Blue Nose Pitbull puppies: Top Facts you should know

Dogs have a special place in our heart. With their features and characteristics attracting us to them, often we find ourselves having a wish to keep them with us. But when it comes to Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies, people aren’t as receptive as for other dogs. Blue Nose pit bull or the American Pit Bull Terriers are very intimidating at appearance and often leave the people wonder about their appearance. But they are highly misunderstood as wild and furious as against other dogs.

People are of the view that Pit bull puppies with blue nose are dangerous and bound to attack them. The reason for this perception is that blue nose Pit bull are mostly found in the fighting rings and are trained to be so because of their fights that need them to be furious.

Often being used by criminals who teach these dogs aggressive behavior, they are made to behave in this certain way.

Facts about Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies

But the truth is that blue nose pit bull dogs are medium sized dogs with strong jaw line and appearance and are not aggressive or furious. They are actually one of the loyal dogs, with kindness and affection for others. This might come to you as a surprise but blue nose pit bull puppies are very adopting in nature and so people should consider them as home pets. Here are a few eye opening facts about blue nose pit bull puppies that you probably didn’t know!

1. They don’t always sport a blue nose

In spite of being famous as the “Blue Nose” Pit bulls these dogs aren’t always sporting a blue nose. This might come as a surprise too that blue nose pit bulls are often found to be having a red nose or an incomplete blue nose because of the genes in them. However, this doesn’t in any way take away the title from them. The scientists have been devoting much of their research into finding the actual cause of the blue nose in these American pit bull terriers but any satisfactory result has not been out yet. Sometimes a blue nose is supported by the entire genes of the family and other times these don’t carry any blue nose at all. So if you accidentally come across a Blue Nose Pit bull Puppy which has a red nose, do not be surprised or taken aback as a misconception, they might be the same but with a different appearance.

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2. Bad reputation comes naturally to them

Pit bulls in general have always had the reputation of being very furious, angry headed and aggressive. The popularity and bad reputation of the pit bulls is not restricted to just them but also covers the blue nose pit bulls which are mistook as the same. It is because in the early 18th century there used to be bull races where the angry bulls were made to run in the running courses and the pit bulls were used as bait for their temperament.

These pit bulls particularly were trained to be aggressive and furious so as to attract the bulls. The sport was a very popular one and always ended with more than one pit bull lying dead on the ground. As bloody and dirty the sport would get it would seem enjoyable to the people until the animal preservation laws were passed and the sport was put to an end. It is the fame of the pit bulls that lived and still remains. But the truth is that pit bulls naturally are very calm and one of the friendliest dogs ever known.

Pitbull Puppy

3. Blue nose pit bulls are very active

We all are aware of how necessary it is to make the dogs walk around and give them the necessary work out each day. This is the reason that you watch quite a lot of people taking their dogs out for walk each morning or evening. Blue nose pit bulls are superbly active dogs who love to work out and are filled with energy. They seem to get bored and dull when not taken out for exercise or given any fun game to play. They are active to the extent that they may become dangerous for the people who are not so active in walking the dogs out. These dogs seem to take out all their energy each day and so if you are not going to take them out, they might just let you do that inside the house.

4. Emotionally inclined dogs

The world knows that dogs are as sensitive as an average human. But the behavior and emotional aspect of the blue nose pit bulls will amaze you. These dogs aren’t just friendly and best to pair with humans but are also emotional and deeply sentimental like most of us. They are as involving, attaching and sensitive to gestures, talks and love as we all are and you will be surprised in the way the blue nose pit bull speaks out emotions. The blue nose pit bulls cry, laugh and love as much as a human does and if you thought your life partner could only be the one who would not talk to you on ignoring them, the blue nose pit bulls might surpass them in giving the most famous silent treatment when hurt.

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5. The dogs do get sick

Despite being very active and fun loving and always healthy the blue nose pit bulls aren’t left behind in getting sick. You may wonder at their fitness and health quotient with the amount of activeness and energy they have but sadly the blue nose pit bulls aren’t safe from all the health quotients and are known to be prone to heart and cataract diseases. With regular needs to be given a good work out each day the blue nose pit bulls in general suffer from an aversion to the green grass. These dogs are allergic to green grass which is sad knowing the nature of dogs and their most preferable choice being the green grass. But the blue nose pit bulls are more likely to have allergy with green grass and are often found to be falling sick when walked around in it.

