Best Harness For Dachshund

Dogs are considered to be human being’s best friend. They tend to shower unconditional love to their master. They protect you from danger, are your trustful friend and never leave your side. So, it becomes your duty to protect your dog in all possible ways, be it food or any health related issues. Dachshunds are often called wiener dogs. Their long body structure can even lead to back problems. For this reason, a harness is recommended instead of a collar so that any medical problem is avoided. Let's explore right options of harness for miniature dachshund & also the Dachshund in general.

best harness for dachshund

Choosing the best harness for dachshund pup.

Top 3 Best Harness For Dachshund - Trainer's Choices






Freedom no-pull harness 

(Trainer's best Choice)





What Size Harness is good For A Dachshund?

The size of the harness is very important for your Dachshund. By measuring the abdomen of your dog which starts just at the base of the neck and encircles your dog’s body, you can determine its girth. When all the measurements are done, you can easily look for the harness which fits according to the size of your Dachshund.

John Doeh Dog Training Expert
  • To determine the correct size, you need a soft tape
  • Place that tape around the base of the neck to measure the neck circumference.
  • Measure the length of your dog’s body by placing the tape right starting from the base of the neck to the base of its tail.
  • The height is measured by taking the measurements from the base of the neck to the floor.

What Type of Harness is best suitable for your Dachshund?

There are numerous types of harness present in the market. Choosing the correct harness for your dog is a tough job. The harness material strongly determines the quality of the harness. For example :

  • A leather harness tends to be durable and is easily adjustable
  • Nylon harnesses are cheap whereas the mesh harnesses can withstand the hot weather.
  • Other examples of different types of harnesses are fabric harness which is very easy to clean and maintain

The strap of the harness should be long so that it gives enough support to the back of your dog. Considering all the situations, you must choose the best harness for your Dachshund. You must ensure that the harness you are choosing for Dachshund should properly fit your dog. You can loosen or tighten the harness accordingly. Keep an eye to make sure that your dog is comfortable and friendly with the harness. If you notice that after a walk, your dog has a chafed skin, immediately take necessary steps to change the inappropriate fitting of the harness.

The Top 3 Best Harnesses for Dachshund Reviews

#1 The Mesh Anti-Pull Harness

The Mesh Anti-Pull Harness

In this type of harnesses, the ring is situated at the back. This harness turns out to be the most favourable walking equipment for your Dachshund. The mesh design tends to provide comfort, control and a stylish look.

It stretches according to your dog’s movement. In order to reduce weathering, the material of this harness is made with highest quality nylon. The nylon strap is adjustable and can be adjusted according to your dog’s comfort. It comes in four sizes. The sizes are extra-small, small, medium and large. These harnesses are also called back-clip harness. It suits the small dogs. They are specially designed for calm dogs, which does not pull on the leash.


  • The neck area of your dog is very fragile, so avoid using collars. This harness protects your dog from any damage in their neck area.
  • It is not very difficult to put on the harness. You can easily put on and your dog is completely comfortable while wearing it.
  • Your dachshund wouldn’t choke himself while wearing the harness.
  • You can even get a wide variety of mesh anti pull harnesses with decorative patterns and embellishments.


  • These types of harnesses are made for calm dogs who are less involved in jumping or other activities such as pulling on the leash.
  • So it offers a limit and control to other dachshunds, which are always involved in playful activities or display aggression.
  • In such cases, a sled-pulling action is created which drags the owner as well.

Facts you should know about your Dachshund

#2 Gooby Harness Review (Choke Free Comfort)

They are also called as the front-clip harness. Here the ring having the leash attachment is present in the centre of your dachshund’s chest. Now you can easily take your dog out for a jogging with the help of a Gooby choke-free harness.

Gooby Harness Review

The pulling on the leash is reduced. A control over the direction of your dog is achieved with the help of the chest clip which is attached to the harness. Now the owner can easily redirect the dog to face towards him. This harness aims at training your dog the no-pull technique and makes him a well-mannered dachshund


  • They provide a functional steering. Which means you can now turn your dog around wherever you want.
  • The mesh is made of high-quality nylon.
  • Moreover, your dog gives up the poor leash manners and adopts a well-mannered behaviour. It teaches your dog to control the pulling on the leash
  • They are better than the traditional collars which fail to do so and often tend to choke up the dog’s neck.


  • Through this harness, your dog learns to control their pulling action but there are a few Dachshunds which have serious behaviour issues. For their aggression, an extra control is required to control them. For example, a head halter can solve the problem.
  • Whenever too much slack is given, the leash which is present on the front of the chest tends to tangle under the front legs of your dog. This may cause severe problems.

#3 Freedom No-Pull Harness

These harnesses come with adjustable straps. They are also called as the tightening harness. It tightens the body harness accordingly and if the dog pulls, it adds a pressure. When the harness is slightly tightened, your dog starts to feel uncomfortable. This, in turn, forces him to stop his pulling and walk slowly on a looser leash.

Freedom No-Pull Harness

This harness can prove beneficial for the most aggressive dogs. It is clipped on the back of the dog. Moreover, you must keep an eye while tightening the harness because sometimes a variation in the harness can invite pain for your Dachshund. This freedom no-pull harness offers a gentle but a non-pain inducing pressure which reduces the risk of increased aggression.


  • The freedom no-pull harness acts as the rehearsed puller devices. In other words, it can be said that when your dog pulls, this harness adds a slight pressure without creating any pain.
  • They can be easily put on your dachshund.
  • Available in various themes and colours.
  • Specially designed for the more aggressive breed of dogs. They are the perfect management tool when compared to a collar.


  • Sometimes, the harness can create pain. This pain, in turn, reduces the comfort level and gives a negative impact. This affects the surroundings and makes your dog more aggressive.
  • The freedom no-pull harness only acts as a training tool by simply training your dachshund on how to walk when the leash is loose. They only learn how to not pull while walking with this harness.

How do Dachshund respond to harnesses?

Dachshunds have a long and thin body with short legs. This type of body structure makes it easier for them to pass through any underground tunnel or pull out animals from hidden places. A harness tends to be more safe and comfortable than the collars. Dachshunds are completely friendly with the concept of harnesses.

Collars can cause neck or back trauma due to their constant pull on the neck. Whereas when you use a harness for your dog, a pressure is applied on the leash in order to direct your dog. This pressure is evenly distributed all over the harness and your dog does not feel anything. Dachshunds love the padded harness more than the naked nylon type harness. Check out other top types of harnesses.

The naked nylon type tends to pull fur and cause injury. The padded ones make them feel comfortable. With a harness, the Dachshund achieves more freedom of movement. Unlike the collars, problems related to gait and shoulders are diminished in the case of the harness.

Without any hesitation buy the correct size and correct type of harness for your Dachshund. This can prevent your dog from severe spinal injuries and thus help him to lead a happier and healthy life.

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