements which you can include in your canine’s diet. They help in increasing the dog’s energy levels and improves the joint health effectively. It can be used by dogs of all age breeds, who are facing cartilage issues.


#3. Best Food For Dogs With Bad Breath

While most of the people joke around about the bad breath in the dogs, while not knowing that it could have resulted in some serious gum or dental disease. As soon as you find out about this problem, you need to take some actions to avoid more complications here.

PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog TreatsBest Price

You can replace the previous dog food with the PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog Treats. It is a minty treat which is pretty good for promoting better oral health among the canines and will save your bucks from all the treatments. They even reduce the tartars and all the plaque buildups.

#4. Best Food For Dogs With Colitis

Colitis is a condition where there is an inflammation near the colon or the large bowel in the animals. It is a common problem among the dogs, and if your pet is having diarrhea frequently then it is probably due to the colitis condition.

Honest Kitchen Perfect FormBest Price

You can check on the Honest Kitchen Perfect Form which is a herbal product for dealing with all the gastrointestinal issues. These are the minimally processed food which will be light on their stomachs. I can be used for both cats as well as dogs.

#5. Best Food For Dogs With Diabetes

Once the dogs are diagnosed with diabetes, they usually remain diabetic till the end of their lifetime. There are certain ways in which you can keep the glucose level in check and at a particular level. Even if the diet has got carbs in them, then it should be low on the glycemic side.

BIXBI Organic Pet SuperfoodBest Price

You can check on the BIXBI Organic Pet Superfood which is a USA-made product. It is grain-free as well as gluten-free, and also keeps the immune system in check. One can probably last for 2 months, for an average dog weighing about 50 pounds. They are free from all kinds of preservatives, and other artificial food supplements.

#6. Best Food For Dogs With Kidney Disease

Kidney failure issue in canine has become common these days, and it is mainly caused due to the lack of fluid intake in their diet. So, the first step is to simply prevent all the dehydration and bringing back the water level in your dog’s body.

Purina Veterinary Dry FoodBest Price

Coming to the food recommendation, you can go with the Purina Veterinary Dry Food by the Veterinary Diets. It is a balanced and a complete food meal for all the adult canines out there. The food is also best for all the dogs with acute or chronic kidney problems. With low level of phosphorus used in the making, it will keep the kidney protected and safe too.


#7. Best Food For Dogs With Loose Stools

If your pet is having loose stools these days, then it is the sign of diarrhea. In such case, they should be fed with a grain-free diet and something which is less on the preservatives. The problem can get more serious if proper treatment is not done at the right time.

Everyday Probiotics for Dogs with Sensitive StomachsBest Price

You can get the Everyday Probiotics for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs for dealing with the loose stool condition. They combine around 5 probiotics which especially work for the digestive system. They are available in smoky bacon flavor, so your pets will love them.


#8. Best Food For Overweight Dogs

Firstly, you must know if your pet is overweight or not. The simple way to test this, feel through the spine and ribs portion. Both these portions should be easily identifiable with just a single thin layer of muscle separating them. If you find it difficult to get in contact with the ribs, then this means that your pet is overweight.

BLUE Life Protection FormulaBest Price

There is a BLUE Life Protection Formula which can be included in the daily diet for your overweight pet. It combines real meat along with pieces of fruits and other whole grain elements. They are also found to be good for improving the joint and makes all the movement smooth for older dog breeds.


#9. Best Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

You can know that your canine has got a sensitive stomach if they are not able to digest certain food easily. Also, it is possible that they are lacking certain vitamin, protein from their routine diet or they are having something too much – more than what is required.

Purina Pro Plan FocusBest Price

If your pet has been going through any of the similar conditions, get the Purina Pro Plan Focus for them. This is devoid of soy or any wheat grain, and also free from all the artificial colors. This is a complete and balanced nutrition for all the adult dogs out there. It’s an outcome of 85+ years of research, so you can understand the quality of the food here.

