The 3 Best Dog Beds for Great Dane (Reviews of 2020)

When it comes to majestic creatures like the Great Dane, they have an entirely different set of needs especially when it comes to sleeping. We have listed out the Best Dog Beds for Great Dane so that you can simplify your selection and choose the right bed for your canine. Quality and Comfort is what we have mainly looked upon in the products.

All pet parents are guilty if pampering their furkids with lots of love and often spoiling them with materialistic joys as well. That’s just part of being a pet parent, we agree. In fact, if there is one area in our dogs’ lives where we are thoroughly invested, and have no qualms about spending a good amount of money, then it has to be their beds.

Best extra large dog beds for great danes should be preferred over other’s, this guide will surely help you choose the best one.

Not only do they need greater care, more exercise, but their beds need to be specifically designed so as to offer their bone structure optimum support.

Best Dog Bed for Great Dane – At Glance

BRINDLE Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed tops the list, and is the best recommended for your Great Dane. This portable dog bed is light in weight too, so you can easily carry it around even when you are on travel. They also include high quality orthopedic memory foam support that comforts all the pressure points. Topped with a soft comforting fabric as the covering.

The second recommendation is the Baxter Couch Microsuede X-Large, which is a heavy-duty Microsuede Fleece support dog bed. Here the removable cover makes the cleaning easy, and effortless for you. It gives a luxurious feel to the dogs with the soft and comfortable design. It also offers quality support on the neck and the back portion.

Looking for the largest option in the dog beds? Then check out the XXL Dog Bed Hypo-loft Fiber and Orthopedic Foam! It can accommodate the largest breed among all your canine friends, giving the best in space and comfort. There is an orthopedic foam bottom that gives good joint support and comforts the muscle areas too. Large in size, but easy on the mobility part.

Bed NameDurabilityWashableQuality
Baxter Couch Microsuede X-Large
(Editor's Choice)
Very HighYes (Machine Washable)Very High
BRINDLE Soft Memory FoamMediumYesHigh
Great Dane - XXL Dog Bed Hypo-loft FiberHighYesHigh

Top 3 Best Great Dane Dog Beds of 2020

As is evident, Great Danes need a lot of space, especially when they are full grown. This means that you have to place their sleeping beds in a part of the house that has a lot of surrounding open space. We have collected these reviews of dog beds which are perfect for Great Dane.

1. Baxter Couch Microsuede X-Large for Great Dane

Measuring a staggering 34 by 54 inches, this is one big dog bed that is more than enough to accommodate your bug pooch without being pressed for space. In fact, the dog couch can be even used for a number of small sized dogs with absolute ease.
Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Dane
The bottom or the base is a solid 4 inches, which makes it easier for your dog to climb into it, without any hassles. The Baxter dog couch will come apart well with two separate and different zipper compartments, one of which is for the bolster section and the other one is for the bottom orthopedic foam.

  • The bed comes with orthopedic memory foam, which offers complete support, especially if your dog is old or has any orthopedic issues.
  • The memory foam which has been used in the base, is of recycled origin and free of toxins, making it good and safe for both the environment as well as your dog.
  • The cover is completely removable. The fabric is light, and you can simply throw it into the machine to wash and dry it out in the sun.
  • It comes with three bolstered pillows to support the heavy frame of a Great Dane, and provide neck support while sleeping.
  • The Baxter Couch, unfortunately, comes only in one color, that is chocolate brown.
  • Since the Baxter Couch is big, measuring 34 inches by 54 inches, and is almost 14 pounds heavy, it can be very difficult to move it from one place to another.
  • The memory foam in the base as well as the pillows makes it impossible to wash the entire bed altogether.
Though it has got a few drawbacks, overall review of the product is great! This USA made dog bed has a bolster setup that gives a warm and cozy time to your canine with a quality neck support. It is a high on demand product, so grab the choice as soon as possible!

2. BRINDLE Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover

The Brindle Memory Foam bed has been one of the most popular dog beds for the past few years, especially among people who own large dogs like Great Danes, German Shepherds and so on, as well as a number of small dogs that love to cuddle together.

BRINDLE Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed for Great Dane
Extremely simple and completely portable, this bed has been long used by owners both inside their houses, outside in the sun and in their gardens, as well as inside the dog crates in order to make journeys smoother and more comfortable for their pooches.

  • The Brindle dog bed comes in four different colors for you and your pooch to choose from – teal, red, khaki and last but not the least, stone.
  • The memory foam which has been used in the base of the dog bed, is soft enough to relieve pressure from joints, and thereby prevent any sort of pain or joint ache, but it is also firm enough to support the dog’s entire weight.
  • The bed comes in a staggering seven different sizes for you to choose from, based on your furbaby’s dimension, the biggest being 52 inch by 34 inch, which is big enough for a Great Dane.
  • If your dog is in the habit if chewing through stuffs, then the outer covering for this bed may not last very long.
  • Unfortunately, the Brindle bed does not come with any additional pillows or bolstered sides for you to attach to the base.

