4Health Dog Food Review | Coupons, Ingredients and Our Rating

Dogs are family only, and providing them the best nutrition is the necessity or better to say – your duty. Isn’t it?

We bring you another dog food brand called the 4Health Dog Food, and honestly speaking this dog food is simply awesome. I did check it’s Quality, Content, and Price – it’s just the perfect thing you can buy for your pet. If you don’t believe me, then read out the review to know more!

4Health Dog Food Review – Coupons, Ingredients and Our Rating

Just like you take care of your health and foods that you consume – things are not much different for the pets. Finding a pet food that is free of preservatives and flavoring is difficult though. That’s what we got to do. Our team at Dogbedsview goes through a set of 20-25 brands and shortlists the best ones for reviews and ratings of dog food.

4Health Dog Food Review

About 4Health Dog Food Company

4Health Dog Food brand is a premium food supplier of the dog as well as cat foods. You can either opt for the dry food range or wet canned foods among the dog foods. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have a small or large pet breed – 4Health has got a way out for each of them.

All the 4Health Pet Foods are manufactured by the industry-giant Diamond Naturals, owned by the Schell and Kampeter Inc. Tractor Supply is the main provider of the 4Health Food Products, which is the largest lifestyle store based in the U.S that sells a variety of home, pet, and other farming essentials. So, yes I would recommend the Tractor Supply for buying.

4Health Dog Food Types [Along with their Purpose]

One unique thing that I noticed about 4Health is that they have got your back in all situations. No matter what size breed, or type breed dog you got – you can easily get the Best Choice food among the options. Following are the different ranges of 4Health meals that you can choose for your pooch, depending on the requirement and preference.

a) 4Health Original Dog Food

4Health Original Dog Food

The Original series by the 4Health comes with high-quality, protein-rich Meat for your pet. The contents are mixed and prepared in a way ensuring that no filler ingredients or meat by-products come in between. This guarantees you quality dog food which is safe and healthy for your pet.

There are no traces of soy, wheat, corn present in this meal but it is high on anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids which keeps the dog coat shiny and healthy.

b) 4Health Grain Free Dog Food

4Health Grain Free Dog Food

If your pooch is allergic to grains, then the best suitable option for them would be a grain-free diet. 4Health brings a separate series of Grain-Free Dog food, free from wheat, soy, corn and all forms of gluten. This way you will get peace of mind as your pets love their food and also get the needful vitamin and minerals.

They also add probiotics to the meal which keeps a check on the digestion and takes care of your pooch if they have an upset stomach. Here the dog food is prepared using all natural ingredients that protect the health of the intestines, and also prevents the growth of bacteria like Salmonella and E.Coli.

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c) 4Health Special Care Dog Food

4Health Special Care Dog Food

The Special Care foods are used for Dogs with a specific requirement or health issue. For example, you could buy one 4Health Dog Food which is prepared for Weight Management purpose. Other special care dog foods include options like sensitive skin and a sensitive stomach condition.

Sensitive Food by 4Health goes well for adult dogs and is also grain-free. It is packed with lots of omega fatty acid that reduces the itchiness and takes care of the pet’s coat.

If you want something that is easy on the digestion, then you can get a dog food made for the Sensitive Stomach condition. Probiotics aides easy digestion, and the recipe also includes potatoes and eggs which are comparatively easier to digest.

d) 4Health Untamed Dog Food

4Health Untamed Dog Food

This dog food is for those pooches that don’t mind having a protein-rich diet. Also, the untamed food recipe is strictly made keeping all the unnecessary ingredients out of the kitchen. You can also opt for the dog foods with exotic protein sources like trout, duck, wild boar, and even lamb!

You can get your hands on exotic proteins for your pet on the Tractor Supply website. They are available in dry dog food packing weighing between 8 pounds to 25 pounds. This way your pet can now have delicious meat and build up their immunity.

e) 4Health Treats & Chews

4Health Treats & Chews

When it comes to dog treats and chews, we have a hard time selecting the right, healthy brand. Now with the 4Health Treats, things have become easier. The key ingredient of 4Health Treat is meat, so you just have to select the meat here – Salmon, Beef, or Chicken; whichever is your pet’s favorite.

They are a good way of nutritious rewards that you can provide to your pooch for their good behavior. Treats are available in strips, chewy bar, meatballs, and even in the form of sticks. You can even check out grain-free biscuits and jerky options on Tractor Supply, which is also a good option for dogs with allergies. All the treats are free from wheat, soy, corns.

Where to buy 4Health Dog Food Products?

Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply is the answer!

4Health Dog Food Recall History

4Health Dog Foods are manufactured by the Diamond Naturals Inc., and then they are sold by the Tractor Supply – U.S based lifestyle store that sells home and pet products!

Just wanted to make that point clear, that all of these 4Health products are produced by the Diamond Naturals. But, sadly the brand has been caught up with recalls between the year 2012 and 2013.

  1. In the year 2012, FDA issued a recall notice on all the 4Health Pet Products with the possibility of salmonella contamination.
  2. Again, in March 2013 FDA sent a recall for all the 4Health Dog Products because of low thiamine levels in them.

Brand Recalls directly effects the reputation and the trust that people has built on the brand. We just hope no further recall is reported against the 4Health brand. If any recall is reported, we will surely update this space in future. 

Overall, this Dog Food brand has been doing pretty good so I will give a 4 out of 5 stars. The variety of food products is another reason for which I would recommend the 4Health Dog Food anytime. 

Got any thoughts or queries about 4Health Dog Foods or any other brand? You can comment them all below 🙂

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