Best Harness For Chihuahua & their Response – Something Effective that is worth considering

Chihuahua - one of the smallest dog in so many breeds of dog worldwide. This breed of small dog has got its name from Chihuahua in Mexico. They are also known as Toy dogs because of their size and of course their cute qualities. It is very well heard from so many people who have or had this breed of dog that they don’t like to pet any other breed. As Chihuahua are dogs with a very delicate body, it is advisable to use a harness other than a collar, as harnesses are safe and secured for baby pets like Chihuahua. And that's why the best chihuahua harness is recommended.

Best Harness For Chihuahua

Top 3 Best Harness For Chihuahua - Trainer's Choices

What Size Harness is good For A Chihuahua?

Before you buy a harness especially if you are doing it for the very first time, measure your dog instead with a tape so that you can get an accurate measurement while you buy a harness for it. Originally it depends on the Girth which is measured as the widest part of Chihuahua's chest. Right from a size XXS to XL where Girth varies from 8-10” to 28-44”.

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A size of Harness varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and equally on the brand as well. A brand offering a size XS can vary from another brand offering the same size, that is one can fit your dog perfectly while the other one may appear loose or too tight

What Type of Harness is best suitable for Chihuahua?

Since Chihuahua’s have a very delicate body structure and similarly their bones are delicate too, because of which they should be given soft and secured harnesses too. A harness that securely fits the chest and the body, giving you a sort of control and also making the dog too feel comfortable and also a harness that avoids the neck contact should be opted for Chihuahua.

Moreover, Chihuahua being a very small dog you do not have to take that much of a control, they can be easily handled with a harness, and a collar is just not an option for them. You should not pull a small dog like Chihuahua through a collar as that can have a bad impact on the dog’s health such as trachea damage but a harness does not touch the throat area at all.

A harness that is providing support to the baby Chihuahua’s in walking and also providing warmth to this breed and is at the same time taking care about a kind of fashion statement whenever you are taking your Chihuahua out with you also makes sense. One should be sensible enough to consider all such factors before he or she is buying a harness that is suitable.

The Top 3 Chihuahua Harnesses Reviews

Whether it is for walks or for training or you are taking him out for jogging, using the best harness that goes perfectly with the given situation you are using it for is a must considering the fact that how much of small and delicate pets they are. Though there have been so many products available in the market or online but not all of them serve the purpose well because of which you should always consider opinions, opinions that have been well tried and tested and then have been formulated as opinions. So, we have 3 Harness products that have been their very best for a long time, such as-

Expawlorer Dog vest with Mesh

This product has been an all-time favorite product for the owners of Chihuahua and for the dog as well. This product is available for all kinds of dogs either the ones who are just born to the ones who are well developed. Even the teacup breeds find it comfortable wearing this harness and do not feel irritated. In fact, it helps them to walk more comfortably


  • It is very soft and feels like another layer of skin on your dog so he/she will always feel comfortable.
  • The air mesh in this product makes the harness airy, so your Chihuahua can breathe normally just as it does.
  • This product is very much durable and can be washed in the machine as you are very less likely to see wear and tear because of machine wash.


  • This Harness comes X shaped that goes over the neck and firmly sits on the puppy’s girth, no problem to its neck.
  • The strap of this product is adjustable and you can also attach the leash on the back because there is a D-ring which is handy.
  • Even if your dog has been coughing in a while, you can still use this harness as it has no contact with Chihuahua’s neck.


  • The only demerit to this product is the stretchable nature, that is, after frequent uses, it becomes a little loose

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Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull dog harness

For the love of hiking or holidaying alongside mountains or hill stations, you wouldn’t mind taking your favorite Chihuahua with you and for that, you need good protection, that is why this product is so much in demand and is loved.


  • A safety harness designer for car travels as you cannot just place your Chihuahua on a seat, they are small in size, just consider that.
  • Even after being designed as one durable and hard harness, it does not put any kind of pressure on the windpiped.
  • The kind of craftsmanship one expects from Kurgo, it comes with that keeping your trust.
  • The products of Kurgo are very well tested by a reputed university testing facility.


  • This product comes with a lifetime guarantee of all the materials and parts.
  • It is very much flexible as it comes with five adjustment points.
  • It has two D-rings to attach it to the leash, one at the back and the other one the brisket as a point with no pull attachment so when the dog pulls, the force applied by him actually turns him sideways, and with this, the habit of pulling of Chihuahua gradually disappears.


  • If you go by the name, this product has been designed for walking purpose so it is not crash tested.
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    It does not come in a variety of color options, for the time being it is just black.
EcoBark Maximum Comfort & Control Dog Harness

A super comfortable harness even for the most rebellious dogs, as the comfort does not let them be that much of a rebel when taken out for some walk. Luxurious because they are luxuriously comfortable to carry around anywhere to everywhere for your favorite Chihuahua’s.


  • It is a mesh harness that is breathable and moderately fits itself to any dog’s shape.
  • Their size chart is all perfect and while buying a product from them you absolutely do not have to give a second thought when it comes to size as they offer standard sizes.
  • As far as the name is concerned it is because this product is very much eco-friendly.
  • They add a great amount of sparkle in your dog’s life and also to yours as they are studded with luxury that itself suggests the shine you get from the best quality material they use for the product.


  • Given the dog wears it once, he wouldn’t agree on taking it out and would love to adjust himself in this new-found harness willingly.
  • They are known for their quality so that is the best and it is very much easy to wear in and wear out.
  • A great harness to go for especially when your Chihuahua is strict against harnesses.


  • The con to this product is it's non-adjustable so you need to consider a size that you are well aware of that it will definitely fit your dog as you have to slip it over its head and away from its neck.
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    As they have been recycled and then made, the term luxury to it adds up the cost.

​​How does Chihuahua respond to harness?

There are so many things worth considering when you are planning to use a harness for your Chihuahua. It is important to note their size before you buy one as you definitely do not want to choke them or cause tracheal damage to them.

Chihuahua’s are very smart and at times aggressive, so you need to have patience while handling them. If he is being smart to escape himself out of the harness, you need to make sure whether or not the harness is comfortable, soft and is being delicate to their soft skin, if not then that might be the reason for them trying to find an escape. They respond very quickly if they are appreciated or loved for their good behavior, so if they are being aggressive and try to pull themselves out of the harness, then choose one which comes with D-rings as they mobilize their momentum sideways and then they are likely to leave this habit.

So, no need to pull them with a chain or collar, instead act smart as they are smarter and you can ease it out on their different responses to different situations. While you are taking your Chihuahua out, don’t forget to make it fun, then they are likely to be more active while wearing harnesses and feel more comfortable too.