5 Dangerous Things Dog Owners Do That Could Kill Their Dogs

You know what, there are over hundreds of things out there commonly used at home that could kill your dog. Some of them you are aware of, while there are other things that you do unknowingly, which may put their lives on danger!

We know knives and guns are the assault tools, and they are dangerous items that you should strictly keep off from your pet’s space. But! Wait a minute there. What if I say that there are many other common instances that could do serious harm to your pet? Keep reading this space as I reveal them to you.

5 Dangerous Things Dog Owners Do That Could Kill Their Dogs

As the famous author Barbara Kingsolver has quoted,

“A dog can’t think that much about what he’s doing, he just does what feels right.”

This quote is from Barbara’s novel Animal Dreams published in 1990, and she was so right about it. This is exactly what I am trying to say. Pets, specifically the dogs – they just do the things that they feel are right, not thinking about the consequences.

1. Too Much of Heat & Exhaustion

Sun is a serious concern guys. If you are planning to go hiking with your pet, then make sure that you have taken lots of water with you. Keep your pet as well as yourself hydrated throughout the trip. In case, you suspect that your dog’s view is facing an overheating condition, then you should immediately cool down their body with cold water, fanning, or any other way.

2.Walking your Dog without a Leash

Leashes are not only for your dog’s protection, but also for the safety of the people and things surrounding the pet. Now, your pooch may be all well-trained at home but you won’t know how the external factors could influence the pet. Roaming or walking your dog without a leash just doubles the risk for your pet as well as others. Therefore, always keep the leashes.

3. Leaving your pooch inside the Car

Leaving your pooch inside the Car

During the afternoons, cars get really hot and it is still suffocating sometimes. What would a pup feel like inside the car during the summer afternoon when it is left unattended inside the car? It is dangerous.

So, do not. I repeat you guys, don’t leave your pet inside the car even for a minute! Because of this problem, many of the states have made it legal to break the car windows with trapped animals inside. Next time you find a locked car with a pet inside, immediately call for help or inform the security in charge.

4. Pesticides and similar poisonous substances

Dogs have this innate nature of knowing things, and whenever they see something different they will most likely eat it to know it. If you leave your dog to play by themselves, they are sure to try and consume everything that comes in their sight.

Keep all the fertilisers/pesticides out of reach from your pets, and also out of sight. You can also teach them not to drink water from the streams, as they mostly contain insects and parasites. Always keep some spare water with you, and let your pooches only drink home-water.

5. Keeping your dog inside the bed of the truck

Keeping your dog inside the bed of the truck

May be you are unaware of the fact that, there are thousands of dog who die in year because they were inside the truck bed. Again I would like to emphasis on the dog behaviour and calmness. A dog or any other animal will lose their cool side, and get all peppy as soon as they spot anything unusual or their favourite food!

In that case, if the pet is not attended by a caretaker, then this will lead to injuries and serious damages. Instead keep them with you, beside your seat inside the vehicle. It will look so cool, isn’t it?

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