Best Large Breed Puppy Food Reviews & Comparison

Having a puppy in your house is nothing different than having a baby. The common traits they share are they do large amounts of poop, they sleep whenever they want and for long periods and most importantly they require your constant attention. But that wouldn’t stop the dog lover from owning a puppy. And this best large breed puppy food comparison will surely help you to give your puppy a nice health and well being.

For large breed puppies or for that matter for every dog the most important thing to consider and maintain is their diet. But every dog will not be required to follow the same diet. The nutritional need of a beagle will significantly vary with that of a puppy.

The variations even boil down to their sizes and breeds which means that a large breed puppy will have different nutritional requirements from that of a small breed one. The health of your large breed puppy is heavily dependent on the food you provide. But in order to provide the best foods to your large breed puppy you must first learn and understand the nutritional needs of the puppy. In this article we provide you all the basic information about the dietary requirements of your large breed puppy, the best food that you can provide it and the basic health issues that are concerning.

Top 4 Large Breed Puppy Food Comparison

Dog FoodNutritional ValueIngredientsGrade Value 
Holistic select natural dry puppy food
(Editor's Choice)
ExcellentLamb Meal, Ground White Rice, Ground Brown RiceA+Check Price
CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food for PuppiesVery GoodChicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Brown Rice,OatsBCheck Price
Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry puppy FoodVery GoodCanola Meal, Brewers Rice, Oat mealB+Check Price
Hill's Science Diet LargeGoodChicken Meal, Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Oats, SorghumBCheck Price

Basic Knowledge About the Dietary Needs and Nutrition of a Large Breed Puppy

The small breed puppies experience increment of weight up to 10 or 20 times after their birth whereas in case of large breed puppies their weight might increase up to 70 times since their birth. They also take longer duration of time to fully grow up. When the smaller breeds take about 12 months to gain full maturity the large breeds can take up to 24 months. These basic yet impactful differences result in wide variation of their dietary needs.

The larger frame of the large breed puppies exerts greater amount of force on their hip muscles and their joints. Therefore, health problems related to the joints and bones are very common in them. As the owner you will certainly not desire any kind of sickness or health issues that renders the dog’s cheerful lifestyle. you should not overgrow them.

In order to ensure that your puppy grows at an optimal rate and face minimal roadblocks concerning its health you must put enough emphasis on its nutritional aspects. A balanced diet which is complete with all the nutritional foods that large breed puppies require is the key to their wellbeing. Large breed puppies do require a certain amount of calcium in their bones but it is also evident through practical research that excess amounts of calcium may lead to bone diseases and illnesses. Therefore, when buying large breed puppy food you must have a concern for the different brands of dog food available and must thoroughly compare them and check Large Breed Puppy Food Reviews before buying.

What brands of dog food are mostly preferred for large breed puppies?

Your large breed puppy must be fed natural food having human-grade ingredients. The case with most disease prone large breed puppies is that they are often fed dog foods of cheap brands which mostly contain fillers and grains. They are mostly composed of artificial ingredients which have negligible or zero nutritional value. Your large breed dogs require natural foods that mostly contain meat which is preferred by canines out there in the wild.

Inferior brand dog foods contain mostly fillers and grains which fail to fulfill their nutritional requirement. Customers might get attracted by the cheap price tags of those brands but don’t let the high pricing of superior dog food brands mislead you. Their prices are mostly justified because they provide your puppy complete and pure nutrition. With the superior brand dog food, you will not be required to feed your large breed puppy as much as you had to with the inferior quality brands

  • Over-feeding your large breed puppy is sure to have dire consequences on their health
  • Free feeding or more popularly known as free choice is one of the most misused practices when it comes to feeding your dog.
  • For those unaware of free feeding, it is when you are allowed to feed your canine as much food as it wants.
  • Free feeding is sure to cause overweight issues in your large bred puppy and must therefore abstain from it.

Dry Food or Wet Food?

While we wonder what to feed our large breed puppies we must also consider what type of food we feed them, wet or dry food? While food is preferred by most dog lovers, dry food can prove to be the better choice for your large breed puppy. Both economically and nutritionally favorable, these dry dog foods are also popularly known as kibble. Reasons for us favoring dry dog food are stated below.

  • You can measure the quantity of dry dog food easier than wet food. Thus it will help you to feed your dog in exact proportions.
  • Dry food is easily available in stores than wet food.
  • They are also more convenient to store and do not get spoiled as easily as wet food.
  • Wet food is also much more costly than dry food.
  • Dry dog food is friendlier to the gums and teeth of large breed puppies. It ensures dental health for your puppy.

The Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food for Large Breed Puppies

Having said that, we must remember that not all dry dog foods are top class. You must be able to distinguish between the different brands of dry dog food available in the market and select the best one for your large breed puppy. We provide brief description of a few dry dog food products which provide best nutritional solutions for your large breed puppy. Check out the Reviews of the top 5 large breed puppy foods.