These are the only two drawbacks which we came across during the reviewing though. Not a good option for the chewers out there! Comes with a few yet classic colour shades which can go really well with all home decors. Set the machine on a gentle cycle, and tumble dry the cover along with the bedding.

3. Great Dane – XXL Dog Bed Hypo-loft Fiber and Orthopedic Foam by Hidden Valley

XXL; that is an extra extra-large couch bed for your four-legged buddy! Here the dog bed arrives in cool and calm colour shades matching it up with all kinds of home decor. You will find orthopedic support on the bottom side, with a top fleece setup on the top portion. Another surprising fact about this XXL bed is that it is light-weighted, and comes with a free mobility nature.

Great Dane - XXL Dog Bed Hypo-loft Fiber and Orthopedic Foam by Hidden Valley

Made of plush fleece that offers comfort, this dog bed by hidden Valley it as utilitarian for the owner as it is comfortable for the dog. Designed using superior quality materials, this one weighs 13 pounds and measures 34 inches by 54 inches, making it perfect for a Great Dane. In fact, the outer covering is also made of micro suede to make your dog more comfortable.

  • The Hidden Valley dog bed comes with an attached zipper along the back, which means you can remove the outer covering and wash it whenever you deem necessary.
  • If you do not want to wash it, then you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to get all of the fur off of the outer covering.
  • The three pillows can be separated and removed, according to the specific needs of your dogs, and for cleaning.
  • Unfortunately, the company Hidden Valley does not offer any warranty guidelines or periods on this dog bed, which means that you cannot get a replacement in case it sustains damages after the purchase.
  • This dog bed also comes only in just one color, that is, cream, which does not leave a lot of choices for either the owner or the dog.

It is still not much popular among the Amazon buyers out there. Still more than half of the buyers have given a positive response for this dog bed. Make sure that you note down the space availability in your place, and then consider on whether to purchase this dog bed or not.

Great Dane Characteristics

97% Watchdog Ability , 65%Health Issues , 25% Exercise Needs

Please Note : the above calculations were taken from various vets survey and may differ. the 2. health issues segment means “level of health issues great dane tends to have “. 3. Exercise Needs means ” level of daily activity needed “.

What should you consider while choosing a bed for a Great Dane?

Of course, this goes without saying that the necessary requirements of a Great Dane are far different from that of an ordinary sized lap dog (know more). Therefore, before you make a decision, you should take a look at your dog’s requirements:

  • The shedding: Let’s be honest, Great Danes shed a lot of fur, and we mean, a lot. Dogs these big also need constant grooming, which means you will have a fair amount of fur to take out of nooks and crannies of the house, as well as the dog bed. So be prepared for this, and in order to reduce further shedding due to friction, buy beds that have microfiber as the building materials for their covers.
  • The size: Again, this goes without saying that they are larger in size, and hence their beds need to be able to accommodate their full structure, or else the hardwood or even the cold floor is going to be detrimental to their overall health.
  • The foam: Their bones need complete support, which means that the memory foam or any form of stuffing used in the inside of the need must be of superior quality, and should not go limp after a few weeks of using. A good quality of foam is extremely important, especially if your Great Dane is a senior dog and has any physical issues like bone disorders or breathing problems.
  • The outer cover: It is rare that a Great Dane be allergic to a particular type of material, but it is in fact a possibility. Thus, you need to determine which kind of fabric your furkid is allergic to, and avoid buying a bed that uses the same material for its covering. Make sure that the fabric is tough and resistant to easy moisture retention.
  • The issues: One major issue that has been plaguing this breed is Hip Dysplasia wherein thigh bone does not fit snugly into joint of the hip, and consequently, they develop problems walking and later on, they develop severe arthritis. If your dog has such issues, then you need to get a specialized support providing custom bed for them, especially on the consultation of a vet.

What are the usual sleeping habits of a Great Dane?

For starters dogs can need up to fourteen hours of sleep in a single day, especially when they are stressed. For big breeds like Saint Bernards and Great Danes, this can stretch up to eighteen hours. Since they are not overtly excited, unlike small lap dogs, they can do with fourteen hours as well. However, make sure that they get the required amount of sleeping time each and every single day, or else it can lead to stress, which can, in turn, lead to problems and changes in their usual pattern of behavior.

Most Great Danes will sleep through the night without disturbing anyone in the family, but if you have a puppy that has a tendency to be overly excited, or is in the middle of the teething process, then they may tend to get up in the wee hours of the night and start whining. Rest assured, this is completely natural, and usually taking them out for a small stroll helps.

Make sure not to keep any fragile items around them as their tails may end up smacking them, especially when they are twitching in their sleep.

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