The 3 Best Dog Beds for Border Collie of 2020

Border collie specializes as working dogs, extra care needs to be taken care of their heath. With the Best Dog Bed for Border Collie, you can gift them your love and show how much you care for them! We hope by the end of this guide, you will be pretty much clear on the selection and an effective sleeping solution for your canine.

Border Collie’s are an energetic breed of dogs. This hyperactive breed comes in two varieties of coats: one of them is soft and sleek while the other variant possesses course and rough coat.

The colours of their coats at times are of different hues: black and grey, diverse shades of yellow, red and white, sable and white, tri coloured and yellow and white. Usually they are slightly longer than they are taller with a relatively flat skull.Border Collie sleeping habits should be considered before buying a bed.

These dogs are not generally hailed for their physical beauty, rather they are bred for their intelligence and working ability. Their augmented level of intelligence enables them to be trained for working. They are a highly competitive breed of dogs with excellent agility skills. They are obedient as long as they get ample opportunity for exercise. These dogs are never lethargic and they must always be kept occupied with diverse physical activities.

Top Rated: Best Dog Bed for Border Collie

According to the dog’s view, the Best Seller Dog Bed for Border Collie is the Furhaven Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Pet Beds. You will get an ultra plush support along with the orthopedic feature! You can imagine very well the quality and comfort from this. The zippered cover is removable, and comes with a water resistant base. For better sleep, the bed is designed in a way to deal with all the pressure points.

Tight on Budget? The best deal for you guys will be the Happy Care Textiles Rectangle Pet Bed. The covering on the top portion allows the pet to feel warmer during winters and also keeps them cool during the summers. You can set this dog bed for all the private hide-out places especially in the corners of the rooms for both cats and dogs.

If you want something which is washable and also supports large breeds, go with the American Kennel Club Orthopedic. You can buy this bed for almost all breed sizes. Also the opening is low which makes it easy for the pet to get on and off the bed quickly. The luxurious comfy bed comes with a comforting orthopedic foam support on the base. This way, the bed not only looks good but also feels good!

Bed NameDurabilityWashableQuality
Furhaven Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Pet BedsVery HighYesVery High
Happy Care Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed(Editor's Choice)HighYesHigh
American Kennel ClubHighYesVery High

The 3 Best Border Collie Dog Beds of 2020 (Reviews)

Sometimes, they can prove to be aggressive and a minimum level of expertise is required to handle this breed. Another important factor to note would be that they should not be left unsupervised in the presence of other small non-canine pets.

However, at times, even they can prove to be very shy creatures, so they must be taken out for socializing, especially when they are puppies. As an owner you need to be confident about your skills as the leader. These dogs are very sensitive and have the ability to pick up on every tiny nuance. so just love them, get top rated dog beds, and be very open with them.

1. Furhaven Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Pet Beds

This is the Ultra Plush support orthopedic pet bed which is available in more than 25 colour shades. Here the cover is removable that comes with a zipper on it. If you open up and study the interiors, you will come across the egg-crate orthopedic support. This helps with reducing all the pressure points giving a comforting and relaxing experience to the canines.
FurHaven Deluxe Dog Bed for Border Collie
You could look into the Furhaven Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Pet Beds.

  • They come in large and jumbo sizes most suitable for a border collie.
  • The size of this bed is 27 inch by 36 inches with a height of 3 inches.
  • It is an egg crate orthopedic bed designed specifically for large sized working dogs.

However, like all products this one too comes with its own set of pros and cons.

  • This variety of bed is zippered with a removable cover, along with a water-resistant base.
  • It is also machine washable.
  • It is made with plush faux fur fabric which makes it soft on the noses and paws. It definitely promotes better health for your dog.
  • It provides support for the joints and soothes the pressure points so as to enable a more calming and deep restorative sleep.
  • It might slide on the floor if your flooring has been done it either tile or hardwood.But there is a solution for that: you could place a rubber backed mat on the floor below the bed to prevent the sliding and slipping.

Comparing the price and the features, well you won’t find anything as cool as this one! For the cleaning purpose, you can unzip the cover and then add them to the machine. You can also make use of a mesh and cover the bed cover using this and then continue with the washing.

