Does My Dog Have a Tooth Infection? Answered

Tooth infections and treatment are painful, both for animals as well as humans. These infections are also known by the term ‘Tooth Abscess’ in the pets, and it should be treated at the earliest. At least, we human beings can speak out any trouble that we are going through. But how could animals convey that?

This is why you need to keep a close check on your pet’s behavior or any trouble they are going through.

Does My Dog Have a Tooth Infection?

I do agree that it’s too difficult to figure out the pet’s health issues. You need to be cautious and a good observer though. Tooth infections are common in pets these days, but finding them out is even challenging.

Does My Dog Have a Tooth Infection

On receiving a lot of my reader’s requests on the same thing, I understood that people are not actually aware of this and so I had to work on it soon. Called up my dental friend Mike, and booked up my appointment. This is how our dog’s view conversations went…

1) Are Tooth Abscess and the Tooth infection mean the same?

Mike: I won’t say it’s the same but they are related to each other. Tooth Abscess is one form of Tooth Infection, where an infection is more of a generalized term. While Tooth Abscess is the collection of pus which surrounds the place of the infection.

2) What are the signs that would let a person know about the dog’s tooth infection?

Mike: The very first sign will be that they won’t play with the chew toys anymore, and while eating they might chew the food on one side only. Also, they will have difficulty holding the food and may drop the food a lot of times while eating.

Other signs include bad breath, swelling near the eye portion (you may think it’s an eye infection at first).

Also, notice if they are scratching any portion of their face lately. This could probably be the same area inside the mouth where the infection is there.

3) How is the treatment carried out?

Mike: Well, well. Once you are aware that something’s wrong with your pooch’s mouth, you should not waste a minute. The more you give in to the tooth infection, the more it’s damaging the health.

How is the treatment carried out

If you keep the infection unsolved for a long time, then it can cause eye infection, a serious tooth loss, and all the health issues that come along with the periodontal condition.

Coming to the treatment details, your pet will be given an anti-inflammatory medicine and one anti-biotic to ease out the side-effects. These medicines were just to reduce the pain and swelling. For the main treatment of the mouth, a root canal is mostly preferred which will deal the problem right from its roots itself.

Take a look at your pet’s health before selecting the treatment method -root canal and extraction. Also to note, your pets can do really fine without the presence of one teeth.

4) How can I prevent this issue?

Mike: To prevent this problem, you need to seriously check on their diets. If the pets are aging, then their food must be soft in texture so that they could chew them properly. Even the chew toys should be a suitable one for their jaws.

And, of course, routine Brushing and taking care of the oral health of the mouth-gums daily is important.

How do you take care of your pet’s oral hygiene? Share us your tips and suggestions that you like to add up to the discussion.