Best Washable Dog Beds – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

One of your fondest memories you had of your childhood years was the time when you got a puppy for your birthday and you cherished him more than your toys or your books. Having grown up and owned as many and as few dogs as you want, the only thing that you want is for them to be as happy as they make you with their love and devotion. The best way to pamper them is by buying them comfy dog beds in which they can rest in peace after a day of play.

But what about maintenance you ask? We are going to give you the benefits of buying a washable dog bed over buying an ordinary one. We have also compiled a definitive list of best washable dog beds and dog beds with washable covers so that you can see your dog being content without going to the trouble of washing up after them.

Top Choices for Best Washable dog beds

Bed NameDurabilityStyleQuality 
Milliard Premium Orthopedic
(Editor's Choice)
Very HighMemory FoamVery HighCheck Price
BRINDLE SoftHighMemory Foam(removable washable cover)AverageCheck Price
Washable Pet Warm Soft HouseHighCushion MatHighCheck Price
Sofantex Pet BedAverageUltra Soft cushionHighCheck Price

The Advantages: Reasons you should consider using a washable dog bed

Dog beds are usually quite thick and large which makes it difficult for dog owners to maintain it even on a monthly basis. Washable beds and beds with washable covers ensure that you don’t have much difficulty in washing and drying the bed of your pet so that it remains clean.

Here are some advantages of using washable dog beds:

  • Washable dog beds help in maintaining the optimum body temperature of your pet for comfort.
  • It prevents and lessens the risk of accidents by slippage.
  • Gives your pet a sense of belonging and security.
  • The beds mold themselves according to the contours of your dog’s body and gives support to their muscles and bone structure for a good physique.
  • Does not allow the dirt and dander from your pet’s body to spread throughout your house.
  • They ensure that your dog doesn’t spoil your expensive rugs and has a place of his own in which to lie down.

How to select the right size of dog bed for your pet?

Yes, the size of dog bed you would buy might be dependent on the size of your pet dog but it is also influenced by the place in which you want to place it. Measure the dimensions of the space in which you plan on keeping the dog bed, be it a corner of your bedroom or the kennel. Afterwards, measure the length of your dog from his nose to rump.know more about sizing.

Also, remember to take into consideration whether your dog huddles up into a bundle like mass when he is sleeping or whether he just sprawls around and extends the entire length of his body while sleeping. Always add 10 inches more to your measurements so that your dog can accommodate himself within it whether his size increases while growing up or not

The Top 5 Washable Dog Bed Reviews

1. Orthopedic Dog beds

Do you believe that your dog has a certain sense of style with which it carries itself and deserves a bed which reflects his personal style? The Orthopedic washable Dog Bed is here to do just that with a variety of covers which are bold but also waterproof. All the covers are made out of a 100% cotton material so you can rest assured that your dog would not suffer from any allergies due to synthetic material. Moreover, the quality of the dog bed would never ne debatable since it has been manufactured in USA with the utmost care. Even if you find that your dog doesn’t like the bed, you can avail the 90-night risk free money back guarantee and buy another one instead. What do you have to lose?

Big Barker 7 inch with pillow top Orthopedic Dog bed

Big Barker 7 Orthopedic Washable Dog Bed


  • Cotton covers which are soft and cozy
  • There are ten variations in attractive covers available
  • The encasement is removable and 100% washable
  • Money free guarantee in case your dog doesn’t find the bed suitable to sleep in
  • Helps in relieving joint pain or arthritis in older dogs
  • The bottom of the bed has been provided with 3” support base of high density material
  • The top layer has 2” orthopedic gel memory foam



  • If you buy a light-colored cover, you might run the risk of staining it with your dog’s bodily secretions even though it is washable
  • The shipping charges when getting the dog bed delivered to your home is quite high


2. PetPawJoy: Washable Pet Warm Soft House Pad Crate Cushion Mat for Dogs, Supper Warm Pet 

PETPAWJOY Crate Pad Dog Bed Washable Filling Pads

Are you always in a rush to head to office in the mornings and don’t even have the time to slip in covers to your dog bed? This sleeping bed and crate mat from PetPawJoy would help you in keeping things practical. The soft fleece fabric that covers this dog bed is its best-selling point.

This is the only dog bed on the list which doesn’t allow the moisture from the ground to seep in and rather allows the tender body of your pet dog to be protected from dirt. The grey color ensures that it wouldn’t get dirty easily and even if it did, you can remove the stains both by machine wash.


  • This dog bed is quite lightweight so you don’t have to put much effort into moving it from one corner of your house to the other.
  • It fits easily into your dog’s crate, cot or dog house
  • Both the sides can be used for your dog to lie down
  • The cotton and coral fleece material that was used for making it is soft and cuddly



  • The people whose pet dogs have a tendency to bite everything that they come into touch with might need to stitch up the sides of this dog bed so that it doesn’t tear apart
  • There is only one year of warranty on this dog bed
  • Even though this is soft, if your dog is large, this can be uncomfortable to him due to its thinness.


