The 3 Best Dog Beds for Beagle in 2020 (Reviews)

Are you looking for the Best Beagle Dog Bed for the furry buddy you got? We all agree that all of our pets deserve nothing but the best, but what we fail to understand is that each and every one of our domesticated pets are different from each other, which means that their needs are different as well.

Different dog breeds have different physical dimensions, which means that their needs are different, more so in the case of the Beagle breed.

Most beagles are rather quiet and thus they make good apartment dogs, which means that they can spend long amount of time indoors, and hence require comfort, particularly a comfortable dog bed. They do not tolerate the cold very well and old age isn’t very kind to them. Thus, it is important that your Beagle gets a good and sturdy dog bed that is both comfortable and utilitarian.

At Glance: Best Beagle Dog Bed

At Dogbedsview, our number #1 recommendation among all the best dog beds is the Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton. The exterior is made of waterproof polyester material, and there are more than 30 color shades available for this same brand. So, you can easily get your favourite shade for this brand. The sleeping surface is extra deep giving a unique comfort to your pet.

The next beagle dog bed will be PAW Memory Foam Dog Bed which we would like to suggest for you. This is a budget pick too, so if you want to make the best deal at the cheapest rate – look no further for your pet. It has been designed keeping the dog’s comfort in mind, and arrives with a duplex foam structure. This Petmaker products really go with their tagline which says – ‘we make your pets happy!’.

If size is a matter of concern for the purchase, then you can check the Bowsers Microvelvet Donut Dog Bed. You can get this mattress for pets with extra small to extra large size. There is a huge outer ring which gives a feeling of security to the pets. These beds are machine washable, you just have to unzip the outer cover for this task.

Bed NameDurabilityWashable
Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton
(Editor's Choice)
Very HighYes
PAW Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable CoverHighYes
Big Shrimpy Nest Fleece Dog BedVery HighYes

Top 4 Best Dog Beds for Beagle in 2020

On that note, let us take a brief look at five beagle dog beds, because your baby deserves nothing but the absolute best!

1. Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton

This cave pet bed is designed for all the pets who like to burrow their resting place. You can get this beagle dog bed in 3 different sizes; small, large, extra large. You can set this bed for the dachshunds and other breeds like terriers as they get a comforting feel with the wrapped kind of structure. It has got an extra deep sleeping surface which gives the best sleeping experience for a canine.

Cozy Cave Beagle Dog Beds in Poly Cotton


  • The cave bed has a padded bed.
  • These dog beds come in mostly round, square or igloo shapes
  • The price of these cave beds depends on their sizes, the padding used for the bottom as well as the material used for the roof.
  • It usually features a hood cover which can be easily detached from the rest of the structure.

  • These beds are usually small which means they are perfect for your Beagle, especially when they are small and seek warmth and comfort.
  • This is perfect if your Beagle is shy, as it offers them silence and privacy, especially if you live in a very noisy area.
  • This bed can be easily moved from one corner of the room to another.

  • This bed tend to be a little more expensive compared to other beagle dog bed.
  • These are not optimum for countries with intense summer and humidity.
  • The major problem is that the hood needs to be re-assembled after having washed the dog bed every single time.

Overall, its one among the cool beagle dog bed which you can get for the price range. You won’t find any other dog bed brands with so many color options all together, and this allows the customer to select their preferred colour for the pet. A must to consider if you are someone who loves to play with colours or someone having color preferences!

2. PAW Memory Foam Beagle Dog Bed with Removable Cover

Memory foam beds offer additional comfort and are found to be effective for overweight dogs. They are found to be the best beagle dog bed that you can get for an elderly animal, or someone who loves to sleep for a long time. It can withstand a lot of pressure and is also found to be resistant to dust mites too. Memory foam support also gives support to all the dogs having issues with the joints and their bone health.

PAW Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Cover


  • High density memory foam padding which offers support while sleeping.
  • The cover may be made of a number of materials like microdenim, fleece and microfiber.
  • Such beds mainly come into two major sizes – square and circle.
  • Dense memory foam beds are universally recommended by vets for older dogs that may suffer from arthritis as well as dogs that may have certain breathing and bone ailments.
  • If your beagle is playful and loves open spaces, then the memory foam bed allows them unlimited access to the house and fresh air.
  • For smaller breeds like pugs and beagles, foam beds provide support and keep their full bodies off the ground.
  • The main issue with memory foam Beagle dog bed is that they require a very large area to be placed and aren’t very portable.
  • Only the fabric covering of the outside can be unzipped and washed, not the internal foam lining.
  • Your Beagle may also develop a tendency to chew on the foam mattress, which means they probably won’t last very long.

Deadly combo of memory foam along with 2 inches of orthopaedic memory foam is what you get on this bed. Here the memory foam is egg crate styled that distributes the weight evenly, and eventually removing all the pressure points. Even the maintenance is easy with the spot clean and machine washable support.

3. Big Shrimpy Nest Fleece Dog Bed

As the “Nest” name suggests, this bed looks a lot like a nest, with a padded base and slightly raised side walls. Nets beds are very popular in warm countries as the dogs can easily climb in and out of them and are also exposed to fresh air. For friendly dogs like Beagles, nest beds are a great option since they are very active.Big Shrimpy Nest Bed - LargeCoffee Suede


  • Nest beds come with padded high walls as well as well-padded base which provides warmth for your Beagle baby.
  • The type of wall depends on the price you are paying. Costly nest beds have walls that are both padded as well as have a soft lining of fleece on the outside.
  • Sometimes nest beds are also provided with an additional pillow made of soft and fluffy material for maximum comfort.
  • Nest beds are some of the most affordable and easiest to find Beagle dog bed in the world, and hence their popularity.
  • The high walls surrounding the base are usually sturdy enough for your residential Beagle to rest his or head on it.
  • Since both the base and the walls are made of padding, they are extremely soft and comfortable for your Beagle.
  • If your Beagle is a little big in size, then her or she may have problems fitting inside such nest beds.
  • For more complex and expensive nest beds, the different parts have to be taken apart before they can be washed and then put back together.
  • Cheap or less expensive nest beds may have bad quality padding, which will leave your Beagle sore and cranky.