#10. Best Food For Dogs With Urinary Tract Issues

Infections near the Urinary Tract portion is quite common, and it is caused along the line of the urinary tract. This issue is mainly caused by a bacteria named E. Coli. The diagnosis can be painful for your furry buddy, still, it is something which needs to be treated quickly.

Cranberry Treats for Dogs with Zesty PawsBest Price

You can check out the Cranberry Treats for Dogs with Zesty Paws which is currently the number one preferred product for the UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)cases. These chewable includes 200mg of Cran-Max Cranberries along with other nutritive elements for kidney, urinary tract, and bladder health.

#11. Best Food For Dogs With Yeast Infections

This type of infection happens near the ear portion, and also sometimes on the skin of the dogs. One way is by changing the usual diet of your canine, by skipping on the items which could possibly cause the yeast infection in the dogs.

Vetrinex Labs Advanced Probiotic FormulaBest Price

You can look at the Vetrinex Labs Advanced Probiotic Formula for both Cats & Dogs. Use it just for 2 weeks, and see the amazing results with this usage period. It will improve your canine’s teeth, better coat and healthier skin than before.

Best Food For Dogs By Age

When it comes to Dogs, you need to feed them according to their age. The same food that you are feeding to a younger pup won’t do good for a senior dog. Different age has different nutritional requirements, we will now check out the Best Dog Food which you can serve the puppies and oldie pets.

Another point to look at is whether your pet is allergic to some food element. If you find any such element here, then you will have to skip on that meal.

Food For Puppies

There is no other joy like getting a small pup at your home. Planning to buy a young pup for your home or you have already one at home and the pup is already hungry. But there are a hell lot of food choices, especially for the puppies.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Dry Dog FoodOur Best Pick for them is the Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Dry Dog Food. This is a high protein meal with real chicken as the main component. The DHA from omega-rich fish oil helps with the brain and vision development of the pups. Also, the immune system is taken care of with the support of anti-oxidant formula.

Minerals like calcium, phosphorous and others are also present in this dog food. This helps in building strong teeth and keeps the bone health in check too. This dog food is prepared to keep a small pup in mind, so they have included all the high-quality ingredients for the preparation.

You will also come across lamb, real chicken, and salmons in this dry dog food. So, be assured to gift your pup the best nutrition for them.

Food For Seniors

Coming to the Senior pups; well there are lot more things to consider when it comes to aged dogs. The senior pup may be diabetic or they may be having heart-related issues or may be overweight.

Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Chicken & Brown Rice

Among all the Dog Foods, we found the Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Chicken & Brown Rice a good choice for Senior dogs. This is a high-quality meal which combines a portion of fresh fruits and also whole grains along with the fruits. Blue came from the name of the producer’s Airedale which was also named as Blue.

This food is brought to you by Blue Buffalo company and offers premium quality dog food containing real meat, fruits, and vegetables. It is free from all the chicken by-products, and other products like soy, wheat, and other colors or preservatives.

This food is designed keeping all such issues in mind and still providing a nutrient-rich diet for your pet. It offers all the nutrition required for the better immune system, bone, and teeth health.

Best Food For Dogs By Diet Type

With changing Dog’s age and their condition, you need to make the appropriate changes in their meals too. For example, pregnant dogs will have different diet compared to the younger pets. While there are pets who are allergic to grain or any other ingredient – so in that case, you will have to go with a specific food for them.

Best Food For Dogs By Diet Type

This is because all of the pets have a different nutritional requirement at different ages. We will find out the food recommendation for some of the common cases of all.

For Pregnant Dogs

A pregnant dog needs to have food which is higher on the calories part than before. This will help in nurturing the lives growing inside the tummy of the dog. You need to check on the weights of the mother and also check on all the babies health and weight too on a weekly basis.

If the mother dog is already having a high-calorie food, then you won’t have to do many changes on the meal part. Meat and protein should be the main intakes in her diet, if it’s being missed then you need to do quick changes for their better health. Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food, its the USA made rich in protein meal which you can serve for a pregnant dog.

Low in carbs and they have been replaced with fruits and veggies. This meal is found to be really delicious and loved even by all the fussy eaters out there.

