Best Harness for Shih Tzu – Harnesses for Charming Companions and their comfort

A breed of dogs generally referred to as the toy dog breed is a small, cute and very charming. It is also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog and has originated from Tibet. It weighs around 4.5 to 8.6 kg. As this particular breed of dog is very loving, lively, outgoing, affectionate and most importantly very notorious, it needs to be put in control from time to time when the need be, that is why one needs Best Harnesses for their Shih Tzu. 

Best Harness for Shih Tzu

Other than using collars for Shih Tzu that results in so many problems such as spinal damage, breathing problems and collapsed trachea. That is why using a harness is the safest method as it prevents any such health issues and also makes sure you have better control on your Shih Tzu.

Top 3 Best Harness For Shih Tzu - Trainer's Choices

What Size Harness is good For A Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzu's breed of dogs is small dogs that have a litter size of 1-8 and an average lifespan of 12 years. Though these dogs are very much prone to various kind of diseases, that is why using a right size of harness that fits them perfectly and does not suffocates them is very necessary. The size of Harnesses varies from XS size to XXL size because Shih Tzu’s are small but not all of them are of the same size

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Harnesses are further divided into groups such as A and B. But the fact remains that these products are based on chest girth and not on weight and the widest part in its body, is the chest, so measure that part well. A very common rule is always going for a size which is next to your dog’s measurement.

What Type of Harness is best suitable for Shih Tzu?

A harness which comfortably fits your Shih Tzu, whose straps are not rubbing against his/her shoulder or he/she will start hitting it. Always look for A Harness that comes padded as a padded version provides safety to the dog's shoulder and so the rest. Choosing a good quality harness not only prevents diseases or health issues but at the same time prevents injury that can turn painful and can last a lifetime.

Even before one chooses a harness, he should read it out for their own good that what harm a collar does to Shih Tzu, as that ensures they turn up taking the right harness for their dogs. Guess what selecting a particular type of harness also depends on the behavioral patterns of your dog whether he is the one who is decent and silent or the one who is too naughty to be taken to walks for without a harness.

Whichever brand you go with, always make sure that the design of any harness is correct in a manner that it doesn’t obstruct his shoulders and upper arm. Protecting the hairs of Shih Tzu holds equal importance, so opt for breathable harnesses that do not damage Shih Tzu’s coat.

The Top 3 Shih Tzu Harnesses Reviews

A harness is very easy to put on and is comfortable to take a dog out in whether it is for a walk to the nearby park or a drive to the market. Just make sure it provides comfort as well as security to your dog. The best three products as rated by expert trainer's have been:-

Puppia Mesh Dog Harness

It is one fashionable and forever to go to brand for durable and trustworthy harnesses for your Shih Tzu. They are very soft products that are protective towards their clients who have been using it.


  • The materials used by this brand of Harness is long lasting and very soft, even though it is made of a mesh material.
  • The overall design of this brand of Harness makes sure it provides the ultimate security to your dog especially in emergency situations.
  • This product also comes with re-sizeable chest belt that can be adjusted from time to time with so much ease.


  • It is widely available in so many colors and is just not designated to one color just like other products.
  • It can be used easily with their two-tone lead and has been finely embroidered by Puppia rubber label.
  • As this product has so many types and color options, it fits all kinds of preferences a buyer is supposed to have..


  • The only disadvantage so far that has been taken into consideration is the sizing problem. Sizing chart has been a bit off for this brand and you never seem to have the size fit perfectly if you order one as per the size chart, so it is recommended you buy a size bigger than the actual size so that it comfortably fits.

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Easy Walk Dog Harness

Another highly rated model of Harness is this one, with great customer reviews and high satisfaction as this product has been designed to initiate the sudden difficult jerks easy and less risky when a Shih Tzu takes a sudden leap forward. As the name suggests, it has been designed to make your dog’s walking comfortable and a pleasant experience altogether.


  • The buckle is easy to handle as you can snap it on and off anytime with no amount of extra time investment, rather very quickly.
  • Only point of attention is to adjust the Harness very carefully while adjusting it for the very first time.
  • The multiple buckles allow an owner to do adjustments anytime as the need be that too with so much comfort.


  • It is one cheap product that works with any kind of nature a Shih Tzu breed holds.
  • A more humane product unlike other animal products available for pets.
  • It provides a cooling comfort to dogs during the hot weather season.


  • The only thing it excludes is Style and Quality. This product does not offer much style patterns and is not that much of a durable product.
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    If your dog has been very aggressive or playful, then you are wasting your money buying this harness time and again for the same dog, as it has no reliability or durable warranty.
Puppia Polka Dot Harness

This harness also belongs to the Puppia range of collection and it is best for dogs who aren’t playful much and are the silent types who don’t leap forward quite suddenly or get excited after seeing strangers or other dogs. It is available in different types such as an “over the head” harness. It has been specially designed for small dogs as to them this harness is perfect.


  • A very comfortable harness as it has been made using mesh material, which is soft.
  • A perfect take if your Shih Tzu is good at walking and enjoys walks more than pulling himself out of the Harness.
  • The name itself suggests that it is stylish and most importantly trendy, a polka dot design. It adds more cuteness to your Shih Tzu.


  • The chest Belt is re-sizeable and has a buckle that is quick in opening and closing.
  • A dotted pattern adds a stylish note, making both of you (you and your Shih Tzu) look stylish and fashionable as you walk around aisles.
  • Even the waist belt is very much adjustable.
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    Even after failing from stopping a dog from pulling out, it still benefits to some extent as it won’t choke your Shih Tzu like other collars or bad quality Harness you will/have come across.


  • Only suitable for walking as this Harness has way too large holes.
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    Your dog can easily escape out of this Harness because of the leash in the backyard.

How does Shih Tzu respond to harness?

Every dog has his or her own personality different from the rest or sometimes similar to a few. Some are loyal, affectionate, loving while others may seem lively, loud, alert. It differs from dog to dog just like us, we human beings too do not have equal traits or behavioral patterns. So as per the temperament of a dog, the kind of Harness that will be appropriate for him will depend.

A harness is best for the little ones as they find it comfortable to walk, it aids them to learn walking. For those who are little stubborn, they don’t like being carried by a harness at times. They do not like walking at all and try escaping out when nobody is looking around. You need to make sure that your dog is not suffering from any medical problems such as breathing problems, spinal alignment etc.

If you notice any problem, then you need to change your Harness. As this breed has problem walking in the heat so opt for harnesses that offer a cooling effect only then your dog will feel better walking during the hot season.