A Beagle dog bed which is built to last with an amazing 3 years warranty on it! The only job you got to do is to get all the components assembled. You can machine wash the bed, and even get it dried on the same. There is an interior liner which helps with making the disassembling task more quicker and easier for you.

4. Bowsers Microvelvet Donut Dog Bed

These beds are extremely fluffy and incredibly soft, thanks to the high quality padding and stuffing inside, which also make it look like a donut. If your beagle tends to prefer snuggling into comfortable and fluffy surfaces, then the donut bed will make the best bed for him or her. An alternative to such donut beds is the puff bud, which are basically the same, except for the surrounding rims which are slightly lower, making them perfect for newborn puppies.Bowsers Microvelvet Donut Beagle Dog Bed


  • Donut beds are perhaps the softest and plushest Beagle dog bed in the world, where your Beagle can sink right in the middle.
  • Such beds have an additional pillow like rim surrounding the corner, which is convenient if your dog likes to rest its head.
  • The outer covering can be made of various materials, ranging from fur to velvet, depending on the price of the donut bed.
  • If your dog likes soft surfaces, then this one is just perfect for them.
  • The rims allow for elevated head placing, which can be very useful and convenient if your dog has any physical ailments like shallow breathing or some neck injury.
  • Since they are so soft and mushy, you can fold them right up and carry them around with you on trips. They also take up very less space inside the house, and can be conveniently moved in between rooms.
  • The main problem with donut beds is with the padding. Since they are so plush, they tend to absorb heat during the summer, making your dog very hot and uncomfortable.
  • If your dog has issues with mobility, or bone problems, then moving in and out of such donut beds can be very difficult for them as these beds are very soft.
  • Most don’t beds tend to lose a fair share of their fluffiness once you wash them with water, as some of the padding starts to sink.

Another drawback of this bed is, this bed is only available in granite colour shade. This bed arrives with a extra small to extra large size, so you can quickly get the right fit for your canine. The Microvelvet design of the Beagle dog bed allows your pet to rest their heads comfortably. They are machine washable, you just have to unzip the outer cover and you are good to go!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Bed for your Beagle:

More often than not, you go out to look for a Beagle dog bed, find one, bring it home, only for you to realize that your dog absolutely hates it and thus refuses to use it. Trust us when we say this, this has happened to a number of people. So how do you avoid that? We say, shop smart. Keep a few things in mind when you are buying the bed for your dog.

  • Observe Your Dog : Most dogs like to snuggle into a warm and safe place and like to curl up when it is a cold day. This is a tendency that your new puppy will showcase once you bring him or her home, in order to mimic their behavioral pattern that they shared with their mother and the rest of the litter, seeking warmth. As they grow older, beagles tend to adopt the behavior that they see around them. They may now seek to play or rest in spacious areas. This will give you a fairly good idea of what size of a dog bed you should get for your beagle.
  • Consider your dog’s preferences: A large number of companies that make Beagle dog beds, also use recycled materials for eco-friendly purposes. These have leftover smells from the fabric being reused. Now, it is important for your beagle to like the bed that they are going to sleep in, but if they love it too much, it may have a reverse effect on them and they may end up chewing it. That is why you have to play close attention to see what kinds of smells and fabrics attract them most and what are the ones that they absolutely dislike.
  • It is a trial and error method : Like most things involving pets, you cannot take them out with you when you are buying a dog bed. This means that it has to be trial and error method. Maybe the one you buy will be liked or maybe not, you will never know unless you get one. Also, a beagle’s preference may change over time, which means at some point, you may also need to get a new bed. Don’t worry, we have all been there.

FAQs – Dog Beds for your Beagle

For your guidance we state below some FAQs about Beagle beds.

How do I know which beds should I get?

As we have already mentioned previously, there is no one way of knowing which bed you should get for your Beagle. It is something that you have to learn on the fly, and decide by closely observing the behavioral pattern of your Beagle. Don’t be disheartened if you do not get it right on the first try.

Do I need more than one bed?

Growing Beagles have a tendency to chew through things, including their beds which means that if your Beagle is a puppy, it will chew at the bed. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep another Beagle dog bed at your disposal, preferably in an open region.

What precaution should I take to make my Beagle very comfortable in the dog bed?

Make sure that you get your Beagle checked at the vet clinic once you bring them home. Usually vets will tell you of your Beagle has any allergies, and if so, then towards which materials. You should keep this in mind when shopping for your dog bed, and best avoid the beds that are made of the materials that your furkid is allergic to.

How long does one dog bed last?

Like any pet product, it depends on your dog’s habits as well as the degree of maintenance, which means the better you maintain it, the longer it will last. Detachable beds, which are slightly more expensive, tend to last longer, more so in the case of older Beagles who are done with their chewing phase of growth. Always remember to wash them with cold water.

So, there you have it, a brief guide to buying your Beagle’s very own bed. What do you think? Love it or hate it? Leave a comment in the section below and do let us know! Until then, happy shopping.

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