Best Harness for English Bulldogs & their Response

Almost all the dog owners are aware of the fact that caring for their pets is much challenging. Though we like to cherish dogs because of their loyalty and loving nature, we cannot control them without a good harness. While buying a harness, you perhaps check out your convenience in managing the dog. However, it is also essential to know whether your doggie is feeling comfy after wearing the harness. But, all harness models do not suit every dog species. And for best English bulldog harness, you need to choose your harness, considering several factors.

Best English Bulldog Harness

Top 3 Best Harness For English Bulldogs - Trainer's Choices

Harness size that is best for English bulldog -

There is no harness of a definite size that fits to all the Bulldogs. As an owner, you need to take the measurement of your own bulldog. The size of neck, collar, and chest helps you to determine the harness size.

John Doeh, Dog Training Expert

The length from tail to breastbone also enables you to choose the right sized harness. It is important to be careful that you have not included the fur’s thickness while measuring various parts of your dogs. All the harness brands present a size chart to give information on the availability of the products. So, choose one depending on your bulldog’s measurement.

What Type of Harness is best suitable for English Bulldogs?

Weight pulling is one of the popular categories of dog harness. However, it is best for those, who have trained their bulldogs. This harness promotes the development of chest and shapes up the dogs’ muscles. Many of these harnesses include lease and shock-absorber.

Tracking harness is also another accepted type, which allows uniform development of a pup’s body. In most cases, the dog owners choose it, when their pets participate in races or competitions.

If you consider harness types, according to their design, then you may find some models, which embrace your dog’s chest. This is a better option for controlling the large-sized bulldogs. Many other models wrap around a dog’s nose portion, and during the pulling action, the pressure will reach the neck’s rear part. However, the best feature of this harness is that it prevents your doggie from barking excessively

You can also choose an option between front-clip and back-clip harness. The first one allows you to manage the dog’s direction of movement. The latter one is good when you are just walking with your dog. Many harnesses are designed only for those bulldogs that have complications at the back. They give comfort to the dogs, causing almost no issue.

The Top 3 English Bulldog Harnesses Reviews

1. Julius-K9 IDC Power harness review

JULIUS-K9, a reliable name as a dog harness manufacturer, has offered one of the sturdy straps to control your English bulldog. This well-designed harness, designed with high-quality materials, is also useful to deal with almost all the working doggies.

The most important feature of this product is that this is an Innova Dog Comfort harness, manufactured in a special way to reduce the pressure or stress on your pet’s neck. The harness allows distribution of pressure throughout the dog’s chest. The interior part of this harness is designed with a breathable material so that your canine pet will have no discomfort. The outer fabric is also able to resist water and scratches.

Edge of this harness is highly reflective, and thus, it works as a flashlight at night. The design of the handle is also unique as it allows you in lifting the dog without any effort. A ring is also attached to the harness, and you can hold this ring or handle. The strap is adjustable near the stomach and chest portion. To put the harness on your dog, you just need to use the Velcro.

The brand has offered multiple options of colors and sizes. You can choose any of the fifteen different colored harnesses. Before buying one, it is also essential to read the size chart because the harness size should vary depending on the dog’s chest portion and its weight. However, it is to be noted that the handle is not present in two sizes (intended for the baby bulldogs). You can get a side bag with the harness of particular sizes (zero to four).


  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Removable label.
  • Material is Skin-Friendly.
  • Buckles are much sturdy.


  • Stitching near metal loop is not strong.

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2. Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness

It is another dog harness that you can use for your furry friend. Puppia has already become one of the popular brands to the dog owners because of the convenience it provides to the user. At the same time, the design of this harness is also much fashionable, and most of the dog owners love to hold this harness while spending time with their pets.

The collar portion and also the front part are designed with polyester. You can put it easily on the doggie’s breast area. The harness will cause no inconvenience to the dog at the time of strolling. While some pressure is applied, it will get dispersed all over the dog’s shoulder and neck. However, you have to consider the fact that neck portion of your harness is not flexible. Thus, it is essential to pick the right size for your bulldog.


  • Adjustable model.
  • Size fits to dogs of various breeds.
  • The material does not hurt your dog.
  • Breathable.
  • Lightweight.


  • Tough check buckle- Not easy to unlock.

The overall design of the harness is very lightweight. With softer finish and breathable fabric, the harness is available to the users in nine different colors. There are also four different size options, ranging from the small to the extra-large versions. The chest belt is adjustable to give comfort to your dog. A D-ring and a snap are also attached to this belt so you can hook your harness to a leash.

Thus, the colorful harness from Puppia allows the dog owners to choose the best option for their pet. Though the size of all bulldogs or any other species is not same, you need to pick the most suitable one for your needs.

3. HDP Big Dog Soft No Pull Harness

Almost all the dog owners know that pulling is one of the most frustrating issues. Though dedication and effort may solve this problem, there is a special harness, which offers you no pull model. HDP harness is designed in such a way that your doggie will walk straight with no straining and twisting. It is one of the major reasons for which lots of dog owners have chosen HDP harness. In most cases, the elderly bulldogs have the habit of pulling, while walking with their owners.

Another notable feature of the harness is the user-friendly buckles. This simple system allows a dog owner to prevent their pets from getting slipped from their harness. No matter how active your dog is, you will be able to control it with the help of this harness. Secure the buckles while using your harness and your dog will never get out of your control. The harness design will also never cause a choking issue to the bulldog. As the chest portion is wider, it allocates the strain all over your dog’s shoulders.


  • No pull and no choke dog harness.
  • Includes D-Ring and padding.
  • Allows comfortable strolling with dogs.


  • Need improvement for reducing pulling in a better way.

The padded part of the harness gives comfort to the dog. Moreover, the handle, attached to the harness, is also convenient to you to tackle the bulldog. The firmly attached D-Ring allows free and smooth movement, and there will be no stress on your hand or on doggie’s body.

How Does a Bulldog give response to your harness?

We know that bulldogs fall into a category of brachycephalic species, and thus, their face is flat and compact. However, in many cases, these breeds have issues, like overheating. This overheating is caused mainly due to their complication in breathing. That is why they give a positive response to the harness and not to the collars. You can walk with your bulldog continuously or train it by putting the harness on the neck.

Bulldogs also feel better with the soft leather-made harness. Moreover, as these leather ones are sturdier, you can get value from the extra longevity. The padded ones also give a wonderful feeling to the muscles and skin of your bulldog.

A well-designed harness controls the natural instinct of a dog. While you are dealing with a pup, the harness may discourage jumping and pulling, and also reduces the distraction of your doggie. You can walk with your pet peacefully or train it effort with no issue of jerking. But, whether your bulldog will give a positive or negative response depends mainly on what harness design you have chosen. If it is causing inconvenience, the dog will not show friendly behavior.