1. Holistic select natural dry dog food

Holistic select introduced their dog food flavor for the large breed puppies and it proved to be a successful product. The formula behind this product is very healthy as it contains no artificial flavors, soy, no by-products of meat or corn. The product boasts off a special system for digestive health support which includes enzymes, pro-biotics and lots of fibers to enhance the digestive system functioning of your large breed puppy.

Compared to many other dog food brands this brand comes out a winner as it never causes any problems related to digestion for your puppy. The blend of Holistic select also incorporates DHA which is very essential in cognitive development. So in the long run this will make training your puppy and communicating with it a lot easier for you. The blend is most suited for large breed puppies as it ensures that too much calcium does not get into the puppy’s diet. Customer reviews have been filled with improvements on energy levels, better quality of coat and smooth digestive system functioning. Some reviews even claimed that issues of bad breath were also solved by this product.


2. Canidae Life Stages Dry dog food

Among the several dog food products that Canidae make the one for large breed puppies is a standout. The recipe is a blend of brown rice, duck meal and lentils and it greatly satisfies the nutritional requirements of large breed puppies.

This blend contains high levels of fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3 and is highly efficient in prevention of bone and joint problems in large breed puppies. The taste of this blend is another reason why this brand is so popular among dog lovers. The Canidae dry dog food is very nutrient rich and hence satisfies all the dietary needs of large breed puppies. There are many blends from Canidae that are essential for puppies of all sizes and ages. The large breed puppy dog food blend is however the recommended one for your large breed puppy as they are completely free of fillers, antibiotics, hormones and artificial ingredients.

3. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Dog Food

For your large breed puppy this is the perfect food to give at any age. This food guarantees the suitable nutrition a large breed requires at the different stages of its life. The best thing about this product is that it uses real chicken as its primary ingredient making this dry dog food heavily rich in protein.

The next major ingredient is fish oil which brings in fatty acids such as omega-3 which helps a lot to improve your dog’s vision. Finally, the product is equipped with pro-biotic fibers and complex carbohydrates which ensure that your large breed puppy gets the exact proportions of nutrients to complete its balanced diet. The dry food is free of any allergic compounds which may cause any irritation in large breed puppies. This product has the right blend of nutrition and is also affordable as well as effective. And with a reliable brand name such as Purina, you can put your faith in them blindly.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Dry Dog Food

If reliability and reputation is anything to go by then you have to prefer Hill’s Science Diet dry dog food for large breed puppies as it is a product that has endured the most as long as time is concerned.

They claim that Hill’s science has put more than 70 years into this product with constant research and consequent development that ensures your large breed puppy gets the adequate diet it requires. It contains a healthy balance of carbohydrates that are easily digestible, essential fatty acids, rich and healthy proteins and multivitamins and nutrients which add to the product’s value.

At the end of your meal your large breed puppy stays healthy as well as satisfied because of its enriching taste. No wonder this product has remained as a constant favorite among veterinarians and pet lovers alike because it guarantees customer satisfaction to the tee.

5. Nutro Max Large Breed dry dog food

Your new large breed puppy deserves a solid kibble as its first food and Nutro max large breed dry dog food delivers just that. It is composed completely in the United States of America and is rich with the finest quality of farm chicken as its main ingredient.

Next up it has fish oil and whole grain rice which provides a replenishing mix of health and flavor to your large bred puppy. The reason why this dog food is special is because it contains extra nutrients which ensure dental health of your puppy along with lean and healthy muscle growth and a strong and reliable immunity system.

This product has no artificial colors or flavors and is free of preservatives. With areasonable price tag and a reliable reputation such as Nutro’s you can be sure to get your puppy the complete diet it requires with this product.

How much should you Feed your large breed puppy?

Many factors determine the amount of food that is required to feed your large breed puppy and the frequency of feeding it. These two most influencing factors are stated below.

  • Age
  • Activity level
  • Weight of the large breed puppy

The younger your puppy the more amount of food it will consume. Large breed puppies do not possess any self-control which enables them to eat only when required. They will eat as long as they are provided food. Therefore, you must never perform open feeding with them as it will bring about dire consequences to its health. Large breed puppies essentially benefit from diets that are calorie restricted calorie.

Some large breed puppy Allergies and other Health Problems

Large breed puppies are prone to many allergies and skin diseases. Apart from them they also suffer from illnesses related to the bones and joints. Larger the weight and the frame, greater the stress on the hip muscles and joints of the large breed puppy. Other health related issues associated with large breed puppies are as follows.

  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Digestive problems
  • Osteochondrosis
  • DOD or development orthopedic disease.

Several times the food that the puppy is fed upon does not suit it and therefore certain allergies or irritation appear on its skin which often causes the puppy to lose the quality of its coat. Therefore, it is advisable to test the different brands of dog food on your large breed puppy and then continuing with the one that suits it best.

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