7 Benefits of Neem Oil Shampoo for Dogs You Must Know

Neem Oil is one of the trending topics, and lots of people are still in a confusion whether this is true or not. Breaking the ice here, Neem Oil is great for both humans and dogs! But you won’t believe this at first instance, and you shouldn’t actually.

There are supporting facts and Neem Oil Shampoo benefits in particular. We will be exploring it out all together!

7 Benefits of Neem Oil Shampoo for Dogs You Must Know

Taking the roots from Burma, Sri Lanka, India – Neem has been there for more 1000 years as of now! It has been effective for curing illnesses, and in some places, it’s used as a natural pesticide too.

Ummm. Ah! What? Neem used like pesticide!? Are we going to use this thing on our dogs?

7 Benefits of Neem Oil Shampoo for Dogs You Must Know

Both the chemically made pesticides and the naturally grown pesticides vary a lot. So, chill for now! When Neem Oil is mixed with a dog shampoo or a mild shampoo, for instance, it falls in the category of natural and organic products. I will list out the benefits of Neem Oil, which stands the same for the Neem Oil Shampoo as well. 

Neem Oil can be used during any month of the year, and it’s beneficial in many ways. They are:

1. Like an essential oil

Don’t confuse this with the essential oils used in the diffusers. To make it more clear, essential oils are nothing but the oils that have the ‘essence’ of a particular plant. These oils will be gentle on the skin, and it would be the Best in Care product for you. Neem oils are anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and also anti-septic!

2. Protects your pet from fleas

Protects your pet from fleas

These oils are mainly applied topically, and they repel all the biting insects. You can apply it to your dog’s coat, and protect them from flea infestations. They even work great for the ticks.

3. Itchy skin or Bald Spots

If your dog is facing any skin irritation lately due to allergy, then neem oil could do wonders for that. Also, it’s a good remedy for skin irritation issues like atopic dermatitis. No matter how your buddy got the allergy, it could be a genetic issue, or environment-related – you can still use the Neem Oil to control it.

4. For Sunburn

For Sunburn

This oil works like a magic on the sunburn condition or any other skin burn that you have. It’s mandatory to keep a bottle of neem oil while you are traveling so that you could enjoy the moment and also prevent the sunburns. Good for your skin as well as your pet’s.

5. Easy to make at home

Since neem oils are available in its natural form, you can make out a Neem Oil Shampoo by yourself at home. I would recommend preparing the new solution in a separate bottle. Use 1 to 5 ml of the neem oil for every 100 ml of the Dog Shampoo.

6. To get healthy hair and healthy scalp

You can repair dry, itchy scalp issues and maintain a good health of it.

7. Older dogs with a Dry Skin condition

Older dogs with a Dry Skin condition

Because of the dog’s inability to clean themselves, they are more vulnerable to fungus and dry skin issues. Neem oil is a good way out to cure that dry skin trouble. Get in touch with your vet for a more detailed explanation on this. There’s no age barrier, of course, so even the older dogs can use this oil.

Did you imagine Neem Oil could have so many benefits with it!? Let me know the other ways in which you make use of this oil.