Best Dog Beds for Golden Retriever Sleeping 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

It is one thing finding the perfect Golden Retriever and it is quite another thing to find the Perfect bed for your Golden Retrievers Sleeping. The difference between them is that while the former one is admittedly a tough task, the latter might seem an easy one initially but is actually not quite simple. This Guide will clear your doubts and will give you Best Golden Retriever Dog beds choices.

The reason for being so is that most of us are unaware of the essence and functionality that the bed has in a dog’s life and therefore underestimate the task of choosing it carefully. What we must do is give more priority to the task of choosing the appropriate bed so that your Golden retriever gets all the comfort it deserves while lying on it lazily. The first piece of advice that needs to be imparted is that please do not go for a cute bed instead of the effective one.

Top Choices for Golden Retriever Dog Beds ​

Bed NameDurabilityWashableQuality 
Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
(Editor's Choice)
Very HighYesVery HighCheck Price
Integrity Bedding Orthopedic Dog bed HighYesHighCheck Price
DogBed4Less Orthopedic Memory foamMediumYesAverageCheck Price
MidWest quiet time pet bedHighYesHighCheck Price

The Factors to Consider While Buying your Golden Retriever the Perfect Bed

Every object that serves your purpose must fulfill a few criteria before it can be chosen. A Golden Retriever generally has some essential requirements when it comes to its bed and therefore it is mandatory to pay attention to them while buying one.

  • Sizes : Much similar to Golden Retrievers which comes in many sizes, its bed can also be of a variety of sizes. It is up to you to select the correct size of the bed that suits your Golden retriever perfectly. The perfect size of the bed will provide your dog ample amount of freedom to spread itself without the fear of falling off while having a cozy nap.
  • Space : Talking about space, you should be careful while choosing the size of the bed as it must coordinate with the space available in your house. Your dog bed must not look out of place inside your room. It must allow people to move around the bed and even sit beside it comfortably
  • Thickness : The thickness of the bed also must be given a glance while choosing it. The foam must be adequately thick so that it prevents the weight of the dog from pressing it down to the floor
  • Personality : The personality of your dog goes a long way in determining the right bed for it. Your Golden Retriever must have a bed that matches its own personality. It is like choosing clothes for oneself where it is very important to wear clothes which suit one’s personality.
  • Health : Heath factors of the Golden retriever such as anxiety issues, arthritis and joint pains also affect the selectivity of the bed. The bed must aid the Retriever helping it to keep the prevalent health issue from affecting it.

The Top 5 Golden Retriever Dog Bed Reviews

As mentioned before there are different beds which suits different purposes for the Golden Retriever. A thin fleece bed would suit the dog crate of your Golden Retriever. Removable covers can protect them from dirt and stains and other than that there are dog beds with suitable surfaces for large dogs that are easy to clean. Here we provide details about a few dog beds that are best for your Golden Retriever.

Orthopedic Dog beds

For Golden Retrievers that are old in age and having some form of illness orthopedic beds serve just the right purpose. It provides the Golden Retriever a nice place where they can rest comfortably. It is a known fact that as the dogs grow old they become more susceptible to illnesses related to the bones. Therefore, essentially for old Golden Retrievers Orthopedic beds are a boon. Let us discuss a few types of Orthopedic beds.

1. Big Barker 7 inch with pillow top Orthopedic Dog bed

Big Barker 7" Orthopedic Dog Bed for Golden RetrieverThe perfect dog bed with respect to aging Golden Retrievers. The orthopedic facilities have a guarantee of about 10 years and they are specially handcrafted so that they serve your Golden Retriever without any deformation of size or shape. They are not specifically designed for smaller dogs and they might be too powerful for them to handle.

Many reviews of customers who have bought this bed for their Golden Retriever have stated that their dogs are simply in love with this bed. And compared to other beds these do not allow the dog’s imprints to remain on them even if they lie on it for long stretches of time. This is all by virtue of the foam supplied inside this Orthopedic bed for Golden Retrievers. The foam is constructed out of therapeutic foam which are 7 inch in thickness which allows the body shape of the dog to be perfectly accommodated in the bed while it is enjoying its lazy afternoon naps. As soon as the dog abandons the bed it will retain its original shape.

For cleaning purposes, you can use a bed cover which can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.



  • Quality of the materials are top-class
  • A headrest is provided which adds comfort to the dog.
  • 7-inch foam which helps to maintain the shape of the bed.



  • For smaller dogs it is very unsuitable.


2. Integrity Bedding Orthopedic Dog bed with joint Relief bolster for large dogs 

Integrity Bedding Integrity Orthopedic Memory FoamThis bed is totally unique in terms of the orthopedic services it provides to the dog and in this case your Golden Retriever. Shape retentiveness of the bed is similar to the earlier one whereas here it has been provided by a 5-inch-thick memory foam. Although less thick than the Big Barker bed it contains enough depth so that the bed does not get out of shape. Here the foam is partitioned into 3 adjacent layers. On top of everything is the 1-inch memory foam made of premium visco convolution which provides suitable airflow to the bed. Secondary to this is the medium polyurethane layer of 1-inch thickness and having a soft center. It absorbs the extra pressure of the weight of the dog. The 3-inch bottom layer is made of dense polyurethane and gives the vital support for proper functioning of the bed.

