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Maintenance Tips for Washable and Dryable Dog Beds

Dog beds are deposits for filth, pest and allergens. dogs are not concerned whether they are clean or not when they jump into bed. They are exploratory and curious creatures who will pop their noses anywhere.Dogs track dirt in their paws without their knowledge and shake it off when they get to bed. Bathing a […]

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How To Clean Dog Ears

We all know for a fact that dog ear cleaning is very important and you need to do it regularly. If you neglect this particular issue, then there are several problems that might actually arise. There are several parts of a dog’s ear. There is the flap and the groove located near the ear canal. […]

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How To Take Care of A Golden Retriever Puppy

When you bring home a golden retriever puppy you visit your Vet and have your puppy checked over. A Vet will perform a complete physical exam and give your puppy the necessary vaccinations. This will be the first step in building a bond between you and your pet.Golden Retriever puppies need good health, love and […]

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How To Get Rid Of Aggressive Puppy Behavior

The little pup you brought home used to be so sweet and friendly. But at present, with every passing day, it is becoming more and more aggressive. However, you must make sure that the behavior you are terming as “aggression” is actually called so. Nipping, growling and biting are common habits of all puppies. Most […]

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Ways To Detect Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Sleeping Position

Dog Sleeping Positions – Beginner’s Guide The commonest Dog sleep positions and the secrets behind them :1. The Side Sleeper2. The Snuggly Fox3. The Super Man Pup4. The Crazy Legs5. The Tummy Curl6. The Passed Out Your dog is undoubtedly very important in your life. Nobody knows your dog better than you do. The expressions and personalities […]

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How to treat the Golden Retriever Allergies easily

Golden Retriever Allergies – Beginner’s Ultimate Guide Before Adopting a Golden RetrieverTreating Skin Allergies in Golden Retrievers1. Remove the food source2. Change food sources3. Providing your dog with a stricter diet4. Keep the food constantHow to soothe the itching and scratching in Golden Retrievers? Dogs have remained faithful to humans from time immemorial. Almost every […]

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