Best Outdoor Dog Beds – 2018 Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Every dog loves his or her own bed. Dogs have the habit of cuddling up to you on your bed but if they are given their own lovable, comfortable and cozy dog bed, they seldom refuse to let go of it. Having a dog bed for your dog is a very good way to ensure sound sleep both for your pet and yourself. You can sleep in your bed without any being disturbed by your pet and your pet can sleep soundly in his or her own bed without being rebuked by you for frequently twisting, turning and disturbing. You should consider Best Outdoor Dog Beds with or without Canopy depending on various below given factors and should be waterproof as well.

A dog bed need not be always kept inside the room. If your room is not large enough to hold a dog bed, you can definitely go for an outdoor dog bed for your pet. If you have space enough in the yard or in the porch to accommodate a cozy and comfortable outdoor bed for your dog, you must choose one for all round benefit. The best thing about an outdoor dog bed is that your dog won’t feel stuffy indoors during the warmer months and can enjoy sleeping in the beautiful environment outdoors.

Top Picks: 4 Best Outdoor Dog Beds to consider 

Bed NameDurabilityWashable 
The Refined Canine Outdoor Dog Bed
(Editor's Choice)
Very HighYesCheck Price
The Dog’s Bed, Orthopedic Premium Grade Memory FoamHighYesCheck Price
K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated BedVery HighYes (Machine washable)Check Price
FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Egg-Crate Orthopedic Pet MattressHighYesCheck Price

The Factors to Consider While Buying an Outdoor Dog Bed

The basic difference between an indoor dog bed and an outdoor dog bed is the material and the design. An outdoor dog bed is especially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and is therefore made of sturdier material. Some points that you should keep in mind before selecting an outdoor dog bed for your dear pet are:

  • Material : The first feature that you should look for in your dog bed is the material it is made of. The material should be strong and sturdy as well as soft and comfortable. The outer covering should be strong enough and waterproof to resist weather conditions. The inner material of the bed should have a therapeutic foam surface to help your pet relax comfortably. It also helps to take care of joint pains seen generally in older dogs. People with older pets should go for a memory foam bed to provide a better sleeping surface.

    The most important feature of an outdoor dog bed is that it should be weatherproof. The material must be strong enough to withstand sunlight and other weather conditions for years. It should also be waterproof to stay put in spite of exposure to accidental water spillage, pet urine, rain and moisture. It is best if your outdoor dog bed comes with a weatherproof outer covering which is machine washable too.

  • Size : Selecting the right size of the bed is very important for the optimum comfort of your pet. The bed should not be too big for a small dog and neither should it be too small for your large dog to feel cramped. Remember that not having the right bed will not give your pet good sleep and make him or her angry and irritated. Take care of the dimensions in inches before bringing home a bed for your dog. If he or she is still in the growing phase, it is advisable to choose a larger one as they grow in size pretty soon.
  • Shape : Depending upon the kind of area you can have for your dog bed you should choose the right shape of the dog bed. If you have a kennel with a removable roof, you should choose a dog bed whose shape fits snugly into the kennel without being cramped.
  • Heated : Some dog beds come with an electrical unit and an inner thermostat to maintain a certain temperature to keep the dog warm even in cold weather conditions. If the weather conditions in your area is too cold for your dog, this feature is a must have in your outdoor dog bed. Some beds have features to automatically control the heating according to the temperature outside and the dog’s body temperature.
  • Elevated : Some dog beds are elevated in their design to keep it dry and away from the ground. If your dog finds it hard to sleep close to the ground, you should always go for an elevated dog bed that does not let the coldness from the floor reach its body. It also keeps the bed dry due to accidental water spillage on the floor.

The Top 5 Outdoor Dog Bed Reviews

1. The Refined Canine Outdoor Dog Bed

The Refined Canine Outdoor Dog BedIf style is preferred while looking for an outdoor dog bed with canopy for your handsome little darling, this one is an ideal choice. This Refined Canine bed can be placed anywhere on the porch or the patio or even by the poolside when your dog is outdoors. Watch your pet sleeping comfortably outside under the shade on a warm, sunny day. Without the canopy on top it can also be placed indoors. The design is apt while the material is comfortable for your darling pet. On a whole, this is the bed for your pet that combines comfort with oodles of style.


  • This bed has a stylish lounge style look and a beautiful sun shade on top to comfort your pet.
  • The sun shade is made from poly rattan and it provides great sun protection during the day.
  • To enhance the comfort level even further the sleeping surface of the bed is elevated and 6 inches thick in size. Being elevated in nature it keeps your pet directly off the ground.
  • It is very easy to assemble the bed and remove when not needed.


  • The sunshade makes it perfect for outdoors and looks dapper too.
  • The overall design is durable and best suited for outdoors.
  • The cushion material is soft and the surface is elevated making it really comfortable for the dog.
  • Cushion is machine washable without suffering damage.



  • Nothing that really bothers either you or the dog


2. The Dog’s Bed, Orthopedic Premium Grade Memory Foam

The Dog’s Bed, Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog BedsThis is a special orthopedic dog bed meant for older or ailing dogs in order to give them special comfort and support during their sleeping hours. Dogs tend to have joint pains and other orthopedic ailments as they grow older. Injured pets too face the same problem often. This kind of outdoor orthopedic beds lets them have a wonderful time in the yard or garden while being at their comfortable best. Available in three different sizes according to the size of your pet, this is the best bed for outdoor use.

  • It is available in three sizes- M, L and XL so that you can choose keeping your dog’s size in mind.
  • The sleeping surface is four inches thick which provides comfortable and elevated surface to your dog.
  • The inner material has durable foam base with another layer of therapeutic memory foam to provide the best kind of orthopedic support to the dog. It reduces joint pains and takes the shape irrespective of pressure changes on the bed while the dog moves about.
  • The size of the bed is large enough for the dog to stretch itself out. This is the best bed for the breeds which like to stretch themselves out.
  • The outer cover of the bed is waterproof which protects it from liquid spillage, rains and urinary incontinence. It is also removable and machine washable.


