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Best Dog Bed for Border Collie & their Sleeping Habits

Quick Navigation Top Choices of best dog bed for Border CollieThe Top 3 Border Collie dog bed Reviews1. Furhaven Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Pet Beds2. Happy Care Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed3. American Kennel Club Orthopedic Sofa Bed QuiltedWhat are border collie sleeping habits?Why do my border collie sleep all the time? Border Collie’s are an energetic breed of […]

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Best Dog Beds for Chihuahua & their Sleeping Habits

Quick Navigation Top Choices of best dog beds for ChihuahuaCharacteristics of ChihuahuaThe Top 3 Chihuahua dog bed Reviews1. Precision Pet Shearling Round Bed2. Elevated Cooling Pet Bed3. PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium EditionThe Sleeping Habits of Chihuahuawhy do chihuahuas sleep under covers ? Just after introducing the new member to your family, your job […]

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Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds

Quick Navigation Top Choices of best dog beds for greyhoundsHow to choose a bed for greyhound? What are the requirements?The Top 3 Greyhound dog bed Reviews1. Five Diamond Collection orthopedic bed2. Furhaven Orthopedic Pet bed3. American Kennel Club Solid pet bedWhat are Greyhounds’ sleeping habits?What are Greyhounds’ sleeping positions? Owning a pet is always a great feeling. […]

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Best Washable Dog Beds – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Quick Navigation Top Choices for Best Washable dog bedsThe Advantages: Reasons you should consider using a washable dog bedHow to select the right size of dog bed for your pet?The Top 5 Washable Dog Bed Reviews1. Orthopedic Dog bedsBig Barker 7 inch with pillow top Orthopedic Dog bed2. PetPawJoy: Washable Pet Warm Soft House Pad Crate […]

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How To Dry A Dog After Bathing

Washing and Drying Your Dog with the Right Towel :  If your dog gets wet, he should have his towel instead of using yours. Or when they get wet, they would rather shake the water off every which way. Then you have to deal with a wet floor, which you didn’t want. Your dog needs […]

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The Benefits of Choosing Heavy Duty Dog Beds

There’s really only one practical reason why pet owners would want a heavy dog bed, and that is to find a bed for their destructive dogs. By destructive, this refers to a dog who likes to chew on everything, most especially his bed. If you’ve got one such dog, or two, or more, then it’s […]

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