For A Low-Fat Diet

For a low-fat diet, you can check on the Wellness CORE Dry Dog Food which is a grain-free meal. It packs about 80% more meat than any other traditional dog meal. With every bite of this Core Dry Food, your canine gets a natural dose of nutrients. The lower-fat recipe keeps your pet healthy and active.

 For A Raw Diet

You can buy the Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet which offers the Best in the Raw Diet. They started the manufacturing in the Lincoln, Nebraska. After the success of their products, they have made the raw food more accessible to the pets and also to many dog owners.

Most of Instinct dog foods are based on a single animal protein. Because of this, you can serve any of the Instinct food for all canines having food sensitivity issue.

For A Grain-Free Diet

There are lot many options for a grain-free diet, but our top recommendation will be Natural Balance Limited Ingredient – it combines potato and duck formula with excluding the grain element. This food keeps the digestive health happy and helps with maintaining good skin and the coat layer. Also, the food is free from artificial flavors and any other kind of preservative.

For Active Dogs

For active dogs, the best you can get for them is CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food. It is low on the fat side and almost 27% less than other all-protein meals. This food comes with premium ingredients packed in it, excluding the soy, corn and other contents like wheat. This food can be used by dogs for all age stages, including the senior dogs as well.

Best Food For Specific Dog Breeds 

There are different dog breeds available in the market, which you will come to know while the researching. Dog breeds vary on the basis of size, color, age, gender, and many other basic characteristics.

Best Food For Specific Dog Breeds

Toy Breeds

Toy breed refers to those small dogs or a group of small dog breeds. Whereas the dog could be of any breed type. They can be also referred to as the small versions of the hunting or the working dogs.

You can check out the EUKANUBA Senior Dry Dog Food which is available for the 15 pounds dog. This dog food comes in three different flavors, and one among them is the Chicken flavor which is specially prepared for the small breeds. They even help with improving the metabolism which keeps your pet fit and active.

Small Breeds

For small breeds of the dog, you can choose the Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Puppy Small Breed which combines Chicken & Rice formula with them. If you ask why to go with the Purina Pro, then it is because of the complete nutrition combined in one meal.

Here the results have been backed by experts, and it’s a result of about 85+ years of research. You will also find the DHA from the fish oil which helps in developing the brain and also the vision.

It is suitable for Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Italian Greyhound etc.

Medium Breeds

Breeds in this category fall in the range of 28 to 40 pounds. To be frank, there are many models for this weight range. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food is a good choice here, and there #1 ingredient is real BEEF! If your pet is allergic to beef, then obviously you need to skip this food.

The natural prebiotics help with efficient digestion, and keeps the tummy happy! It’s a natural dog food with added vitamins and many essential vitamins.

You can prefer it for Beagle, French Bulldog, Bull Dog, Canaan Dog, Chinese Shar Pei, Chow Chow etc.

Large Breeds

For the large breeds, you can go with the BLUE Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Food. This is a 30 pounds bag, a protein-rich diet with chicken and all the veggies combined with it. Another great thing about this food is that they don’t include any chicken by-product in this, and it is devoid of soy, wheat, and other artificial preservatives.

English Bulldogs, Boxer, American Foxhound, Afghan Hound, Belgian Sheepdog is considered Large Breeds because it ranges from 55-85 pounds.

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Extra Large Breeds

You can consider giant sized dogs in the Extra Large Breed category. ROYAL CANIN SIZE HEALTH NUTRITION GIANT is the dry food which is recommended for this breed type. You will get fine protein-rich diet and a perfect balance of high-fiber. The kibble has got a unique shape which encourages them to chew them properly, and this will eventually increase the brushing effect.

Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Bloodhound, Rottweiler can choose it.

Again we would like to emphasize on one point, that all the dog breeds have different requirement. So, it is highly recommended to consult the regular vet before starting with a new diet meal for your furry friend. That’s all with the Best Dod Food Reviews of 2020, so how was the article overall? Did it rightly solve all your queries? Share your feedback in the‘s comment space below, and let us know what more you want to know about pet’s healthcare and maintenance.