2. Happy Care Textiles Reversible Rectangle Dog Bed for Border Collie

Another prudent option for a bed for a large dog would be Happy Care Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed.  This comes in four types of colors and can be reversed, ergo both sides are usable. It is machine washable and has a considerable amount of bulky filling which provides a soft cushiony feeling and facilities comfort for the collie.  The additional advantages of this particular choice of bed are that it is soft, plush and durable.
HappyCare Textiles Rectangle Ultra-Soft Printed Border Collie Dog Bed


  • The reversible quality allows the pet to get the comfort in all types of weather.
  • Right amount of the filling gives a comfy time to the tired dogs.
  • You can literally throw the entire bed in the machine for cleaning!
  • This bed can good for both cats as well as dogs.
  • Now you can have an year-round comfort with a special knitting and the faux suede on the side of the bed.
  • The entire bed can be washed in the machine, so less efforts required with the maintenance.
  • Plush surface gives a comfortable time to the pet, and allows them to have a relaxing time on their personal dog bed.
  • It gives the best privacy setup, with all the corner installation for your cat and dogs.
  • Comfort and Luxury both considered in one dog bed.
  • One user mentioned about the low quality of the dog bed. We can just hope for better quality in the next upgrades of this model.
However, there are some catches. It might be too soft for some dogs and that the walls of this bed are too low. If your dog has a penchant for chewing things, then the wall might not last for long.  Also, the size of this particular bed can be issue, so ensure that you order for the correct size based on the space required by your dog.

3. American Kennel Club Orthopedic Sofa Bed Quilted

The American Kennel Club AKC1852 Orthopedic Sofa Bed Quilted for dogs comes in three varieties of shades. This variety of dog beds is very popular and in demand. So must hurry and place your order till stocks lasts. This is basically a deluxe couch pet bed, which features a 3-inch layer of the advanced orthopedic egg crate foam which provides pressure-relieving and supportive comfort. It measures 35 inches by 27 inches with a height of 8 inches.

AKC Sweet Dreams Jumbo Quilted Orthopedic Pet Sofa for Border Collie


  • Overall good quality dog bed which comes with an orthopedic support on the base.
  • Another important property of this bed is that it goes well for all age dog breeds.
  • The non-skid bottom prevents all the slipping and also makes it easy for you with shifting and moving the bed.
  • No use of plastic and other harmful materials. It has been built using recyclable and is entirely eco-friendly in nature.
  • It looks just similar to a luxurious sofa couch, which are used by the humans. Your canine will feel glad to be resting on something which looks just similar to the owner’s resting place.
  • With the low heighted opening makes it easy for the pet to get on and off from the pet bed.
  • Eco-friendly in design, and made with all recycled materials.
  • You can be proud of using such an environment-friendly and safe product for your dog.
  • The orthopedic base gives a cozy and comfortable rest to your canine.
  • A few users reported about the bed being smaller than they have actually ordered.

Additionally it has a non-skid bottom which prevents it from sliding on hardwood and tiled floors. This plush made is made from recycled materials and is essentially an eco-friendly product. This is an excellent product, but you might encounter some problems wih the size of the bed, so it would best to ensure that you get the perfect size according to your dog.

What are Border Collie sleeping habits?

Usually Border collies are hyperactive creatures. But their hyper activeness also tends to tire them out to sleep for a pretty long period of time. Their sleeping hours also depend on certain factors like their age, health, size and environment. Usually puppies sleep for a longer period of time than those which are fully grown and in their prime of life.

Like any other dogs, they sleep during night hours. They are usually alert even while sleeping. They are great at sneaking in power naps after a hard day at work. Also, they tend to take naps once the weather gets too hot for them to handle.

The sleeping patter of a Border Collie will primarily depend upon its training. The way the collie will get trained, the habits and patterns inculcated will basically determine its sleeping hours.

Why do my Border Collie sleep all the time?

If your Border Collie has been putting in long hours of sleep lately then it could imply one of the numerous things. The weather could be too much for it to handle, or it could be tired. It could also hint towards certain health issues.

Border Collies are usually robust and healthy dogs, but even the mightiest can fall at times. So if your dog has been lethargic, sleepy and displaying some other symptoms then it would be best to take a visit to the vet.

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