The 3 Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds (Reviews of 2020)

Are you looking out for a comfy and elegant Dog Bed for your Greyhound? These dog breeds are loving, loyal and gentle to the owners. So, it is your responsibility to return back all their love by getting a dog bed for them. Now, not all the beds are suitable for these dog breeds and Dog Bed is a great option. We did week-long research and are ready with the top picks which you can consider if you wish to buy the Best for your pup.

Owning a pet is always a great feeling. We make our life happier and contended with a pet around us and so we try to bring every sort of comfort for our pets.

And thus, when you are on for making a comfortable stay for your greyhound dog at your home a dog bed is a must. Here is how you solve the need of a bed for your Greyhound!

Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds – Summary

Among all the dog beds we came across, Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed is just on a new level! Once you get your hands on this, it will be hard to get over it. The fabric and the quality itself speaks for this. This mattress even keeps the furniture out of dirt and dust. With the water-resistant quality on the base, keeps your pet protected against any kind of accident.

Next recommendation on the list is the Amazon Choices product, American Kennel Club Solid Pet Bed. Your pup will love sleeping inside this self-warming cozy pet bed, with the backing of the durable foam inside it. Here the sleeping area is of the quilted plush quality, which offers the best for the canine rest.

Do you have an oldie greyhound at your home? Then you must get them the Five Diamond Collection Orthopedic Bed, which offers an excellent support for all the older as well as other pets having joint issues. The inner fabric is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting soiled that easily. It includes 6 different types of shredded foam, which prevent the bed from getting flat.

Bed NameDurabilityWashableQuality
Five Diamond Collection orthopedic bed
(Editor's Choice)
Very HighYesVery High
Furhaven Orthopedic Pet bedHighYesAverage
American Kennel Club Solid pet bedMediumYesHigh

Top 3 Best Greyhound Dog Beds of 2020 (Reviews)

From their sleeping, eating and playing habits being the core of our daily lives, we include the pet’s necessities in our house and create a special home in our home for them. And if you have a dog as a pet in the house, the needs just increase a little bit more. Today people are trying to adopt all the breeds of dogs which can be domesticated and can prove to be friendlier. And hence Greyhounds have also been included in the list of domestic pets with their athletic moods and quiet, intelligent and even tempered mind.

1. Five Diamond Collection Orthopedic Bed

Five Diamond Collection has always brought a complete solution for pets and their comfort to us. And this unique memory foam Orthopedic bed is no different. With Washable bed cover, soft suede fabric and ultimate orthopedic comfort, this is the right pick for the dogsFive Diamond Collection Shredded Dog Beds for Greyhounds

Some of the features that it has are:

  • The foam used is not he regular ones but the shredded memory foams which won’t go flat for long and will keep the bed as soft as new for long.
  • The orthopedic built gives the dog body a sense of comfort which inculcates sleep patterns well.
  • The Five Diamond Collection Greyhound bed is available in various sizes like 25 x 20 inches, 37 x 27 inches, 55 x 37 inches and 40 x 35 inches to suit the size of your dog.
  • The soft foam and orthopedic built never lets the dog have a rough or disturbed sleep.
  • Comfortable and double sided and so if one side goes dirty one can just flip and use it.
  • Easy to wash even in machine
  • Durable fabric which does not get dog chews
  • Does not have a cushion or pillow for head resting
  • The height of the bed isn’t much and hence if the dog is heavy, it might go as low as the floor
  • The dig in sleep might not suit all the dogs

This is the orthopedic support dog bed which we would like to recommend for all the senior breeds out there. Here the fabric is also waterproof in quality, so you don’t have to much worry on the spills here. Simply wipe it out, and you are good to go!

2. Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed

Furhaven has been a pet friendly company with a large number of designer and comfortable beds designed especially for the dogs. These beds are popular particularly because of the fur finish they have and the soothing effect they give to the pet body. Made up of the foam base and fur cushioning the bed is one of the most comfortable beds of all times and makes sleeping a therapeutic feel for the pets.Furhaven Orthopedic Pet bed for Greyhounds
Some of the features that it has are:

  • Supports joints and gives soothing effect to body
  • 27 x 26 inch is perfect for medium to large dogs
  • Orthopedic mattress with fur cushioning
  • Removable and water resistant covers
  • As the cushioning is soft and orthopedic it releases the tension of the pet body
  • Soft and makes sleeping easier
  • Size is perfect for all the dogs
  • Comes in various colors to match the interiors with.
  • Only 3 inch of height which makes it a little thin for a dog bed
  • No cushions or pillows complimenting the bed

Without any doubt, this is the ideal and the best dog bed which you can get for your greyhound. Where else would you get a waterproof base for canine protection? Also, they come with a step-on design which makes all the access easy for the older pets while they get on and off from the mattress. Highly-recommended!