  • The bed is spacious and large for a big dog.
  • It provides ample space for the dog to stretch out.
  • Best bed for ailing and old dogs.
  • It reduces joint pains and other orthopedic problems.
  • It provides great comfort to the dog and ensures sound sleep.
  • The non-skid feature keeps it in place always.
  • It is available in all three sizes.
  • Resistant to growth of molds, mites and mildews.
  • Waterproof cover gives it better protection and makes it durable.



  • There isn’t anything to complain about as such. It is completely worth the money you pay and holds up for a long number of years.


Watch This video on should dogs live inside or outside 

3. K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated BedAs the name suggests, the best feature of this bed is that it is heated. This Lectro Soft Outdoor Heated Bed is another well reviewed bed for outdoor use. It has loads of comfortable features to give the best sleep to your darling dog. Even if it is cold outside you can ensure that your dog stays warm and comfortable in his own outdoor bed by heating it easily. The inner material made of memory foam provides great comfort to old and ailing dogs and keeps orthopedic problems at bay.


  • The Lectro Soft Outdoor Heated Bed comes with an electrical component and a 5.5 feet cord that can be used to heat the bed. The bed contains an internal thermostat which maintains an optimum temperature to keep the bed warm even if it is cold outside. This keeps the pet’s body warm in bed all night.
  • The electrical cord is insulated and charging the bed in order to heat it is a completely safe procedure. There is absolutely nothing to worry about regarding safety issues.
  • The bed uses only 40 watts of electricity to be heated which is pretty less.
  • The outer layer of the bed is waterproof which makes it resistant to water spillage and urinary incontinence of dogs.
  • The sleeping surface is made of orthopedic memory foam which reduces joint pains and other problems faced by dogs.


  • The heated feature keeps the bed as well as the dog’s body warm all throughout a cold night.
  • The memory foam surface of the bed keeps joint problems away and provides support and comfort sleep to the pet.
  • The heated bed also helps to relieve joint pain and other rheumatoid arthritis related problems in dogs.
  • The outer layer of the bed is waterproof which makes it durable even in harsh weather conditions.
  • The bed stays in well condition for long and is quite durable in nature.
  • It uses very less power to get heated and the heating process is absolutely safe.
  • It comes with a removable fleece cover for extra protection.



  • The length of the cord is just 5.5 feet which limits the ability to heat it in areas where there is no power outlet nearby.
  • The bed is not meant for aggressive dogs who love to chew and bite.


4. FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Egg-Crate Orthopedic Pet Mattress

The FurHaven NAP Pet Bed is all you need if you are looking for an outdoor dog bed that is budget friendly and worth the money. This is a simple pet bed that comes with a lot of positive features to enhance the comfort of your sleeping dog. It is available in a lot of colors that you can choose from considering the color of your dog. The best thing about this bed is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.Read Full Review.

FurHaven NAP Pet Bed Egg-Crate Orthopedic Outdoor Pet Mattress


  • This is the best bed meant both for indoors and outdoors. You can place it out on the porch or in the yard for your dog, carry it on trips and picnics and also place it on the couch when your dog is in the room.
  • The outer cover of the bed is made of poly canvas and is water resistant. This makes it perfect for outdoor use because it is durable and weather resistant. The cover can also be easily removed and washed when dirty.
  • The special sleeping surface of the bed is created from egg crate orthopedic foam. This provides the best kind of orthopedic support to dogs with joint pains and problems. If your dog is old, ailing or injured, this kind of orthopedic support is strongly recommended for him or her. The peak and valley feature of this kind of foam takes the shape of the body contours providing the best kind of comfort in sleep.


  • This is the best bed that requires very low maintenance.
  • It is best suited for all kinds of outdoor uses and even on trips.
  • The mattress style bed can also be placed indoors on beds and couches to prevent pen hair and dander from spreading.
  • The egg crate orthopedic foam layering inside the bed provides the best kind of support to the dog’s aching joints and gives body-contouring comfort.
  • The bed does not sink down under the weight of the dog.

The outer cover is weather resistant, water proof and durable



  • The bottom of the bed is not skid proof and it can easily slide over non-carpeted floors. You need to put a rubber mat underneath it to prevent it from skidding or slipping.


5. DMC Weather Resistant Orthopedic Pet Bed

The DMC Weather Resistant Orthopedic Pet Bed is a simple, minimalistic dog bed for outdoor use. It is also one of the popular choices made by dog owners for their canine pets. Being equipped with weather resistant and orthopedic foam support features this is quite a good choice for an outdoor dog bed.

DMC Weather Resistant Orthopedic Pet Outdoor Bed
  • It measures 30-inch X 40 inch in size which is large enough to hold your pet. It also provides ample room for the dog to move about and stretch without having its limbs hanging outside
  • It has convoluted or egg-crate foam inside to provide the best kind of orthopedic support to the dog while it is lying on the bed. The foam adheres to the body contours to give proper support to the body.
  • The outer cover of the bed is waterproof and weather resistant which makes it durable enough.


  • The weather resistant feature of the bed makes it great for outdoor use.
  • Being durable, it is quite a nice investment for a long time.
  • The convoluted foam layering inside provides proper body support to the dog.
  • It is very easy to clean the outer covering of the bed with a damp cloth. It dries pretty quickly too.



  • The dog bed is not slip resistant which makes it prone to skidding whenever the dog tries to move out or get inside in hurry.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Dog Beds

What precautions should I take before leaving my dog outdoors with the bed?

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