How To Get Rid Of Aggressive Puppy Behavior

The little pup you brought home used to be so sweet and friendly. But at present, with every passing day, it is becoming more and more aggressive. However, you must make sure that the behavior you are terming as “aggression” is actually called so. Nipping, growling and biting are common habits of all puppies. Most of the time, these habits are developed with age. In fact, these habits are important for your puppy’s social development. Many new pup owners term these behaviors as “aggression”. But the truth is, this is very natural and most of the time aggression is wrongly detected by new owners. Always keep in mind that your pup can not be trained to act like a human child. Their way of communicating will vary for sure and you have to keep up with it.

Aggressive Puppy Behavior

Find the Reason behind Aggression

However, not all owners of pups can be wrong and there are innumerous cases of pups getting aggressive. There are various types of aggression and several reasons behind your pup getting aggressive. Your pup might have picked up the aggression from the companions who were there with him during the first few days of his life on earth. He might also have aggression in his genes because his breed might have aggression naturally in it. You might find your pup dominating other pups and trying to be the boss! It is natural that in a group of puppies, all will not have the same behavioral traits. Some of them will be shy and gentle while others might be confident and extrovert. Having a leadership quality is not actually aggression if you can train him in a proper way with discipline and leadership skills. Without training, these bossy pups may grow up into over- aggressive dogs that are very difficult to be controlled.

A nervous or a shy pup can also be aggressive when they have to face something they fear. It can be anything, ranging from unknown people to loud noise. These pups might not be able to fathom their depth of fear and act too aggressively. They mostly express their aggression in the form of biting, growling or snapping. These puppies need to be well trained lovingly with proper socializing and routine in order to turn them into self-confident puppies that are ready to enjoy the world and know how to get rid of their fears.

Over Possessive

Your puppy might be over possessive about its own stuffs. He might not allow anyone, even including you, to touch his stuffs. These are mostly related to food, but this can get serious if not trained at the early the condition days. You need to teach him some commands like “Leave it” so that when he is acting over possessive about his stuffs, he might learn to give it away when you command him to do so.

Dealing with Aggressive Puppies

There are some tricks, in general, to be kept in mind while dealing with aggressive puppies.

  • Nobody knows your puppy better than you do. So you must recognize his normal behavior from aggression and find out the root behind it. Make it a habit to interact and communicate your thoughts with him. Develop a bond of friendship with him so that he avoids doing activities that might make you upset.
  • Puppy training is very important whether or not your pup is aggressive. If he is aggressive, you have to train him such as to help him get over his aggression. You must always carry a positive attitude during the training and motivate your puppy to do as you tell him to. Inspire him by rewarding him every time he successfully learns something that you have been trying to teach him. This will inspire him and he will try to implement his new lesson in daily life, thereby living a happy and healthy life and getting over aggression.you could consider a good harness for them for training purposes and other things as well.
  • The Training sessions must be fun and not boring. Interact with him and teach him new things lovingly. Make sure the training sessions are not too stressful for your pup.
  • Always remember that love can conquer your puppy’s aggression. So, even if you are angry or furious with something that he has done aggressively, do not lose your calm! Never ever punish your pup by smacking or shouting at him. You must not scare him. Remember that you are already dealing with an aggressive puppy. Your rude behavior might add to the aggression. Dachshund is one such puppy who has a little aggressive behaviour but you can consider a harness for dachshund to control and train him properly so that he will co-operate with you easily.
  • Never try to overpower your puppy or bully him. This might scare him. Do not make him scared of you. You must make sure that your pup does not become combative.
  • Do not engage your puppy in games that demand aggression, for example, tug of war. Remember that you are trying to get rid of his aggression; you must not positively catalyze his aggression.
  • Socializing your puppy is a very important step towards removing aggression. Teach him to socialize with other puppies in your colony. Introduce him to new people and make sure he does not get aggressive while meeting new people.
  • Take your puppy to various dog shows that are organized around the city. The skills which he has mastered should be exhibited to the world. Performing in these dog shows will also nurture his talents and help him in building up his confidence. He will also be in a good mood when he feels appreciated by a group of new people he meets in the show. This will greatly teach him to socialize. Socializing is one of the most important steps towards eliminating aggression.
  • You must maintain a fair and firm discipline for your puppy lovingly. Following a routine and disciplined life is very important for a healthy lifestyle of your puppy devoid of aggression.
  • You need to be confident and calm when you are dealing with your puppy. Always remember that your pup is going to follow you.

Always remember that getting rid of aggression is not possible overnight. You need to be patient and train him properly.

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