3. American Kennel Club Solid Pet Bed

Talk about dogs and the American Kennel Club has its name on the list. This beautiful bed designed by the American Kennel Club is a definition of comfort and luxury for the pets while being the best for your pet. The comfortable cushioning, the corner finish, the style and look all make up for the entire package as the best pet bed ever.

American Kennel Club Solid Greyhounds bed

Some features are:

  • 21 x 6-inch round bed
  • Polyester fabric for comfort and cleaning
  • Machine wash and easy to store
  • Bucket like finish to support the body movements
  • The round shape and corner risings make the pet play easier on bed
  • The soft fur finish and fabric make resting and sleeping therapeutic
  • Size is perfect for medium to large dogs
  • Comes in variable colors to suit your choice
  • Polyester doesn’t always feel comfortable specially in summers
  • There is no tough mattress inside and hence feels more like a soft toy

This is the most liked product on Amazon, as per the customer reviews received. For washing purpose, you need to make use of only cold water for this, and perform the tumble dry on the low setting. It also adds the safety feature with the non-skid bottom! One drawback is that it has got less colour options, so you would only get to choose from a set of 5 colours for this.

Greyhound Characteristics

14% WatchDog Ability , 53% Health issues , 24% Exercise Needs

Please Note : the above calculations were taken from various vets survey and may differ. the 2. health issues segment means “level of health issues greyhound tends to have “. 3. Exercise Needs means ” level of daily activity needed “.

How to Choose a Bed for Greyhound? What are the requirements?

Owners face a tough call in deciding if the dogs that they have adopted actually need a dog bed or are just fine strolling across the house and sleeping in the open. Most of the times the dog habits decides the choice while other times it is sheer love that makes the call. As for Greyhounds, they being the racing dogs are athletic and active but today they like to stay comfortable and rest rather than jump around in the open.

And hence you will find Greyhounds today lying more on sofa and beds rather than playing in the park. Choosing the bed for Greyhound can be difficult and confusing. Spend some time with your pet and know their lifestyle to match best with their needs. Some of these factors might help!

  • Comfort : Bed is always associated with comfort – human and dogs alike. So it’s always good to go with the bed that offers complete comfort. The bed that promises to give your pet a comfortable sleep at night is the one you should choose.
  • Size : The size of the bed matters the most as it should at least make your dog lay in it properly with its body completely covered in the bed. You must consider the height and weight of the dog and their growth to identify the size which shall suit them.
  • Cushion : While some dogs love cushions others don’t. However, it is the habit which develops in them that needs to be taken care of. Cushions make the playing in the bed possible for the pet which will make them jump less on your sofa or bed.
  • Price : One of the most decisive factors is money. Choose only what’s in your budget!

Determining the need and requirements of the bed is not difficult once you know what you are willing to do for your pet. However, when you invest into something for home, you always look for its broader prospects and life. And hence these are the factors which shall determine the requirements of the beds for greyhounds.

  • Quality :  When spending money, and buying a good bed for your lovely pet, it is always worthwhile to invest in a bed which is qualitative and serves the purpose rather than the one which is not of the desired comfort and quality and gets worn out easily. Choose high quality foam and long lasting design to have a good investment.
  • Chew Safe : Dogs chew on anything that is in their access and hence the bed is no different. Choose the fabric which is chew safe and won’t get ruined by its canine teeth.
  • Good Size : Choose a large bed which serves right for your pet and makes it sleep effortlessly on the bed. If the bed has a cover even better!

What are Greyhounds’ sleeping habits?

Greyhounds are also known as the bed dogs. This is because these dogs love to sleep and can almost make it up to 22 hours a day. As these dogs have had a tough life working as racing dogs, they generally become lazy and sleepy after retiring. And hence one shall always find them sleeping. They love to get cozy on the bed and take a nap every now and then. However, if they are given proper training they might just reduce the sleeping pattern to almost 15 hours a day. And thus, they need good beds and comfort.

What are Greyhounds’ sleeping positions?

Interestingly Greyhounds sleep in rather amazing positions which sometimes may freak out the owner. Some of the Greyhounds sleeping positions are:

    • Dead Cockroach – With their hands and legs in the air Greyhounds sometimes sleep like a dead cockroach and maneuver themselves on the back.
    • Flagpole – With their legs literally up in the air and resting themselves on the back, they sometimes stretch their hand in a position which almost feels like they are holding a flag.
    • Donut position – This is when the dog is at its comfortable best and cozying in a small place. This can be a bed or a corner where the dog lies in a U-shape with nose slightly bent down and legs stretching towards the face.
    • Side sleeping – This is when the Greyhound sleeps on its sides and rests the face on a pillow or cushion, just like humans.

A bed is pretty much a necessity for all of us and for dogs like Greyhounds who love to sleep for long hours in a day, it only makes sense to invest in a good dog bed and secure their comfort!

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