It is also equipped with a headrest that allows extra comfort to your Golden Retriever’s repose. Dogs having bone problems such as arthritis, joint movement problems etc. will feel aptly comforted by the orthopedic provisions of this bed.

A removable cover will easily provide cleaning options that are satisfactory.


  • Best suitable for ill or ageing dogs.
  • Comfortable headrest for easy access.
  • Good quality materials are provided.



  • Just the aspect that the thickness is lesser than the earlier bed.


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3. DogBed4Less Orthopedic Memory foam dog bed

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Dog Bed for Golden Retriever SleepingThis dog bed falls into the category of moderately priced dog beds and would come in very handy for those not being able to afford the above mentioned dog beds. This serves as the perfect alternative to them with its reasonable price and its overall efficient services. All in all, this package promises you excellent value for money.

The memory foam of this bed is ruggedly efficiently and works well in maintaining the proper shape of the bed. The memory foam preserves the original structure of the bed even if your Golden Retriever decides against removing itself from the bed. Being an orthopedic bed it is very suitable for Golden Retriever suffering from Arthritis and other health hazards that affect it. It perfectly serves as a contour to your Golden Retriever’s body. Getting into facts, its memory foam constitutes 3.2 pounds of foam of very high density. Unlike the bed mentioned above it does not come in layers and is thus devoid of any kind of layering. But that does not mean it cannot provide able support and comfort rather it functions as perfectly as the other bed does.

The standout feature of this bed is the double layered cover it contains which is also removable for washing purposes. While the inner cover is made of Taffeta Fabric that is waterproof its outer cover consists of easily washable and durable denim.

If you ask me, personally I feel it is a top quality purchase.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Equally comfortable and effective for elderly Golden Retrievers.
  • Total value for money.



  • Does not come with a headrest and the foam is only 3.2 inch thick.


4. Brindle 4-inch Orthopedic Bed

A very reasonably priced orthopedic foam bed which has a 4-inch memory foam and is very efficiently sized for your Golden retriever. A waterproof cover ensures that dirt and stains stay away from the bed and it is easily washable. An added bonus comes in the form of a 3-year warranty.

Brindle 4 Inch Solid Golden Retriever Bed

It has an open cell technology allowing ample airflow through the mattress and providing a more suitable temperature or your Golden Retriever. The 4-inch foam is divided into a 2-inch memory foam and a 2-inch support foam.


  • Comfortable bedding with a 4-inch memory foam.
  • Open cell technology.



  • The fact that it does not come with a headrest.


Fleece Beds

A fleece bed can be another convenient option for your Golden Retriever. All you need to do is fix the fleece bed in the dog crate that is suitable for your Golden Retriever.

5. MidWest quiet time pet bed

A perfect fleece bed for the perfect dog crate. It is made of a rich textured synthetic fleece and provides an ultra-soft and smooth surface for your Golden Retriever. The beauty of this fleece bed is that it suits the purposes of both warm and cold climates. This is because the fleece made of sheepskin helps your Golden Retriever to adapt efficiently to the weather that is frequently changing.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Bed

You have the options of either fixing it to the dog crate or simply putting it in the living room. Your Golden Retriever will be comforted anyway. Further options on the fabrication of the fleece bed are available. Cinnamon Plush Fur, Gray Plush Fur and common fleece are the available variety in material. Varieties in colors are also available with three different colors suiting your Golden Retriever best.

Washing is the easiest with a fleece bed. All you need to do is toss the fleece bed right into the washing machine and watch it do the rest.


  • Easy options for washing.
  • Suitable for a dog crate.
  • Variety of colors and materials available.



  • It is hard to pick out any disadvantage in fleece beds other than your golden retriever might not like fleece.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers.

For your guidance we state below some FAQs about Golden Retriever Dog beds.

Which bed should I buy for my Golden Retriever?

Does my Golden Retriever need more than one bed?

What is the longevity of such beds?

How often is a wash needed?

Necessary precautions to take to ensure that your Golden retriever is comfortable with the bed :

A few precautionary steps must be taken care of so that your Golden retriever does not face any uncomfortable situation while enjoying its sleep.

  • Ensure at regular intervals that the bed is clean and without any stains. This will make the Golden retriever comfortable as well as keep it safe from other health hazards.
  • Provide dog toys near the bed so that your Golden retriever feels entertained while it enjoys its afternoon repose.
  • Keep the bed in an appropriate place where no potentially harmful objects are placed. Dogs tend to mess up with stuff placed near them and you surely do not want to see your dog meddling with a knife or any similar objects of potential danger.