Check out These Tips on Cleaning a stinky dog bed

3. BRINDLE Waterproof Pet Bed - Machine Washable Padded Bed for Dogs 

BRINDLE Waterproof Pet Bed Machine WashableDogs might be the most adorable creatures on this earth but they also have the potential to be most destructive. Thus, when choosing dog beds, dog owners generally tend to leave behind those which look attractive in favor of the dog beds which appear durable and sturdy. Thankfully, with brands like the BRINDLE Waterproof pet bed, you don’t have to fear that the material would be spoiled forever due to accidents or fluids since it is waterproof and washable. This bed can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Sleek, stylish and practical design
  • Available in classic colors like ‘Smoke Blue, ‘Khaki Forest,’ ‘Hunter Brown’ and ‘Charcoal Red.’ Choose one that fits the personality of your dog
  • This dog bed is suitable for the use of cats in case you have the desire to bring your dog a companion in the future
  • The fabric is hard and durable.



  • The padding on the inside can be easily exposed since the zipper is not durable and easily breaks
  • Due to the lack of a cushioned structure, it is not as comfortable as the other dog beds mentioned in this list.


4. Sofantex Pet Bed

Is the luxury and comfort of your pet dog the first thing on your mind while purchasing dog beds? The Sofantex Pet Bed is just the one for you since it gives the space for your small dog to cozy up in. This product combines the best features of a dog bed and a sofa to ensure the ultimate comfort experience for your adorable pet.

Sofantex Machine Washable Dog Bed

The dark coffee color allows it to fit in perfectly with your room décor, no matter what wall color you have picked up. Do you know what the best bit is? You get a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days once you buy this


  • It is washable in machine and easy to maintain
  • The inside is fluffy and inviting for your dog
  • The cute dog paw design in white on the front would make your guests adore the sight of your pet dog curled up in it.



  • The Sofantex dog bed is suitable only for small or medium sized dogs. It might collapse if used for larger dogs.
  • The adorable paw print in the front might come out in fringes with regular washes.
  • Side barriers which are flimsy
  • The bottom part does not have much padding


5. Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

We have saved the best for the last. The Millard Premium dog bed can be soft enough to invite your dog into it but is also adequately firm so that he or she doesn’t slip in and out and cause accidents.

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

No matter whether your dog is young or old and suffers from hip dysplasia, joint issues or arthritis, the two layers of dense foam do a good job of providing support to his body. The zippers at the sides allow you to take out the cover easily in case of stains. It is available in small, medium, large and X large sizes so your dog can enjoy its therapeutic benefits no matter what his size is.


  • The TPU coating on the cover prevents the risk of accidents by slipping or falling.
  • The cover is made out of 100% polyester material so it would not tear so easily.
  • The non memory foam base is there so that there is a firm foundation for the weight of your dog to be supported
  • A non slip bottom has been provided in order to grip onto the floor
  • The memory foam moulds itself according to the contours of your dog’s body so that he can be comfortable



  • The dog bed would have some odor when you first receive it. Just air it outside and it would vanish quickly.


Top 2 Dog Beds with washable covers

1. BRINDLE Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover

This soft memory foam dog bed from BRINDLE helps in increasing the breathability while reducing the pressure points at the same time. The density and consistency of the material helps to relieve the pain that your dog might be experiencing due to arthritis in his old age.

BRINDLE Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover

It is available in 7 sizes and the micro suede cover is low maintenance and practical. You can choose to take out the bland looking cover and change it in favor of something more exciting if you feel the need for it.


  • The memory foam has been shredded up so that there is air flow within the mattress and it doesn’t stink
  • The plush cover is not only washable by machine and dryer safe but it is also easily removable with the help of zippers
  • The stitched baffles inside does not allow clumps to form even if your dog pees in it
  • It is lightweight and easily portable.



  • It has a simple design and is not as attractive as the other dog beds in this list.


2. Romilton: "The Charlie" Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Romilton: "The Charlie" Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

This Romilton dog bed is exactly what your pet needs to get rid of the stiffness in his muscles. It is soft but also provides support. The micro suede cover doesn’t require you to fuss over it and can be washed just once in a month to hold up.


  • A waterproof cover is provided not only for the covers but also for the foam
  • No ozone depleters, flame retardants, lead or mercury was used in the making of this dog bed
  • The waterproof lining on the cover is ‘Whisper Quiet’ so that you don’t have to wake up the sound of rustling plastic.
  • One year warranty



  • It is one of the most costly dog beds in the market due to its luxury brand value.


Now that you have gone through the best options in washable dog beds, it is time to consider what your dog might like to sleep on before ordering one of the above.

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