6. Blue nose pit bulls love children

While children often have a good bonding with dogs the appearance of the dogs really matters when it comes to child affection. And the appearance of the blue nose pit bulls does not in any way come between the bonds that children share with them. Because of the friendly nature, emotional inclination and love towards children the blue nose pit bulls share a special bond with children and are often found to have love towards them.

Blue Nose Pitbull

7. Blue nose pit bulls are smart dogs

When you go by their appearance most people don’t get a fair idea about the intelligence of these dogs but these dogs are very smart and intelligent. They can show presence of smartness and quick wit in gestures when you talk to them. So often mistaken for their appearance the dogs are smarter in behavior and mindfulness.

8. They don’t make for a good watchdog

Given the nature matching with a good golden retriever or Labrador, and having strong features which might scare a lot of people, blue nose pit bulls aren’t the kind one looks for their watch dogs. These dogs are too lousy and calm to be watch dogs. They are also very friendly and can be lured with gestures of love and so taming the dog for sweet delights and gestures isn’t big a deal. Thus not being suitable as a watchdog at all!

9. Active and jumping dogs

Being treated with a dog’s love when walking into your house and watching them jump onto you might sound like a dream but isn’t really with these dogs! They are extremely affectionate and jumping on people they love as much as it feels like you are tackling them and not just getting affection. Although this does not mean that the dogs have a bad intention or are being aggressive like mostly perceived but the blue nose pit bulls’ way of jumping on their loved ones is often more like handling them rather than being soft. And so it is recommended that they be trained well how to behave!

10. Not friendly with other dogs

The commonly perceived idea that dogs go well with other dogs is quite broken here. The blue nose pit bulls don’t really share a healthy relation with other dogs and so are required to be brought up and trained in the manner that they become receptive of other dog’s presence and behavior.

11. Easy to train and teach

Given the appearance and common notions of the blue nose pit bulls being one of the most aggressive and terrifying dogs, it might come as a surprise already that they are friendly and loving. But what brings more amazement is that these dogs are easier to teach and train in the required way. To be able to love with these dogs you can easily teach them how to be affectionate, how to behave and what not to do and they are the most receptive dogs to new teachings and behaviors.

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12. Life threatening diseases

As much danger the blue nose pit bulls appear from the outside they are as strong and lovely from inside. But the sad thing is that after being overly jumping, highly energetic and so lovable they still are the most popular dogs who face the life altering and hazardous diseases. Neurological disorders are the most common in them and often if the behavior of the dogs are found unjustified and misunderstood it is all because of some neurological ailment found in these dogs and thus it is recommended that you visit a trusted vet regularly when you live with these pit bulls.

13. They sweat very much

Because the blue nose pit bulls are very active and always on with some activity they sweat a lot too. It is because of their general build and the active lifestyle which makes them one of the highly sweating dogs known. Often you will find that their body is wet and they are all panting and tired this is so as they enjoy a very active living.

14. They love water

Unlike other dogs the blue nose pit bulls love playing in water as much as they love playing otherwise. Their affection for water is as much as they are the best dogs to give a bath too. Although they have an aversion and are allergic to shampoos and soaps and might get irritated with them but when given a plain water bath they become the most enjoying and lovable. With proper surrender to the one bathing them, they obey the bathing fun and give in to the water sports and fun.

15. They have a strong fighting spirit

It would be wrong to say that some of the understanding about the stubborn nature and angry nature of the blue nose pit bulls are completely vain. These dogs are a little stubborn from inside and won’t give in to situations easily. And thus they are chosen by people to include in the fights and trained in the same manner. They have the fighter kind of blood and so when they are taken up for training and fighting for the sports they are easily trained and give in to the fights very well. The non-quitting and anger plays its part and they might let you win in any match of fight you put them to!

Blue nose Pit bulls also known as the American blue nose terriers are often mistook as another breed of dogs and sold by the sellers like so. But one should pay attention that these dogs aren’t any different from their breed except that they have a blue nose. Break the perceptions you have built in years and have a closer look at the lovable and sporting activity they have. Adopt a dog and make this world a more lovable place!

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