Best Harness For Pitbulls – Trainer’s Choices

Keep your Pitbull protected with the best harness: Every dog needs to be taken care in different ways. The gears associated with each and every different breed of dog varies greatly. Pitbulls are dogs that are known for their aggression. They need to be in hands of owners who are responsible, dedicated and intelligent ownership. Pitbulls Harness must be of good quality and well built, strong.

Best Harness For Pibulls

If you are having Pitbull as a pet then you need to be very much aware about the habits and traits of your dog because handling Pitbulls can get quite tricky if not done with proper care and knowledge. The harness that are to be chosen for Pitbulls must be the right blend of strength and tenderness.

Whether you have the dog as a pet or using it for crime investigation purposes, choosing the right harness is a must in order to ensure that you get the best out of your dog. It is to be kept in mind that no matter what dog activity you are involving in, it will get very difficult to cope up in the absence of a suitable harness.

Top 3 Best Harness For Pitbulls - Trainer's Choices

What Size Harness is good For A Pitbull?

Harnesses of various different types and constructions are available in the market. The age and size of the dog is to be kept in mind while choosing the harness. If you are buying offline from a retail store, you can just walk into the store and consult the size chart and get the harness tried on your dog. If it suits him well, you are good to go.

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There are different types of harnesses available in the market. It depends on what purpose you need the harness for your Pitbull. They can be for the purpose of training or assistance.

There are also special harnesses that are meant to be used for the purpose of tracking and there are different types of harnesses for the purpose of daily usage. The harnesses are needed for dealing dogs. According to the variety of intended use, harnesses are available which are of varying designs and materials..

In case you are buying online, you will notice that each and every product comes with a size chart in accordance to the size followed by the manufacturing company. It is very important to measure your dog properly before placing the order. It is to be kept in mind that out of all other dog gears, harness is a not a tool that can be handled with extreme ease

What Type of Harness is best suitable for a Pitbull?

As already mentioned, the harnesses vary greatly in accordance to the purpose of the harnesses. The harnesses which are made up of harness are highly practical. These are especially very useful in wet situations because these are resistant to water and can be kept clean easily.

The harness which is made of leather is much more expensive but it looks very attractive and it is a dog accessory that looks very rich and gorgeous. The beauty as well as the strength of the dog can be further enhanced by using harnesses which are studded or are decorated by means of spikes in order to give your dog a very gorgeous look. The durability as well as the serviceability of the harnesses must be of the best possible quality.

The important characteristics of the harnesses should be such that they are able to provide safety to the greatest extent. The security that they provide to the Pitbulls should also be very high while handling the dog. The harnesses must be made up of bets materials and they should be equipped with hardware that are sturdy and strong in order to guarantee a life of long lasting service.

The Top 3 Pitbull Harnesses Reviews

1. Berry leather spikes studded medium and large black dog collar and leash and harness, 3 pieces set for Pitbull boxer

this is a set of three and all are extremely useful for your Pitbull. The dog collar and the harness are made up of black leather studded with silver spikes on it. These are suitable for dogs of medium to large size. These harnesses are made up of materials that are very strong as well as durable. You might get worried about the spikes hurting your dog, but it is to be kept in mind that these spikes are strong enough but they are soft to the right extent so as not to hurt the skin.

They are also not stiff to the skin of your dog. The harness has measurement of 17.5” to 23.5” around the neck and 26” to 34” around the chest. Though the harness is studded with silver spikes, they are soft enough for the dog and can be adjusted readily with the help of a D-ring attached to the leash.


  • Customers have said that this harness is stronger than the nylon and mesh of many other harnesses that are available in the market.
  • The adjustability of the harness ensures that your dog can put on weight and grow bulky and still continue to use the harness for long enough.
  • This adds an edge to a Pitbull’s personality. Pitbulls are dogs which are already known to be aggressive. Putting this harness on them further enhances that conception.
  • The harness fits on the smallest holes.


  • Some customers suggest that the chain should have been a foot longer or so.
  • The harness happens to be very big for some of the smaller or medium breeds of Pitbulls.
  • Some Pitbulls find it uncomfortable to put on.

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2. Berry spiked studded soft black leather dog harness set- heavy duty matching pet appearance

these harnesses are extremely suitable for medium to large sized Pitbulls. These harnesses are made up of genuine leather. These are strong as well as soft to the right amount to make the dog feel comfortable. These are studded with brass mushroom that are solid nail hardware.

The neck size of the harness is suitable for dogs of measurements of neck of 19” to 22”. This harness is a result of extremely efficient workmanship. The edges are smoothened and beveled. The harness is embellished by means of brass rivets of the shape of mushroom nails that are individually fastened. - classic bronze copper mushroom head rivets studded


  • This accessory consisting of hardware of solid brass has a style that is classical and retro. This is a huge choice for those who are fascinated by antique handicrafts.
  • The buckle is die cast and is durable. It is welded with D-ring in order to provide it with a very superior strength.
  • The hardware of real brass develops over time a very rich platina. This further adds to the beauty and charm of both the harness as well as the collar


  • Some customers complain that the harness broke after continuous usage for three to four months

3. Dean and Tyler the boss solid brass belt style buckles dog harness

this harness is suitable for Pitbulls of medium size. It has a girth size of 28 inches to 37 inches. After seeing that the first two harnesses are all spiked to give a bold look to your dog, this harness might not add anymore of aggressive look to your already aggressive dog! These harnesses are devoid of spikes. They are adjustable.

The harness comes with buckles that are solid. The leather which makes the harness is absolutely genuine and very strong. The leather is of very high quality. The harness is available in two colors—black as well as brown. The harness is made up of hardware of solid nickel as well as solid brass.v


  • These harnesses can be adjusted to fit the shape and size of your dog.
  • These harnesses are durable.
  • They are firm and sturdy, giving a very strong support to your Pitbull.


  • this product is not known to have any specific cons. Though a few customers have complained that it is not suitable for dogs of very big size.

How do Pitbull respond to harnesses?

This is a tricky question. How a Pitbull responds to harnesses vary greatly from one another. This is largely dependent on individual training of the dogs by their masters. Some Pitbulls might feel too aggressive to wear harnesses. In that case, it is up to their masters to train them in a way so that they can gradually get used to wearing harnesses. It is to be kept in mind that harnesses are a must for almost all dogs because they not only help you in controlling them but also give them support while moving around. When you are first introducing your dog to a harness, be sure to train it right so that he follows all your commands and becomes comfortable with harnesses gradually thereafter