What If your Dog Ate Marijuana! What will you Do?

While people are debating whether to make Marijuana legal or not- it is definitely not a good option for your canines. Okay, so let that thing be cleared at first place. Marijuana is not good for your health or any other animal for instance.

But what if your dog swallowed marijuana by mistake? What should be your immediate steps?

What If your Dog Ate Marijuana! What will you Do?

Dr. Robert Proietto, who is a veterinarian doctor mentioned that – Marijuana for dogs is not something to laugh about, and he also added that ‘as soon as you get to know about the case you should quickly get in touch with your vet asap’.

What will happen if your Dog eats Marijuana?

Your pet will get all high with it. They will lose their senses and start trembling. They won’t be able to stand on their feet properly. So, it’s not a good sight to watch.

What If your Dog Ate Marijuana

Also to add, the size of the pet and the amount of marijuana depends a lot. If the pet gets injected with a small amount of marijuana, it will definitely have their effects on them. But if the amount of the weed is higher than the permitted amount, then your pooch may even die.

In the same way, the breed size matters a lot. A small dog will have different side-effects compared to a bigger sized breed.

How common is ‘pet eating accidental marijuana’?

Marijuana, even though it’s harmful and a real poison to the body – it has been made legal in some countries. Yes, sadly. While there are dealers who supply this banned product and export them to the prohibited areas. That’s how the business goes.

You can find marijuana in the form of plant leaves, or buds. It will look like a normal plant only.

Another form is the eating food that comes with added marijuana in it. This food can be a cookie, butter, biscuit, etc. It could be any normal human food. So, if you forgot to pack the altered food properly after eating, TROUBLE AWAITS YOU!

The third common dog’s view of getting marijuana is via secondhand smoke. When people lose their sanity they do this. Smoking the cigar or marijuana and directly injecting it to the dog’s face.

This one’s a Siberian Husky in the video, that accidentally ate marijuana while his owner was busy up with his friends. You can know the drug effect as Loki (pet in the above video) couldn’t keep his tongue in control! It was dangling out of his mouth which is clearly seen in the video.

While there are some owners who just for the sake of ‘making viral videos on the Internet’ posted their pet’s reaction by purposely giving them marijuana. I don’t have any words to describe such people.

So, what will you do when you get to know that your pooch just had that? 


Dr. Robert also added that – “like most of the people refrain from telling the truth. But when a dog or any other pet is in trouble, you need to take the risk and believe me the vets won’t judge you or register any case against you for having marijuana at home. We, as doctors got to know all the minute details if you want your pet to get the best care and treatment.”